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Asia - Pacific DX log(26) --- XYZ - Apr 02 (Fri), 2021 10:34 UTC No.4829
Here is a new thread for logging of broadcasts in Asia and elsewhere.
** And also information of other areas is OK.
** Please do not post to old threads. When replying, quote the original article and post it in a new thread.

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Please post topics of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere.
And also information of other areas is OK.

TNX! and FBDXing !!

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(26) - Ron Howard Apr 06 (Tue), 2021 17:19 UTC No.4830
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, on April 5, cut off at 1306:05 UT; still averaging close to 5 seconds
earlier every day.

CHINA / VANUATU. 11835, random monitoring on April 6 (Tuesday), from 0510 to 0705 UT; CNR2
dominating the whole time over Radio Vanuatu (harmonic); CNR2 didn't close down at 0600, as
they did last week; by 0615, started fading in of RV on 7890, with 3945 no heard; at 0701, could
make out the distinctive start of the RV news underneath CNR2.

INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, via Palangkaraya, 1345 UT, April 3. Another day with very
decent audio; SA and frequency; "Music Corner" show, with Indonesian songs; later at 1409, after
the news in Bahasa Indonesia, distinctive national song “Bagimu Negeri” (For You Our Country);
almost fair reception.

KOREA NORTH/SOUTH. April 5 (Monday) observations:

VOH: 3980 // 4885 (good - never jammed here) // 5990 // 6250 // 6348 // 9100 (good - never jammed here),
at 1110 UT; news in Korean; for a long time VOH had changed their frequencies every Monday, but anomaly
today with no changes!

VOP: 3480 (still the best) // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600, at 1105 UT. As usual, as it has been for a long
time now, with no changes from last week.

Voice of Freedom: 6045, at 1115 UT; poor due to N. Korea super jamming QRM. Ex 5920 was a clear frequency
today, except for OTH radar. Hope that VOF will shortly return to 5920 again, where they would have good
reception. N. Korea super jamming noted on both 6045 and again on 6135.

KCBS Pyongyang DRM, on 3205, at 1255 UT; regularly heard with good signal.

KCBS Pyongyang, on 3250 // 3959, at 1134 & 1251 UT; both equally fair; 3920 was off the air today.  

Pyongyang BS, on 6160 (good) continues broadcasting here (assume ex 6400) and // 3320 (poor-fair), at 1132 UT.

National Unity Radio, 9475, from 1245 to 1246 UT, with brief Chinese language lesson; started and ended with
Joyce Chu singing "Hao xiang ni - I Miss You“; mostly in Korean; gave a few words in Chinese and a sentence
using the words; fair; strong N. Korea jamming noted at 1158, but NUR was strong enough to mostly block out
the jamming after *1200.

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1523+ UT, April 3 (Saturday). The usual format; Buddhist chanting of the sutra,
followed by the ringing of a bell, English segment; 1538, "weather news"; after the daily news and weather report,
they always play the same song - "We Are Unity" (video posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMvAQXjQCDs );
music program (One Direction - "Drag Me Down," etc.) till 1559, when blocked by CRI sign-on.

9730, Myanmar Radio, on April 4 (Sunday), heard 1109-1128 UT, with children's show; chatting on the phone and
also with children singing alone (no music or anything) (audio attached); 1128, usual singing station jingle; *1140
start of // 5985; hard to say just when 9730 cut off (1145* UT?), due to CNR1 jamming of SOH; Myanmar clearly
running later than the normal 1130* UT. Today also monitored by Ralph Perry and Mark Taylor.

April 5, found 9730 still with anomaly; running today till 1155* UT, with no CNR1 jamming heard; 5985, with very
weak *1156, but quickly went off the air; still off at last check at 1301.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif., USA
CR-1, antenna: 30m long wire    

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(26) - Ron Howard Apr 06 (Tue), 2021 17:31 UTC No.4831
> 9730, Myanmar Radio, on April 4 (Sunday), heard 1109-1128, with children's show; chatting on the 
> phone and also with children singing alone (no music or anything) (audio attached).

Re: Radio Vanuatu change of schedule - Ron Howard Apr 14 (Wed), 2021 07:05 UTC No.4832

VANUATU. April 14 - RV went back to an alternate frequency.

7260 kHz. - Tuned in at 0515 to hear an UNID; extremely poor, but slowly improving; by 0545, with
positive SA and island music; cut off at 0559* UT; ex: 3945 & harmonics.

7890 kHz. - RV 2nd Harmonic - *0600 UT, with brief news headlines, followed by the extended weather
report; poor; unable to hear 3945 or 3rd harmonic (11835).


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