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Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : --- XYZ - Feb 28, 2019 20:59 UTC No.3820
Here is the new thread. 

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Please post topics of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region.
And information of other areas is OK. TNX! and FBDXing !!

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Feb 28, 2019 22:18 UTC No.3821
9900kHz// 6105kHz// 6075kHz, *2200- (ex: 2230-0030) , Acc SKD: *2200-2400*
See also : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:801#3815

3945kHz NORTH KOREA, Echo of Unification
3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, (reactivated this frq.)
3992vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3959kHz, 3220kHz etc..

6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan, in Vietnamese, music(song) px.
see also : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/DXNEWS/?res:1#62

7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3FM100.9 relay

6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan, FM99 relay, // http://m.qzsh.net/fm/?25yn-id-7.html

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 01, 2019 00:23 UTC No.3822
6035kHz No signal noticed at -0017-, -2400 * ??

7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3FM100.9 relay, (0500-0700 off air)
7290kHz (tent.)INDONESIA, 7289.92kHz, weak signal

3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3993vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3959kHz 3220kHz
5020kHz SOLOMON, weak modulation..

4895kHz MONGOLIA, Mongolian Radio (Radio 1), weak signal and heavy QRM from 4885kHz
// http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1
7290kHz INDONESIA, RRI-Nabire, // Live Pro 1

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang, weak signal
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville
5055kHz AUSTRALIA, Radio 4KZ

Re: KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 - Ron Howard Mar 01, 2019 18:42 UTC No.3823
Sorry, I should have posted this earlier. Might be of interest?

KOREA SOUTH. 6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on Feb 24, at 1003.
As usual had some white noise jamming from N. Korea, but fortunately not
too strong today; was checking for the usual "KBS, Pops Freedom" show
that I have enjoyed for many years (since 2015), during the 1000-1100 time
period; during all the years was always hosted by Kwak Young Il, but today
clearly no "Pops Freedom" show from 1003+. What happened?

A check of their website shows the program has changed the broadcasting
time and per audio streaming there, no longer with Kwak Young Il, as the
announcer, but instead hosted by young woman
website shows program time of "3:00 - 4:00" (?).

I will certainly miss the program with Kwak Young Il, as he had such a
distinctive voice and had a fun time playing good pop songs in English.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 01, 2019 23:35 UTC No.3825
Ron-san, ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU !!  I appreciate interesting information.

created a new thread :D

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 02, 2019 01:47 UTC No.3826

5920kHz SK, Voice of Freedom, +pips jammer
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3FM100.9 relay
7275kHz CHINA, Guizou PBS, fair signal today

12085kHz ? strong signal but weak modulation, 12084.87kHz
-0152* test ?? (Maybe MONGOLIA ?)

15610kHz Test tone signal +-1kHz

4895kHz No signal, MONGOLIA off air today..

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville
3959kHz// 3992vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang

4895kHz maybe AIR but weak modulation..., (MONGOLIA off air today)

9380kHz INDIA, Vividh Bharati, //9865kHz

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 02, 2019 19:05 UTC No.3827
BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, on March 2, broadcasting somewhat later than normal;
1026-1045, usual segment with announcers (unreadable); 1045-1101, pop
music (John Lennon with "Imagine," etc.); 1101-1108, news in English
(unreadable); 1112-1120, back to music (Queen with "Crazy Little Thing
Called Love," etc.); 1120, a discussion of some type till hit with start up
of China (PBS Yunnan relay of FM99) at *1140, after which was not worth
listening to, as FM99 was stronger than BBS; so BBS was still on past

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville (Maus Blong Sankamap), 1009,
March 2. NBC news in English; not // to NBC Madang (3260), which was
playing music; 1013, PSA from the Dept. of Health (mostly unreadable);
by 1143, noted NBC mixing badly with VOI here; a mess, not worth listening

CHINA. 4940, Voice of Strait, on March 2 (Saturday), *0939-0955. Suddenly
on with the weekend "Focus on China" program already in progress (scheduled
for 0930-0955); started with very low modulation, then quickly up to full audio
and very readable; TV audio feed of program about Beijing's food and flower
markets regarding the Chinese New Year; presenter seemed to have an
Australian accent; SA at 0950 - "Fresh, dynamic, professional, profound,
explore Chinese culture . . . You are now listening to Focus on China"; pop
song till into Chinese at 0955, at which time became // to 4900, with the
Strait Fishery Meteorology (Channel fishery weather), till 0958 pop music;
after 1000 time pips, no longer //.

6035, FM99 relay via PBS Yunnan, *1140, March 2. Suddenly on; program
in progress; stronger than Bhutan (BBS) already here; mixing together rather

8806-USB, XSG Shanghai Coastal Radio, 0900-0908*, March 2. Fair reception
of marine info in Chinese; numerous mentions of "Shanghai"; CW QRM.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 03, 2019 08:00 UTC No.3828

3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3991vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3959kHz etc.., very bad modulation !
5850kHz (Transferring data...), Radiogram
5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom

7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3FM100.9 relay

7730kHz (Transferring data...), Radiogram, QRM from SOH on co-channel

Radio Free Asia - Korean, resumed - XYZ Mar 03, 2019 10:12 UTC No.3830
Radio Free Asia - Korean

See also (WOR.io Group) : https://bit.ly/2TmAx7N

Tnaks to Aoki ! (sorry in Japanese): https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:4417
2018/Oct/26(Fri) -13:17- UTC [Aoki]

All the RFA from the Mariana Islands which was hit by typhoon 26 was stopped.
9700 kHz appeared until about 1250 UTC on 25th, but it has been stopped since then.
On 26th all frequencies are not out, only Jamming in China is heard.
VOA-Korean 9490 kHz is broadcasting, but 12045 kHz has not appeared.

Thanks Hiroshi ! : http://hiroshi.mediacat-blog.jp/e133548.html
2100-2200 9985kHz

2019/March/01 ~
2100-2400 9985kHz

It may have been TX from Saipan.

Their official SKD : https://www.rfa.org/about/info/frequencies.html
1000-1100 1566
1500-1700 1188 5885 9590 9985
1700-1900 1188 5885 9985
2100-2200 7485 9860 9985

BHUTAN and CHINA Yunnan, 4895kHz Mongolian Radio, 5020kHz SOLOMON, 9380kHz AIR changed SKD, etc.. - XYZ Mar 03, 2019 11:41 UTC No.3831

6035kHz BHUTAN, pop song, oh! Yunnan s/on at -1140- !
MIX Bhutan and Yunnan :D

5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom
6045kHz SK, National Unification Broadcasting, Korean

4895kHz MONGILIA, Mongolian Radio (Common name : Radio 1), // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1
also // 209kHz LW, However, it seems that the transmission is delayed, there is a
time difference of tens of seconds.

5020kHz SOLOMON, still on air

9670kHz CLANDESTINE, Radio Dap Loi Song Nui, in Vietnamese, + Jamming of siren type(maybe from Vietnam)
9380kHz INDIA, ALL INDIA RADIO, Vividh Baharati, //9865kHz
changed schedule : 9380kHz 1245-1740
Thanks to VU2JOS ! : https://www.qsl.net/vu2jos/sw/freq.htm
11450kHz CHINA, CNR-1, vs SOH ??

5055kHz AUSTRALIA, Radio 4KZ, fair signal today

Re: Echo of Hope - VOH with English language lesson - Ron Howard Mar 03, 2019 14:44 UTC No.3832
KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1248, March 3 (Sunday). 
Nice surprise to find an English language lesson here; first time I have
heard it; very readable; 1257, chimes and "VOH" SA. My 5+ minute
audio at http://bit.ly/2tW74mV .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 03, 2019 20:14 UTC No.3833
BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, on March 3, another day of broadcasting somewhat 
later than normal; 1124-1135, very distinctive and often played here,
"Desolation Row," sung by Bob Dylan; a long song; another day with *1140
sudden start of PBS Yunnan, with FM99 relay, which was stronger than BBS.
So another day with BBS going past 1140+.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville (Maus Blong Sankamap), March 3
(Sunday), 0947-1000, local Bougainville Christian sermon, in Pidgin; many
mentions of "Bougainville"; 1015, into segment with religious songs; 1030,
local time check ("half past nine"); very respectable reception and somewhat
readable; QRN (static); some CW QRM; no VOI QRM at this time. My audio
at http://bit.ly/2XwZH2B .

CHINA. 4940, Voice of Strait, on March 3 (Sunday), identical reception as
yesterday; *0939+; repeat of the same "Focus on China" show.

INDONESIA. 3325, VOI via RRI Palangkaraya, 1047-1059, March 3. In English
till 1059, into Chinese; much stronger than NBC Bougainville, also on frequency;
later at 1307 (NBC no longer on the air), weekend segment "Highlights of the
Week," then "Today in History" (this date in 1994, crash of Turkish Airlines flight
981, etc.); a very good day for VOI.

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, on March 3, at 1155, another day of live coverage
(TV audio feed), in vernacular, of the women's (under 16) championship football/soccer
match between Myanmar and Philippines, held at Mandalar Thiri stadium, in Mandalay;
background sound of the fans there; preempted regular programs; cut away to a music
segment during the half-time break; 1230, back to live coverage. Unable to find YouTube
coverage today.


11575kHz UNID, etc.. - XYZ Mar 04, 2019 03:44 UTC No.3836

11575kHz UNID, Arabic or Similar language, weak signal in Japan, "Radio OMN" resumed ??
Acc. IBB : RTC VARI 11575 AM XXX, maybe *0300-0400*
-0359* 15140 kHz was also listed, but it was nNo signal : RTC VARI 11575 AM XXX, 0300-0400
YouTube (0355-0359* TNX koko@Doha/Qatar !): https://youtu.be/Hj1gJDp6z_o

** According to IBB recording, it seems to be broadcasting from today (March 04).

Because the atmosphere of the program and the SA are different from the former "Radio OMN",
it may be another broadcast.
YouTube : https://youtu.be/O1oS1om6zW4

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 04, 2019 09:19 UTC No.3837
3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville
3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3993vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, // 3959kHz, etc..
5020kHz SOLOMON, weak modulation
5055kHz AUSTRALIA, Radio 4KZ
5262kHz CHINA, VC01, LAS, new frq. for March/2019

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 05, 2019 14:47 UTC No.3838

7140kHz (tent.)ERITREA, Dimtsi Hafash Radio
7180kHz (tent.)ERITREA, Dimtsi Hafash Radio, (not parallel)

4895kHz INDIA, All India Radio, Kurseong(tent.)
6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan FM99, // http://m.qzsh.net/fm/?25yn-id-7.html
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay, Overmodulation..

7600kHz SK, North Korea Reform Radio
7625kHz SK, Voice od Wilderness

5845kHz (Pips jammer)
5853kHz Strong signal FAX

3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3992vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3959kHz etc..

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 06, 2019 08:37 UTC No.3839

3260kHz (tent.)PNG, NBC-Madang, weak signal
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville
5262kHz CHINA, VC01, LSB, daytime freq.
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay

3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3992vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3959kHz etc..

Re: 11575kHz UNID ==> Radio Erena, TNX Hiroshi !! - XYZ Mar 06, 2019 09:45 UTC No.3841

Translated by Google:
There is Arabic station which can hear Radio Erena for one hour from March 4. On April 5th on
11575 kHz, but on the March 6th on 15140 kHz. It seems like Tigrinya when starting, Arabic in
the second half.
The station called Radio Erena already appears at 9720 kHz, it seems to be the same station.
The morning broadcast may have been added. Although 9720 kHz is Bulgarian transmission, 15140kHz
is highly likely to be a separate site.

At 15140 kHz on 6th, carriers continue to run after the end of 0400, BBC Persian language from
04:01:35. It stopped in a minute. If this time zone becomes 15MHz, it may be transmitted from
around Tashkent.

Radio Erena
0300-0400 11575 March 4. 5 Tigrinya/Arabic
0300-0400 15140 March 6 Tigrinya/Arabic
Thanks Hiroshi !!

YouTube (0355-0359* TNX koko@Doha/Qatar !): https://youtu.be/Hj1gJDp6z_o

See also : http://hiroshi.mediacat-blog.jp/e133587.html
Radio Sinit Eritrea
Radio Sinit Eritrea, a private group in the United States began short wave broadcasting in
France transmitte last December. Every Saturday 0500-0600 one hour, local time from 08:00,
Tigrinya and Arabic each comes 30 minutes.

In the HFCC list updated on March 4, the frequency considered as this broadcast is added.
Next to morning broadcasting, there is a high possibility that the night broadcast will be
held at 17:30-17:30 Monday/Saturday on 15390kHz.
** Translated by Google

9390kHz RFA-Cantonese (TAIWAN SOH) ?, etc.. - XYZ Mar 06, 2019 14:14 UTC No.3842

5020kHz SOLOMON, still on air.., Extended broadcasting
9390kHz ?, Cantonese ? sorry weak signal..
Radio Free Asia ?, https://www.rfa.org/cantonese/
The program content resembles Live : https://bit.ly/2VJcgX5
Maybe TAIWAN SOH via RFA-Cantonese ?
(around -1500*, sorry I was late for noticing..)

7345kHz (tent.)Myanmar, heavy QRM from CNR1 on co-channel.., -1430* , changed SKD ?
see also : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:2972

5020kHz SOLOMON, still on air..
6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan, FM99 // http://m.qzsh.net/fm/?25yn-id-7.html
7140kHz/7180kHz (tent.)ERITREA

Re: Echo of Hope - VOH with English language lesson - Ron Howard Mar 06, 2019 23:39 UTC No.3843
March 6 - Again heard VOH (4885 kHz.) with very readable English
language lesson; 1245+ UTC. So is this now on daily for about 15
minutes? My audio at http://bit.ly/2C7mMjA .


Re: Echo of Hope - VOH with English language lesson - XYZ Mar 07, 2019 00:09 UTC No.3844

It is very interesting. However, I always forgot the monitor at that time..
I also cited it on the Japanese site, but it seems that no one has replied.
I do not forget, I registered in the "NOW ON" list.

"1245-1300 Echo of Hope :: English Lesson 9100 6350 6250 5995 4885 3985"

It is for myself:D

Re: Radio Free Asia - Korean, resumed - XYZ Mar 07 (Thu), 2019 00:44 UTC No.3846

Thanks to Aoki ! (sorry in Japanese): https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:4417#4462
As a result of checking the record, 7415 kHz of RFA Chinese is 3 days a week since
February 15 th. The same is true for 7520 kHz. The sending site seems to be Tajikistan.
** Google translation

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 07 (Thu), 2019 04:24 UTC No.3849
Some of my recent logs:

BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, on March 6, from 1111 to 1140. Mostly playing
pop songs; several segments with no audio (just the DJ being
inattentive to the music?); *1140, the usual sudden start up of PBS
Yunnan, with FM99 relay

BBS, on March 4, noted cut off at 1134* and at *1140, the usual sudden
start up of PBS Yunnan, with FM99 relay.

CHINA. 6035, PBS Yunnan, relay of FM99, March 5, suddenly on at *1140;
BBS (Bhutan) already off the air.

6145 // 9780, Qinghai ("Qinghai News Comprehensive Broadcasting"), on
March 6, at 1122; clearly //.

7210, PBS Yunnan, *1036, on March 4. Suddenly on with their distinctive
IS of non-stop EZL loop of instrumental music; before 1036, was hearing
SOH (Taiwan) and VOV (Vietnam). After 1036, three stations here were
just too much to listen to.

CONGO. 6115, Radio Congo, *0540, March 5. Surprisingly good reception
(probably best ever?), due to extremely unusual propagation that greatly
favored the Congo, instead of the normal domination by Japan ("RN2:),
which was today only heard far underneath; all with announcers (no music
at all, as is normal for this time period); 0550 had Japan starting to get
slightly stronger, so greater QRM. My audio at http://bit.ly/2VKsG1t .

EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 5005, RNGE, R. Bata, March 5, at 0514, yet again
with audio nicely above threshold level; in Spanish; mostly pop African

INDONESIA. 7289.92, Pro 1 RRI Nabire, 0809-0838*, on March 5. Not sure,
but might have been a phone in show; just talking in Bahasa Indonesia (no
music); cut off in mid-sentence.

KOREA SOUTH. 5995, Echo of Hope - Voice of Hope (VOH), March 5, at 0659.
Still checking here for any sign of Mali, but clearly VOH, along with N. Korea

LIBERIA, 6050, ELWA Radio, Monrovia, March 5, from 0703+. pop African
music/singing; certainly seemed to be in English, with African accent, but
unreadable for me.

First time I have heard them on this frequency; thanks very much to Dave Valko,
for his alert that he was hearing them with unusually good reception on March 3 -
"English sign off announcements at 2229 UTC, then played the instrumental
Liberian national anthem, this much stronger than in the past." Have indeed
listened to his surprisingly clear audio (very nice, Dave!!). Am very pleased to
have finally heard this myself.

MALI[and non-log]. 5995, ORTM, March 5, checking 0558-0605, no signal here;
later heard Korea.

On 9635, at 0840, on March 5, possibly Mali(?); very tentative; very weak (not the
signal strength I was expecting to hear if them).

NEPAL[non-log]. 5005, Radio Nepal. As of March 5, on most days I check here with
no results from 1050+; not heard since my last reception of assume their carrier on
Feb 3.


Re: Echo of Hope - VOH with English language lesson - Ron Howard Mar 07 (Thu), 2019 12:34 UTC No.3850

March 7, again heard VOH (4885 kHz.) with English language program,
but today 0952-0957 UTC; tuned in to program already in progress
(0945-0957?). At 0957, chimes and SA for "VOH."

Seems VOH is running a three hour program loop, with the same shows
being heard every three hours.

My audio today https://app.box.com/s/j0bfgm7kaye4x41upjfjlfb0jkak47yn .


Re: Echo of Hope - VOH with English language lesson - XYZ Mar 07 (Thu), 2019 12:45 UTC No.3851

now -1242- in English and in Korean

5006kHz strong signal, etc.. - XYZ Mar 08 (Fri), 2019 09:03 UTC No.3855

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville, //3260kHz
3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3994vkHz etc..
5006kHz UNID strong signal (no modulation), who ?
( memo : https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:4121 )
** also 8006kHz UNID weak signa in my locationl
5055kHz AUSTRALIA, Radio 4KZ

6080kHz CHINA, Hulun Buir PBS, Pips/SA at -0900- in Mongolian
7260kHz CHINA, Xinjiang, Chinese, (MONGOLIA off air)

5006kHz/8006kHz JG2XA (UEC HF Doppler) resumed ??, etc.. - XYZ Mar 09 (Sat), 2019 00:28 UTC No.3857

5006kHz UNID strong signal, no modulation carrier, (also UNID weak carrier on 8006kHz)
5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom, +Pips jammer
6619kHz CHINA, VC01 "The Chinese Robot", USB
14944kHz TAIWAN, V13 Xingxing BS, -0021*

5006kHz and 8006kHz continue to transmit since yesterday. This may be the resurgence of
"UEC Short Wave Test Station JG2XA (UEC HF Doppler)". I am currently inquiring via e-mail.
** There is no link on the website. . (Dead link)

JG2XA(UEC HF Doppler) had stopped sending since September 2017 due to equipment malfunction.
Furthermore, the professor in charge seems to have retired in 2017.

18040kHz TAIWAN, V13 Xingxing BS, AM, *0400-

6030kHz ID: ?, weak
11695kHz ID: 3E8
13825kHz ID: 3EA, weak
13850kHz ID: 3EC
15250kHz ID: 2
15580kHz ID: 3E8, weak
17800kHz ID: ?, weak

4895kHz weak signal (in my location),
TNX kiwiSDR in Russia, Mongolian Radio.
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay

5006kHz UNID carrier
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay
7290kHz INDONESIA, RRI-Nabire, 7289.92kHz

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 10 (Sun), 2019 04:17 UTC No.3860
BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, on March 9, heard with modulation problems; 
1116, pop song with regular audio level; 1119, lost audio till sudden,
briefly heard announcer at 1134, but modulation quickly lost again;
the whole time decent level carrier noted; recently being heard through
strong, pulsating QRN; *1140, the usual sudden start up of PBS Yunnan,
with FM99 relay.

KOREA SOUTH. 5920, Voice of Freedom, on March 9, checking the
Jeonyeog Bangsong (evening program at Korean time [weekend]),
at 1000; heard the start of the "Bodo gwangjang" ("News plaza")
program (thanks very much to both Amano [Japan] and Chulus
[Korea] for their naming the various VOF programs); N. Korea
jamming as usual, but still not too bad a reception. My audio
at http://bit.ly/2XKIqDb .

UNIDENTIFIED. 5006, with an interesting development here; starting
on March 7, at 1236, noted a strong carrier; heard daily through today
(March 9); also heard by Jim Young (Calif.); became aware of this while
checking for Nepal (5005); on March 8, Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan),
was also hearing an open carrier on 5006, as well as on 8006; so he
made an observation that I had missed, mainly that 5006 // 8006, years
ago were the two frequencies broadcasting CW from Japan (low powered
JG2XA, with the HF-Doppler [HFD] Project), but that station has been
silent for a long time now. So yes, it was Hiroyuki who first noted that
8006 also had an open carrier, which I subsequently also heard.

So who is broadcasting these new, daily open carriers?


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 10 (Sun), 2019 13:29 UTC No.3863

On March/7 night, I had not heard because I had a job. It is highly possible that they resumed from this day.
Thanks for important information !!

A bit of work is still left tonight, I have not heard the radio yet :-((

Re: NBC Bougainville - Ron Howard Mar 11 (Mon), 2019 18:53 UTC No.3864
Excellent propagation today (March 11), as there were a number 
of different stations heard with signals well above the norm,
including NBC Bougainville (3325).

Highlights of NBC reception:

0912-0920: With pop Pacific Islands music.

0933-1000: With English segment of the "National Radio" audio feed.

1000-1010: With NBC news and weather, in English.

1010-1020: "Regional News," in Pidgin.

1026: Pop song "Another Day In Paradise," but not sung be Phil Collins.

1031-1045: Two women chatting about "International Women's Day," in
Pidgin. ("Without women, there would be no human beings on the face
of this planet")

1102-1110: "Regional News," in English.

My audio at http://bit.ly/2F4h7fM

BTW - NBC Madang (3260) noted 1056-1102, with no audio, just a good
level carrier;
an unusual situation for them.


3920kHz, 3959kHz, 3993vkHz KCBS Pyongyang, etc.. - XYZ Mar 11 (Mon), 2019 21:38 UTC No.3865

3920kHz// 3959kHz// 3993vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, // 11680kHz 9665kHz 6100kHz 3220kHz 2850kHz

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 12 (Tue), 2019 08:32 UTC No.3866

3920kHz No signal (KCBS Pyongyang)
3959kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3993kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3959kHz etc..
5006kHz (JG2XA), fair to strong signal, 8006kHz weak signal
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay, over modulation..
7290kHz INDONESIA, RRI-Nabire, 7289.92kHz

6185kHz China Huayi ?, in Chinese, http://www.chbcnet.com/
noticed-0848- No signal, test ?

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang, weak signal
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville, // 3260kHz

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 12 (Tue), 2019 19:49 UTC No.3867

AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, on March 12, with decent reception; 0844,
The Beatles with "Got To Get You Into My Life"; 0859, real estate commercial
announcement; "4 K Zed News . . National News"; "All operations regarding
Boeing's 7-3-7 Max planes in Australia have been suspended"; QRN (static);
about 0905, hit with OTH radar; later at 1013, no OTHR noted while playing
"I Got You," sung by James Brown, The Four Preps with "26 Miles (Santa
Catalina)," The Jackson 5 with "ABC," Jimmy Buffett singing "Margaritaville,"
etc.; one of their better days. My audio at http://bit.ly/2XScexU .

BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, March 12, at 1132, with pop songs ("Another One Bites
the Dust" sung by Queen, etc.); as usual at *1140, the sudden start of PBS
Yunnan (FM99 relay), which is as usual many times stronger than BBS. So
yet another day of BBS going past 1140+.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville (Maus Blong Sankamap - Voice
of the Sunrise), March 12, noted sudden 1200*; while NBC Madang (3260),
with sudden cut off at 1212*.

INDONESIA. 7289.92, Pro 1 RRI Nabire, on March 12, noted 0825-0840 with
unusual good signal strength, but very distorted audio; normally I would have
stayed with this till end of broadcast, but audio just too poor.

MALAYSIA. 11665, Wai FM, on March 12. Others have recently reported hearing
this one again, but my daily monitoring has had no results until today; at 1052,
definite reception; in vernacular and playing pop songs. 9835 (Sarawak FM),
remains silent (no carrier or anything).

Picture of rainbow taken across the street from where I park my car to listen to SW.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 14 (Thu), 2019 22:46 UTC No.3868
FB Photo !!  Ron-san, ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU !!

I couldn't listen to the radio because of my work :-(
I am planning to finish my work early today :D :D

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang, fair signal today
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville, also fair signal today
5006kHz UNID, very weak signal, (8006kHz No signal ??)
5020kHz SOLOMON, weak modulation..
5055kHz AUSTRALIA, Radio 4KZ, weak to fair signal but heavy QRM from OTHR
5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 18 (Mon), 2019 00:04 UTC No.3870
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, 0908-0942, on March 16. Playing all C&W
songs (Tim McGraw with "Back When," etc.); interview with C&W singer;
info about a "County Music Festival."

4KZ, on March 14, at 0921, heard Dionne Warwick with "That's What Friends
Are For"; decent reception till *0946 start of strong OTH radar (5030-5075 kHz.),
which was still on several hours later, making 4KZ reception impossible.

BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, on March 14 & 16, heard with usual format (1108-1140);
what is different now is that there is strong jamming heard here, carrying over
from 6045, which was being used in blocking National Unity Radio; at *1140,
the usual sudden strong start up of PBS Yunnan, with FM99 relay.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville (Maus Blong Sankamap), 1012, on
March 16. Series of speeches about the importance of the October referendum
for independence (2019 the most important year since 1949 [the year the Territory
of New Guinea, including Bougainville, merged with the Australian Territory of
Papua, forming the Territory of Papua and New Guinea, a United Nations Trust
Territory under Australian administration]); pop Pacific Islands singing; clear NBC
Bougainville, Maus Blong Sankamap ID. My audio at http://bit.ly/2Oa4ySY

NBC, at 1056, on March 15. Sheryl Crow with "The First Cut Is The Deepest"; 1100,
indigenous drums intro to "Regional News" (not sure of language?); 1111, DJ playing
pop songs; some weak VOI QRM; as Steve McGreevy (via WOR iog) also noted today
at 1201*, suddenly cut off just after the start of the news in English.

CHINA. 4940, Voice of Strait, on March 16 (Saturday) & 17 (Sunday), at 0943, in English,
with the same weekend "Focus on China" program in English; about Chinese history; fairly
readable; not // VOS on 4900.

5050, Beibu Bay Radio, 1000, March 16. No time pips; gave Beijing time in Chinese and
English ("6 PM"); singing station jingle; followed by SA in English ("This is Beibu Bay
Radio, the Voice of Guangxi, China"); 1002-1006, brief segment in English (unreadable).

6035, PBS Yunnan, with FM99 relay, on March 14 & 16. As usual, noted the good signal
for their sudden start *1140; mixing with BBS (Bhutan).

INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, via RRI Palangkaraya, on March 17, at 1110. Clearly
in Chinese and slightly stronger than NBC Bougainville, which is normally stronger.

KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, March 14 & 16, at 0955. Briefly checked and
heard "Easy English" program, in English and Korean; very good reception; noted // 3985,
5995, 6250, 6350 and 9100. March 17, noted the start of "Easy English" at 0938; today with
"happy Isaac" announcer; very strong signal.

MONGOLIA. 7260, Mongolian Radio 3 (presumed), 1033-1058, on March 17. As usual during
this time period, non-stop pop western music (no announcements); no PBS Xinjiang QRM noted,
but blocked by CRI (Japanese) strong sign on at *1058.

NIGERIA. 7254.95, VON, at 0820, on March 16. Weak signal, but clearly in English.


Re: Lao National Radio - Ron Howard Mar 18 (Mon), 2019 16:53 UTC No.3871
LAOS. 6130, Lao National Radio, 1445-1501, March 18. Had not checked 
on this for a while and haven't seen any recent reports of this one being
heard, so rather pleased today to catch several clear SAs in English ("Lao
National Radio") and one giving frequencies, during their English segment;
1501, into French; always very much bothered by strong adjacent QRM.
My audio (poor quality) of ID and some indigenous music/singing at
http://bit.ly/2Y4YW17 .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Wei Wei Mar 19 (Tue), 2019 04:54 UTC No.3872
Lao National Radio in my location(Maoming city,Guangdong Province,China)can heard MW 567 kHz at night,sometime is strong,same frequency have RTHK-3.
6130kHz is very difficulty.Because nery frequency is 6125kHz CNR-1 Voice of China.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 19 (Tue), 2019 08:09 UTC No.3873
Ron-san, WeiWei-san, ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU !!

>Lao National Radio
FB audio ! SA in English.

Yes, heavy QRM in my location that it is difficult to receive.

3959kHz/ 3992vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
5006kHz/ 8006kHz JAPAN, HF Doppler Project - JG2XA, signal only no ID CW yet
6100kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, (AM + LSB)
6400kHz MORTH KOREA, Pyongyang BS, strong carrier only, no modulation
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay

3220kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang, QRM from spur of SK station
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville
5055kHz AUSTRALIA, Radio 4KZ, QRM from OTHR
6400kHz NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang BS, //3320kHz

3959kHz No signal (KCBS Pyongyang)
3992vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
7260kHz SPUR, CNR-1, fair signal..//4750kHz etc..
7505kHz SOUTH KOREA, North Korea Reform Radio, Korean

9885kHz UNID, 9896kHz --> 9900kHz Voice of Tibet, etc.. - XYZ Mar 20 (Wed), 2019 12:47 UTC No.3874

9885kHz UNID, Tibetan ? sorry weak signal ..
Voice of Tibet ?? , (No signal on 11605kHz)
9896kHz NORWAY, Voice of Tibet, Tibetan, *1300- , https://www.vot.org/
9900kHz NORWAY, Voice of Tibet, Tibetan, *1304(5)-

9895kHz JAMMER, CHINA CNR-1, maybe vs Voice of Tibet

9884kHz (carrier), maybe VOTibet QSY from 9900kHz at -1330-
*1330- Voice of Tibet, Tibetan, //9900kHz 2 frquencies..

Voice of Tibet - Tibetan
xxxx-1300 9885kHz(tent.)
1300-1304 9896kHz
1304-1330 9900kHz
1330-1335 9884kHz, 9900kHz
1335-1400 9884kHz, 9875kHz

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 21 (Thu), 2019 03:09 UTC No.3876

5006kHz JAPAN, JG2XA (UEC HF Doppler), weak signak on 8006kHz, both no CW-ID yet
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville
3959kHz No signal(NK KCBS Pyongyang)
3991vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
6400kHz No signal (NK Pyongyang BS)
11665kHz MALAYSIA, RTM Wai FM, (9835kHz no signal)

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - XYZ Mar 22 (Fri), 2019 07:23 UTC No.3877

5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom
6400kHz NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang BS
7260kHz No signal (MONGOLIA)
7330kHz NEW ZEALAND, (9765kHz no signal),
A19 schedule : 31 Mar 2019 - 27 Oct 2019 : https://www.radionz.co.nz/international/listen

7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay,

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : - Ron Howard Mar 23 (Sat), 2019 04:17 UTC No.3879
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, from 0912+, on March 19, with pop songs
(Bobby Goldboro with "Honey," Willie Nelson singing "On The Road Again,"
Carole King with "Sweet Seasons," etc.).

BTW - Ozy Radio (4835), as of March 22, remains unheard by me.

BANGLADESH. 4750, Bangladesh Betar (now not carrying their Home
Service as usual, but temporarily with only the External Service), at
1230, on March 22, noted in English till 1300 test tone; at 1309, test tone
off and start of assume Nepali programming; as usual, mixing with CNR1.
Thanks very much to info from Hans Johnson on Facebook WRTH. So are
all the former External Service frequencies down?

BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, on March 22, at 1136, with pop (western) songs; cut
off in mid-song at 1138*; then at *1140, the usual sudden start up of PBS
Yunnan, with FM99 relay, already in progress.

CHINA. 4900, Voice of Strait, on March 20, at *0953, start of their audio; program
already in progress.

4940, Voice of Strait, on March 20, at *0953, start of their IS; 0954, ID and into
classical western music.

LAOS. 6130, Lao National Radio, at 1200, checking on March 19 & 22, heard
unique gong/bell that they ring slowly 7 times (7:00 PM their local time), followed
by choral anthem. Was able to hear them faintly, but can confirm they still have
the usual format; otherwise unusable. For many people, 1200 is the best time
to confirm it is LNR.

On Facebook (UNION OF ASIAN DXERS), a comment by Victor Goonetilleke
about my LNR posting:

"yes they were off when we checked Dec Jan and heard they were repairing.
Great to have them back and for that matter any station back."

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1155+, on March 22, with live coverage (TV
audio feed), in vernacular, of the football/soccer match between Myanmar (under
23) and East Timor (aka: "Timor-Leste") U23; played at the Thuwunna Youth
Training Center Stadium (Yangon); musical interlude at half time and back to
live coverage at 1230.

6165, Thazin Radio [non-log], 1420-1440, on March 18. Supposedly in scheduled
English 1430-1500, but only China heard here; no trace of any other station. Has
anyone heard their English segment recently?

SURINAME. 4989.98, R. Apintie (presumed), 0540, on March 22. Pop songs (Irene
Cara with "Flashdance What A Feeling," etc.); above threshold level audio, but rather
weak. Thanks very much to Arthur Delibert and Dave Valko for the alert that this is
doing so well.

ZAMBIA. 5915, R. One/ZNBC1. Thanks to the original alert from Manuel Méndez and
follow up report from Jay Novello, in WOR iog, that this is reactivated, after being silent,
I believe, all of 2019. Of course I wanted to check this out, as it is one of my favorite
stations, so tuned in expecting the previous schedule/format to still be the same. Not so!
In past years 0240-0250 was always the IS of the call of the African fish eagle, but
March 22, tuned in at 0232, to hear repetitive, non-stop pop African music already here;
0253, cut off audio and only heard a loud hum, till 0257 hum off; African singing; 0300,
here is the IS of the African fish eagle, but played not for ten minutes, but only for about
one minute; in vernacular; 0401, brief IS and music before the news; later checked at 0420,
only to find they were off the air (earlier than their former sign off time). Clearly needs more
monitoring to tell what the regular schedule/format will be. Great to have them back again!

Seeing as 5915 is reactivated, wanted to see if there was any chance that Radio Two/ZNBC2,
which has been silent for a long time now, had also come back to life; checking 6165, from
0240+, but didn't hear anything underneath Cuba.

ZANZIBAR. 6015, ZBC Radio. It was back on Feb 17, that I reported "tuned in at 0250, waiting
for their sign on. A long wait! Suddenly come on at *0330"; on March 22, again checking for their
starting time and yes, it was also at *0330, with program already in progress; at times almost fair
reception. Is this really the new starting time? Formerly started about 0300.


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