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Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) --- XYZ - Sep 15, 2016 11:05 UTC No.1646
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Please post topics of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 15, 2016 11:20 UTC No.1648

3260kHz NBC-Madang, weak
5900kHz Radio Rossii
6035kHz CHINA Yunnan PBS, Vietnamese;
1129- Chinese, 1130 SA,

(0800-1000 ?)

4790kHz CNR-1 Jammer
5020kHz Solomon
6035kHz No-signal(both Bhutan and Yunnan)
7295/7345kHz Radio Sakha

9625kHz Radio Taiwan, Thai //9660kHz, No-signal 7445kHz, QSY ??

4751kHz UNID strong carrier, no-modulation
5130kHz Radio Sedaye Zindagi, maybe this month last broadcast

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 16, 2016 04:48 UTC No.1650

15430kHz UNID non-stop Chinese music, test ??

3260kHz weak signal only
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
4910kHz ABC-NT
5020kHz Solomon
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu
9895kHz Radio Rossii

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
4870kHz RRI-Wamena, weak signal
6856kHz LSB CHINA VC01 Chinese Robot

3260// 3325kHz NBC News relay
7295kHz Radio Sakha
7345kHz (Radio Sakha), no-modulation

5020kHz Solomon, -1200* s/off without extension today
6035kHz Yunnan s/off at -1200*, Bhutan nothing

3260kHz NBC-Madang, still on air, -1214*
5900kHz Radio Rossii

7295/7345kHz Radio Rossii, 7345kHz modulation has returned..

V28 NK
3125kHz female
3141kHz female
3277kHz female
3696kHz male

VC01 Chinese
3537kHz USB
4765kHz LSB

5900kHz Radio Rossii, still here (no QSY to 7350kHz)
... changed schedule? or Forget switching ??

7350kHz Radio Rossii, *1517-, maybe forget switching...

9625kHz Radio Taiwan International, Thai language //9660kHz,
QSY from 7445kHz ?

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 16, 2016 15:56 UTC No.1655
 KOREA SOUTH. 5900, Numbers Station V24, 1600,
Sept 15. Pop song in Korean, followed by numbers
given in Korean; fair. Not often I listen at this time
period and has been a while since I last heard V24.

BTW - Noted NA here at 1456, on Sept 15, as Radio
Rossii (via Vladivostok) went off the air just after the
1500 time pips.

MALAYSIA. 9835 (Sarawak FM) // 11665 (Wai FM),
1302-1314, Sept 16. Major address to the nation on
Malaysia Day (national holiday to observe founding
of the Malaysian Federation); Prime Minister Datuk
Seri Najib Tun Razak impassioned speech, delivered
from Sarawak; mostly in vernacular, but some English
("We are greater because we are together. We will
rise to the challenge and we will succeed because
we are together . . . moments of leadership"); loud
sound of the crowd in background; after 1314 not //.

MYANMAR. 5985.0, Myanmar Radio, 1530-1600,
Sept 15 (Thursday); English segment; full ID; news
and "the weather" ("outlook for the next two days");
"end of the news from Myanmar Radio"; 1540-1600
"NHK's Friends Around the World" presented by
Risa Shimizu and Fumiko Konoye; reading haiku
poems; emails from listeners; poor, but in a few
months this reception should be fairly good.
Program to be repeated again tomorrow (Friday),
as announced in the program intro.

RUSSIA. 5900, Radio Rossii via Vladivostok, 1210-1300,
Sept 16. Rather surprised to not hear local "Radio Rossii
Primorye" programming today, as recently they were here
during this time period, but not today; was all "Radio Rossii"
IDs with national network program of wonderful traditional
Russian songs and ballads; 1258 interesting ID/promo(?)
for Radio Rossii along with sound of crows; fair to almost

An anomaly or change in schedule?

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 16, 2016 16:13 UTC No.1656

>Radio Rossii : 1210-1300 Ron-san, this is great monitor !!

TNX!! K.INOUE : http://fmdx.blog81.fc2.com/blog-entry-1921.html
Not necessarily being broadcast on a daily basis, is the broadcasting
of the only day on which there is a broadcast scheduled for 2110-2200JST
(1210-1300UTC). Scheduled broadcast of the election program is up to
Sep 16. After that there is no plan.
Local program can not receive since Sep 16.
Sep 18 is the voting day. (Election of Russia's lower house of
parliament and the Primorye Parliament)

** Sorry my poor English... (H.Komatsubara)

11665kHz MALAYSIA, //9835kHz, TNX! Ron-san

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 16, 2016 18:30 UTC No.1657

7206kHz (tent.)Sudan, weak modulation
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, //3944.2kHz(TNX! remote radio in AUS)
7330kHz DRM Radio New Zealand International, new schedule ??
11665kHz Sarawak FM relay, //9835kHz, extension broadcasting

7350kHz ?? - XYZ Sep 17, 2016 10:20 UTC No.1659

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz (weak signal)
3345kHz RRI-Ternate
4870kHz RRI-Wamena
5020kHz Solomon
5900kHz Radio Rossii
6035kHz CHINA Yunnan : http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml
(Bhutan: http://www.bbs.bt/news/radio-wan.html )
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, 7295kHz weak, 7345kHz strong signal

V28 North Korea Numbers station
3142kHz, 3277kHz, 3696kHz

7350kHz Rossii no signal, China CNR-11 only //6010kHz
also 5900, 7245, 9895kHz no signal, hear only 810kHz(MW)

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 17, 2016 23:30 UTC No.1662

BBR: http://video.bbrtv.com/index.php?option=com_content&ItemId=11
Yunnan: http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml
Mongolia Radio 2 (Golden Radio): http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio2

7260kHz Xinjiang onlay,
9820kHz BBR, Chinese, *2300- ??
Yunnan PBS (Stream) classical music, Not yet s/on..

7260kHz ?? very weak signal
9820kHz Chinese
6035kHz Reception of Yunnan is unreasonable,
Stream: classical music, Not yet s/on..
Maybe the morning broadcasting is no longer

7220kHz NK Voice of Korea - Chinese, + Jamming, // 9730kHz + Jamming
9445kHz no modulation,
This Jamming from China ??? Did it Jamming is subjected
to the Chinese broadcast from North Korea to now ?
Contamination from the same transmission-house ???
7245kHz Radio Rossii
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, weak signal, -0600* ?

7220/9730kHz still + Jamming. maybe contamination ... sorry

9895kHz Radio Rossii, strong signal

5020kHz Solomon
6856kHz(LSB) VC01 Chinese Robot
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, *0800- ?
9895kHz Radio Rossii

3260kHz NBC-Madang(tent.), weak signal
3325kHz No signal
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu
7295kHz Radio Rossii ?, weak signal, QRM of pips Jamming
7345kHz No signal
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 18, 2016 15:27 UTC No.1663
SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC on Sunday, Sept 18,
they must be headed for a 24 hour broadcast. First noted
1240 and still going at 1415. Today was the SIBC format
(never any IDs, but 1303 & 1336 PSAs in English - certainly
not a Wantok FM relay); non-stop religious songs, which
mostly seemed to be in English. Had times when I was
only hearing an open carrier; seemed they were having a
problem keeping a steady audio going.

This is the longest broadcast I have heard with their
extended programming here running past their former
1200*. Jim Young (Calif.) was still hearing them at 1432.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 18, 2016 18:45 UTC No.1665

4990kHz CHINA Hunan ??, Chinese
5020kHz no-modulation carrier

2325kHz ABC-NT, good signal
2485kHz ABC-NT, good signal
3537kHz USB VC01
4765kHz LSB VC01

7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, good signal

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 19, 2016 10:00 UTC No.1667

810kHz Radio Rossii, strong signal, QRM of AFN-Tokyo,
SA at 0958 "Radio Rossii" by female
3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
3345kHz RRI-Ternate
4870kHz RRI-Wamena
5020kHz Solomon
7295kHz Radio Sakha, weak
7345kHz Radio Sakha, fair
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, fair
9895kHz no modulation, not strong ...

5900kHz c/on, s/on, strong signal // MW810kHz
6035kHz CHINA Yunnan PBS, Vietnamese
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing s/off at -1000*
9820kHz CHINA Voice of Beibu Bay Radio, Chinese, //5050kHz

13800kHz H3E(AM+USB) Radio Puntland, remote radio in Qatar(TNX! koko)

11485kHz CNT-1, Jammar ?? target SOH ?? missing here...
15528kHz Voice of Tibet(tent.), *2130- Tibetan
15537kHz Voice of Tibet, Chinese, -1230*

5900kHz Radio Rossii, very bad modulation...

5050kHz CHINA BBR,
5715kHz V24 Korean numbers station, *1500-
5900kHz Radio Rossii, -1500*
7175kHz ERITREA Voice of Broad Masses 2, 1500- Jamming started
7350kHz Radio Rossii, *1500- QRM:China co-freq

9910kHz Radio Pilipinas, Tagalog language program
12120kHz Radio Pilipinas, //9910kHz
15190kHz Radio Pilipinas, //9910kHz

2325kHz ABC-NT
2485kHz ABC-NT, 2325kHz, 4835kHz
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
5020kHz Solomon

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 20, 2016 03:21 UTC No.1672
BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1119-1200*,
Sept 19. DJ in Pidgin playing pop songs ("When Will I Be
Loved," etc.) and many time checks ("19 past 10"); full ID
with frequencies at 1132, into the often heard program
about schools and education, in Pidgin; 1137 "NBC
Bougainville" promo; suddenly off before the news. On
Sept 18 not heard at all.

KOREA NORTH. 3277.0 (AM), V28 ("The Parrot"),
1232-1239*, Sept 19. Korean numbers station; poor.

RUSSIA. 5900, Radio Rossii via Vladivostok, 1210 and
subsequent checking through 1300; poor audio/strong
audio hum/weak modulation; clearly a problem with their
transmitter, as also noted today by Hiroyuki Komatsubara;
National Network programs of "Radio Rossii"; many IDs
before 1300. So another day without local "Radio Rossii
Primorye" programming.

Thanks to the Facebook page (WRTH) posting of Vasily
Gulyaev: (Google translation of the last paragraph)


"As of 4:00 am (MSK) 17th September 2016 the
work of all the objects RTRS network restored in
full. Broadcasting in MW and SW bands
scheduled to continue for another week."

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC, 1203-1207*, Sept 19.
Ending the NA; open carrier; 1204 start of pop songs; good
audio; off in mid-song.

TAJIKISTAN. 4790, BBC Uzbek, 1310-1329*, Sept 19.
An anomaly today; surprised to find no CNR1 programming
jamming here today (very rare!); poor/CODAR QRM.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 20, 2016 05:00 UTC No.1674

>Radio Rossii via Vladivostok
I want to continue to short-wave broadcasting in order to
cover all of the vast territory and coastal areas of Russia.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 20, 2016 13:26 UTC No.1677

4765kHz(LSB) VC01
5020kHz UNID no modulation carrier, also come out yesterday.
I think this is not Solomon, signal is weaker than Solomon..
5900kHz Radio Rossii
9725kHz(H3E) TAIWAN XingXing BS
11720kHz Voice of Vietnam 1, //9636kHz
15040kHz(DRM) All India Radio, Nothing CNR-1 Chinese jammar ??

7175kHz Eritrea no signal

7175kHz (noticed) weak signal, no jamming

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 21, 2016 09:56 UTC No.1679

6856kHz(LSB) VC01 Chinese Robot
7345kHz(USB) V26, //4243kHz(USB), 9054kHz(USB), QRM: Radio Sakha
9895kHz Radio Rossii, strong signal
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing, no signal, (9774/15375kHz no signal)

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz heavy QRM from NK on 3320kHz
5900kHz Radio Rossii, strong signal
6035kHz Bhutan BS, English, fair signal, QRM: CHINA Yunnan
7295kHz Radio Sakha, also weak signal and bad condition today..

6035kHz maybe -1200* Bhutan and Yunnan, -1210- Yunnan's music //stream
7295kHz Radio Sakha, weak signal

5020kHz Solomon, "Let it Go" https://youtu.be/kHue-HaXXzg

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 21, 2016 15:12 UTC No.1680
BHUTAN. 6035.0, BBS, 1139, Sept 21. Segment in
English; DJ playing pop hit songs; a very rare day indeed
that I'm able to actually SA/ID any song, but today the signal
was good enough to enjoy the distinctive song "Stairway
To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin; went off the air shortly after
1200; fortunately PBS Yunnan during this whole time period
was just with an announcer (no music).

CHINA. 6035.0, PBS Yunnan, 1139-1319*, Sept 21. Up
to about 1200, QRM from BBS/Bhutan. 1202-1319* non-stop
selections of classical western orchestra music; a lot of dead
air (just open carrier) between musical selections; suddenly
off the air; no announcements at any time; poor-fair; long past
their normal 1200*.

This anomaly of their extended sign off format happens about
once a month and is always a pleasure to listen to. My audio
of classical music at http://goo.gl/yvT9Y6 .

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 21, 2016 15:57 UTC No.1682

Bhutan BS was strong even in my location(Akita/Japan) today.
1200-, After the broadcast ended, the classical music that is
flowing in the stream in the absence of Yunnan BS of the
program was flowing as it is.
Yunnan's website: http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml

This frequency, the reception is difficult in Japan, in
the United States FBDX !! Ron-san, Nice audio !!

7475kHz Babcock Music etc... - XYZ Sep 22, 2016 09:05 UTC No.1685

3260khz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
3345kHz no signal (RRI-Ternate)
5020kHz Solomon, fair signal
7295kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, fair signal today, //7345kHz(strong signal)
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS
9895kHz Radio Rossii Primor'e - Vladivostok, News relay of central

5900kHz Radio Rossii, nothing (noticed)
7175kHz Eritrea, HOA song, no jamming

4750kHz Bangladesh Betar, strong signal,QRM:CNR-1
Live stream: https://goo.gl/CLQIJZ
7175kHz Eritrea, + Noise Jamming

7475kHz Babcock music,QRM:RFE, 1600- RFE-Tajik only ??

MP3 file : 7475kHz -1559- Babcock music and RFE mixed

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 23, 2016 05:51 UTC No.1690
JAPAN. 774, JOUB Akita (NHK-2), at 1245, on Sept 
22. Another outstanding day here! Extremely readable,
with intro to language lesson - NHK's "Rajio Eikaiwa"

Doorbell ringing:
All: Come on in.
Ken: Welcome to ----
All: Rajio Eikaiwa.
Ken: Hi, how are you doing? I'm Ken Toyama. Here
with me today are Katie Adler.
Katie: Hello there, it's nice to have you here.
Ken: And Jeff Manning.
Jeff: Hi, it's great to be working with you.
Ken: So are you ready?
Katie: I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
Jeff: I'm ready when you are.
Ken: Okey-dokey. Let's get the ball rolling.
Katie & Jeff: Here we go.

My clear audio at http://goo.gl/VO1hd8 .

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC, 1209*, Sept 22. Pop
songs and clearly turned off the transmitter.

UNID on 5020, with open carrier here at 1231. Hiroyuki
Komatsubara (Japan) has also noted this recently and I
agree with his observation, it does not seem to be the
SIBC transmitter, but then who?

TAIWAN. 9410, Fu Hsing BS (presumed), 1130, Sept 22.
Very surprised to hear this, especially at this time, as this
month Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) has been hearing
their new schedule of:

"0800-1000 9410kHz(irregular), very extremely occasionally
(1100-1300 nothing)"

Until today, I also noted nothing post-1100. Today also noted
at 1252, but off the air by 1320 check, so seems to actually
be *1100-1300*; their 9774 remains silent.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 23, 2016 08:39 UTC No.1691

This is because it was speculated by the strength comparison
of the signal, I think that there is the possibility of when
it was doing a reduced force transmission If Solomon.

In MW, it became the season that many of Alaska stations and
North American MW stations in Japan can be heard. Strong
signal is also even (1602kHz-1700kHz) in the EX band is coming.
Medium wave of the state seems to have gone up.

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville, fair signal
4870kHz RRI-Wamena
5020kHz Solomon
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS

7295kHz/ 7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, *0900-

3537kHz(USB) VC01
6856kHz(LSB) VC01, Maybe QSY to 4765kHz soon
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, -1000*

9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, *1100-, reactived this broadcast time !
TNX!! Ron-san,

4765kHz(LSB) VC01, (QSY from 6856kHz)
4896kHz All India Radio, little moved from 4895kHz
6035kHz Bhutan, fair signal but QRM:CNR-1 6030kHz

5020kHz No signal today
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, both good signal,
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, weak signal
11550kHz UNID Korean, It seems test transmission.., misstake??

4785kHz UNID no modulation carrier, Recently on air at night.
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, -1300*

7175kHz ERITREA no signal

4785kHz UNID no modulation carrier, still on air

7175kHz ERITREA, + Jamming off at -1700*

7330kHz(DRM) Radio New Zealand International,
QSY ?? (ex: 5975kHz or 9760kHz)

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 23, 2016 18:44 UTC No.1699

3537kHz(USB) VC01
3944.2kHz Radio Vanuatu, //7260kHz, TNX! remote radio in
Australia(Neil Brisbane), 7260kHz is reduced force
transmission is over ??, strong signal in AUS.
4765kHz(LSB) VC01
7175kHz ERITREA, -1830*
7330kHz(DRM) RNZI, still on air

9760kHz(DRM) RNZI, QSY from 7330kHz

Live/9820kHz BBR, Chinese, -2300- Chinese
Live Mongolian Radio 2, IS, *2300-, 7260kHz not hear
Live Yunnan PBS, Classical music, Not yet start

7225kHz Sichuan PBS, Chinese, 6060kHz can not be confirmed..
Live Fu Hsing, Chinese, 9410/9774kHz no signal ?

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 24, 2016 11:07 UTC No.1700

Bad weather today, there are many static in my location...

9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS

9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, *1100-

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 25, 2016 08:20 UTC No.1701

5020kHz Solomon
5728vkHz UNID Russian station, It may be illegal individual stations
are broadcasting from many years ago. see Attachment IMG:
6856kHz(LSB) VC01-Chinese Robot
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, QRM:Pips jamming from 7275kHz
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, *0800-

6060/7225kHz CHINA Sichuan Ethnic Broadcasting, good signal,
minority language program
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, *0900- good signal

3537(USB)/4765(LSB) VC01 Night time frequencies
4895kHz INDIA All India Radio, back here from 4896kHz
5020kHz Solomon, extension broadcasting...
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA no signal, -1200*
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS
13800kHz(H3E) SOMALIA PUNTLAND, Puntland Radio, TNX! remote radio in Qatar.

9636/11720kHz Voice of Vietnam, others: //7210kHz

6185kHz China Huayi, Recently fair signal but no modulation or
very weak modulation...?
China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation: http://www.chbcnet.com/

7175kHz ERITREA ?, female talk, weak signal

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 25, 2016 15:41 UTC No.1708
INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI, 1404-1445, Sept 25. Anomaly!
In English (not the normal Indonesian); different format than
I have ever heard during the usual 1300-1400 English
segment; just one announcer the whole time; local Jakarta
weather, then on to regional and international weather; mostly
playing pop songs; many V.O.I. IDs. Mostly fair, on a day of
unusually good propagation. My audio at http://goo.gl/OL2vdS

Voice of Indonesia 9526kHz different schedule - XYZ Sep 25, 2016 15:49 UTC No.1709

>Voice of Indonesia
-1543- 9526kHz Yes! Now on air English program.
Normally 1000-1100 and 1300-1400 schedule..
Ron-san, thank you very much interesting information !

-1735- 9526kHz still English program.
Schedule: http://en.voi.co.id/broadcasting-schedule
All "Channel 2" program ??

-1830- 9526kHz still English program,
//- http://english.rriworldservice.com/

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 26, 2016 03:22 UTC No.1711
BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1155*, Sept 24.
Sept 25 (Sunday), at 1200, start of Stacy Rose's show "Island
Praise" (syndicated from Florida, USA), with pop Caribbean
gospel music (reggae, soca, calypso, hip hop gospel, etc.),
till 1206*.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang, 1212*, Sept 24.
Sept 25 (Sunday), at 1200, start of Stacy Rose's show "Island
Praise" (syndicated from Florida, USA), with pop Caribbean
gospel music (reggae, soca, calypso, hip hop gospel, etc.),
till 1202*.

[non-log] 7324.95 Wantok Radio Light. Sept 25, at 1209, a clear
frequency (no CRI [7325.0] nor WRL).

RUSSIA[non-log]. 5900, R. Rossii. Indeed Sept 22 was the last
time I heard them on the air; silent through Sept 25. Was great
having them back even for a short time!

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC, 1316-1334*, Sept 25 (Sunday).
Normal Sunday format of religious songs in English; no IDs.

TAIWAN. 9410, Fu Hsing BS (presumed), 1245-1300*, Sept 25.
Being heard now daily (*1100-1300*); today with excellent
propagation resulting in their signal being well above threshold
level (rare); in Chinese and with EZL songs; suddenly off; 9774
still silent,

VANUATU. 7260 (slightly on the low side), R. Vanuatu, 1342-1403,
Sept 25. A rare day of exceptionally good propagation, as I was able to
confirm clearly // 3944.2, while 7260 had China QRM. My local sunrise
was at 1358 UTC.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 26, 2016 03:41 UTC No.1712

Broadcasting station to wait for the return;
Indonesia Local stations
PNG Local stations and Central station(2017 ?)
4755kHz MPA Cross Radio, (4755.5kHz)
7325kHz PNG Wantok Radio Light

Short wave broadcasting will continue to decrease. I'm sorry.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 26, 2016 11:44 UTC No.1713

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
3345kHz RRI-Ternate(tent.), weak signal
5020kHz Solomon, good signal
6185kHz China Huayi BC, strong signal but no modulation ??
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, no signal

13800kHz UNID test tone signal, see attachment IMG
TNX! remoto radio in Qatar(TNX! koko)

7200kHz Myanmar National Radio, good signal
7175kHz ERITREA, no signal

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 26, 2016 16:48 UTC No.1714
LAOS. 6130, Lao National Radio, 1418-1500, Sept 26. Heavy 
adjacent QRM; only able to make out bits and pieces; 1418-1426
in Chinese; 1426-1430 nice indigenous music/singing; 1430 usual
theme music; English segment 1430-1458; able to make out some
of their usual SA/ID - 典his is the Lao National Radio, broadcasting
from Vientiane capital, the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
Our news in English program broadcasts at 2130 to 2200 hours
local time daily, which is transmitted on AM 567 kHz. on medium
wave and on AM 6,130 kHz. on shortwave and ...・ items about
production of crops and the national agricultural department helping
people rise above the poverty level, also item on World Health
Organization in Geneva, etc.; additional IDs at 1445 & 1458.
At 1458 into French. The signal strength was decent, but tough
copying them through the adjacent QRM, but still I was very
pleased to be able to hear LNR even with this poor reception.

The best reception I had was of the indigenous music/singing, so
here is my poor quality audio of ID and music at http://goo.gl/vNgcsq

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 26, 2016 17:17 UTC No.1716

FB audio!! In my location, I can not hear at all Laos stations recently.
I'm sorry. I enjoyed in the recording sound source of Ron-san :-)
Thank you very much !!

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 27, 2016 02:01 UTC No.1717

3325, RRI Palangkaraya, 1408-1414, Sept 26. Local news in
Bahasa Indonesia; many sound bites; SA/ID ("RRI Palangkaraya"
and "Radio Republik Indonesia Palangkaraya"); fair-good. My
clear audio at http://goo.gl/YW00wX .

3344.86, RRI Ternate, 1325-1405, Sept 26. Almost fair; mostly
pop songs; SA/ID ("RRI Ternate"); 1404 chatting on the phone in
Bahasa Indonesia. My audio (fair quality) at http://goo.gl/F7B0CZ .

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 27, 2016 22:33 UTC No.1718
CHINA. 6155, CNR2/China Business Radio, 1241-1258, 
Sept 27, with the often heard, popular variety show (mostly
comedy, but also pop songs) "Haiyang Live"; in Chinese; many
program IDs in Chinese; fair-good.

INDONESIA. 9525.9, VOI, 1345, Sept 27. Segment in English
(Channel I program); fair-good; recently a vast improvement in
their signal strength (just better propagation?).

The Sept 25th anomaly of airing all Channel II exclusive English
programming was a one-day-event; back to normal Channel I
programs both Sept 26 and 27. The 25th was an interesting
change of pace, with a very different format than 1300-1400
Channel I programming!

MALAYSIA. 6050, Asyik FM, via Kajang, Sept 27 returned to
the airwaves after being silent Sept 9 through 26. Heard again
with strong signal; randomly 1138-1445; in vernacular; 1302 to
tuned out 1445 with their usual Tuesday "Bollywood" show of
pop songs in Hindi. How long will they stay on this time?

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang with anomaly on
Sept 27. Normally they suddenly go off the air about 1200 or so;
today audio ended at 1201, but transmitter stayed on past 1222
with just an open carrier heard. A shame they didn't keep the
audio going!

TAIWAN. 9410, Fu Hsing BS (presumed). With my Sept 25th log,
I indicated "Being heard now daily (*1100-1300*)," but Sept 26 and
27 found off the air at that time. They did it to just prove me wrong?

VANUATU. 7260 (slightly on the low side), R. Vanuatu, 1311-1340,
Sept 27. Recently having almost decent reception; today slightly
better than China on frequency; after 1412 (Japan gone by then)
could confirm was // 3944.2. Glad to see they have maintained their
extended schedule.

UNIDENTIFIED. 5020, open carrier on Sept 27, noted 1406 & 1423.
Seemed too weak to be SIBC. Believe if SIBC were on the air they
would have audio. Normally SIBC, when they run past 1200, usually
will just suddenly turn off their transmitter; they do not keep
going with an open carrier. Still a mystery.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 28, 2016 03:25 UTC No.1719

>6050kHz RTM Asiyk FM
FBDX !! Malaysia back on 6050kHz, RTM Asiyk FM, Long I am happy
and broadcasting continues :-)

Yes, Ron-san. I am also a mystery. Signal is quite weak when
compared to the normal broadcast. It may or may not be possible
to have a test transmission with reduced force.

>No.1717 RRI's audio
Thank you very much for FB audio ! It does not sound beautiful
because there is a severe interference of the North Korean station
in my location.

6185kHz UNID / 7245kHz test tone / etc... - XYZ Sep 28, 2016 07:37 UTC No.1720

6185kHz UNID Asian station, Song: "Daxia" (by Shazam App.) etc
China Station ? see also: http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:1705
Non-stop Chinese songs. test TX ??

6856kHz(LSB) VC01
7245kHz Test tone signal (1kHz), fair signal, maybe not Tajik
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, fair signal

-0753* 6185kHz and 7245kHz both s/off at the same time
6185kHz s/on again at 0754, Chinese song again
China Huayi BC ??, their are testing because the condition
(modulation) was bad recently ?
It is to their web site had no longer lead.

-0811- 6185kHz Chinese station, SA ?, QRM of NK Jamming
SA at -0814- sounded like : "... Zhongguo Hua Yi guangbo gongsi ..."
** Attachment mp3 file. mean: "China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation"
Maybe this is test TX of China Huayi BC.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Thousand Sep 28, 2016 08:57 UTC No.1721

-0800- 7260kHz Radio Vanuatu. Received in Central JAPAN.

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 28, 2016 09:13 UTC No.1722
TNX! Thousand, KONBANWA !

It was heard in good condition even in my location.

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
3345kHz RRI-Ternate, no signal
4870kHz RRI-Wamena, weak signal
5020kHz Solomon
6050kHz MALAYSIA, no signal
7260kHz Radio Vaniatu, QRM of Pips Jamming of NKorea (target to 7275kHz)
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, good signal
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS, no signal

6050kHz MALAYSIA RTM Asyik FM, heavy QRM of NIKKEI(Japan) on 6055kHz
see also : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/DXNEWS/?res:11#11

7175kHz ERITREA, no signal

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 28, 2016 17:21 UTC No.1725
MALAYSIA. 6050, Salam FM, 1500-1506*, Sept 28. Time
pips (1+1); ID ("Salam FM"); choral NA (Negaraku ・Lagu
Kebangsaan Malaysia); Islamic programming in vernacular;
many IDs; briefly with two different audio feeds; suddenly off.
My audio at http://goo.gl/OaQjeb .

MYANMAR/BURMA. 5985.0, Myanmar Radio, 1540-1555,
Sept 28. Wednesday only "VOA Special English program,
People in America," about Katharine Graham, who was the
owner and publisher of The Washington Post newspaper; fairly
readable. BTW - CRI (China) blocked reception with their *1600.

Full transcript and good audio streaming at http://goo.gl/QgAEHN

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 28, 2016 17:33 UTC No.1726

Thank you very much for FB audio !!
Yes, It was immediately end past the 15:00 today.
Two languages have been confusion, Malay and Arabic ??

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 28, 2016 19:14 UTC No.1727

5020kHz Solomon
5820kHz RTE ??, Open carrier
7205kHz (tent.)Sudan, Arabic
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, SA at 1908, good signal

3345kHz (tent.)RRI-Ternate, weak signal
4870kHz (tent.)RRI-Wamena, 2005- c/on,

4990kHz CHINA Hunan PBS, Chinese
7585kHz North Korea Reform Radio, +Pips Jamming

7137kHz(7136.56kHz) HOA Station - XYZ Sep 29, 2016 11:27 UTC No.1728

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz RRI-Palangkaraya, fair signal!
3345kHz RRI-Ternate
4870kHz RRI-Wamena
6050kHz MALAYSIA Asyik FM, fair signal
9410kHz Fu Hsing, no signal

11665kHz Limbang FM, *1315- SA JG, I do not know the
difference between the Malay language...

7175kHz ERITREA, no jamming
7137kHz(7136.56kHz) HOA Station, HOA song 

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - Ron Howard Sep 29, 2016 15:26 UTC No.1730
AUSTRALIA[non-log]. 2368.46, Radio Symban. Checking
Sept 29 at 1252 & 1317, only to find no trace of their signal.
Not back here yet.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1121-1155*,
Sept 29. DJ in Pidgin playing pop Pacific Islands songs;
mixing with RRI Palangkaraya; suddenly off, leaving RRI
in the clear.

INDONESIA. 4869.89, RRI Wamena, 1254-1304, Sept 29.
Another Thursday only edition of KGI (Kang Guru Indonesia),
already in progress; clearly in English, but not very readable;
many singing IDs; KGI contact info given in Bahasa Indonesia;
1304 back to Bahasa Indonesia programs and RRI jingle; poor.

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC, 1201, Sept 29. End of
NA; dead air till 1205 suddenly audio started with SIBC format
music show of pop Pacific Islands songs; ad in English (mobile
phone); suddenly off at 1214*; no IDs (certainly not a Wantok FM
relay); mostly fair (a good day for their reception).

VANUATU. 7260 (slightly on the low side), R. Vanuatu, recently
with very respectable reception. 1216-1250, Sept 29. Series of
non-stop Christian religious songs in English 1216-1230; "Radio
Vanuatu" IDs and musical montage of pop songs; music program of
EZL songs (Phil Collins with "One More Night"); 1248 again with
"Radio Vanuatu" IDs and musical montage of pop songs; stronger
than China also on frequency. My audio of ID and "One More Night"
at http://goo.gl/UCu1dY .

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 29, 2016 15:37 UTC No.1731

In my location, Condition of the reception did not catch bad today... sorry!

TNX! FB audio of Vanuatu, When listening to Vanuatu mind is relaxed :-D

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (7) - XYZ Sep 30, 2016 09:59 UTC No.1736

6050kHz MALAYSIA Asyik FM
7295/7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, 7345kHz strong signal
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing, no signal

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