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Re: Radio Ethiopia - Home Service on SW again! --- Ron Howard - Sep 22 (Wed), 2021 04:31 UTC No.4948
This may be of interest? A station back on SW again, after a long absence.

Sept 21 - On 7110 (Radio Ethiopia - Home Service), via long path, at 1500 UT, heard only one gong sounded?
(normally with three gongs rung)?and then dead air for?about a minute; 1501, audio back on with the news;
at?1512* seemed to go off the air(?), but checked from 1521+ and heard faint audio past 1533+.

Also being?reported on the air 0400+ UT.

My Sept 17 audio has two minutes of Horn of Africa music and then another four minutes (gong rung three times
[1500 UT and 2:00 on my audio], SA "Radio Ethiopia" and news) - http://bit.ly/3hHjUPc .


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