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Asia - Pacific DX log(22) --- XYZ - Aug 05 (Mon), 2019 10:57 UTC No.4055
Here is a new thread for logging of broadcasts in Asia and elsewhere.

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Please post topics of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere.
And also information of other areas is OK. TNX! and FBDXing !!

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Aug 05 (Mon), 2019 10:58 UTC No.4056
Sorry, my PC is still in trouble and I am adjusting it...

Aug 04:
2100- V28, 3047kHz, 3518kHz, 4975kHz

-2115- CNR-1 DRM 6030kHz 9kHz width

Aug 05:
3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang, //3325kHz -1012* maybe NEWS, 1012- Local px.
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville

4895kHz MONGOLIA, Mongolian Radio (Radio 1), // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1,
around -1030* ?? -1033- No signal
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9 relay, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio3

.--- --. ..--- -..- .-
.--- --. ..--- -..- .-
.--- --. ..--- -..- .-
..- . -.-. ....
..-. -..
... - .- - .. ---

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Aug 07 (Wed), 2019 03:07 UTC No.4057
BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1119-1203*, on Aug 6. Pop songs
(Steve Winwood - "Higher Love," etc.); in Pidgin; suddenly off; no VOI QRM.

CONGO. 6115, Radio Congo, start up time (already in progress) at *0540, Aug 6.
Strong QRN (static); no QRM from Japan today; very respectable summertime
reception. My audio at http://bit.ly/33dTv2q . But on Aug 5, Congo was not
broadcasting (checked 0530-0600); even with considerable daylight in Japan
(sunset not till 0940 UT), clearly heard "RN2" playing mostly non-stop pop songs,
with ID at 0600.

KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1341, Aug 6. Language lesson ("Easy
English") in English and Korean; very readable; another day with native speaker of
English (Isaac); same program must have been broadcast two hours earlier (1141).
My clear audio at http://bit.ly/33dORBu .

LAOS. 6130, Lao National Radio, 1401, Aug 6. No longer on their recently heard abbreviated
schedule, but seems back to their former full programming; fairly sure was in English (matching
their schedule); 1407, break for some indigenous singing; strong adjacent QRM; much of the
time was unusable; at 1434, unable to confirm in French, but definitely broadcasting.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang, 1204-1211* on Aug 6; in English; cut off in mid-

TAIWAN. 6230, Sound of Hope, at 1300, on Aug 6 and listening in LSB to get away from Australia
weather station in USB. The usual OM & YL with "Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai" (Sound
of Hope international broadcast station) ID (thanks again to Amano-san's assistance); surprised to
have some very light QRM from Australia, as some of their faint audio showed up in LSB.

VIETNAM. 8812-USB, Ho Chi Minh Radio - Vietnam Coast Station, on Aug 6, *1240-1242* in
Vietnamese and *1242-1244* in English; starts with "Weather information for South China coastal
waters issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at 7:30PM, August 6," etc. Thanks very much to Wei
Wei (China), for his assistance. My audio at http://bit.ly/2OJUDrl .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Aug 08 (Thu), 2019 19:17 UTC No.4058
BANGLADESH. 4750, Bangladesh Betar, Aug 8, with transmitter problems; at 1235, 
heard a hum (no English audio) and at 1325, still only hum (no Nepali audio); of course
CNR1 was also there. First time I have heard this BB anomaly.

KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1340, Aug 8. Language lesson ("Easy
English") in English and Korean; very readable; announcers "perky, perky Jenny" and
"happy Isaac." I was wrong, this program was no broadcast at 1140 nor 1240, so a new
schedule for this podcast.

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1300-1310, Aug 7 (Wednesday). Two programs
together of "Learning English with BBC, Burmese." So is this language lesson only on
Wed. & Fri.?

VIETNAM. 8812-USB, assume a VISHIPEL coastal station (site?); *1314-1320*, on Aug 8.
This segment only in Vietnamese; sounded like many mentions of "Hong Kong"; my local
sunrise was at 1319 UT.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - xyz Aug 23 (Fri), 2019 09:26 UTC No.4067
3260 3325, madang and bougainville, news ? parallel
4900 china, new skd ?, 4940 no signal
7260 mnb, over modulation..
9410 in chinese, taiwan ? poor signal

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - sat_dxer Aug 24 (Sat), 2019 12:36 UTC No.4068
774kHz JOUB NHK2 Akita Japan
EE/JJ language lesson via Trans-Pacific from 1226z 24 Aug 2019

Re: China - Voice of Strait anomaly - Ron Howard Aug 26 (Mon), 2019 14:33 UTC No.4069
CHINA. 4900 // 4940, Voice of Strait. What is happening with VOS? Significant anomaly on 
Aug 26. What normally happens 1200-1255 is that they are not in //, but today they were! In
the past always observed // from 1055 to 1200 and from 1255 to 1300, otherwise they were
not //, but today // 1203-1303 the whole time; 1203-1255, non-stop music; 1255-1300, the
usual Strait Fishery Meteorology report (Channel fishery weather); 1300, usual time pips,
Beijing time, announcer briefly in Chinese and went to playing Chinese opera music. A one
day event or some type
of test?

Aug 24 (Saturday), on 4940, VOS from 1430 to 1455, with the weekend program in English
"Focus on China"; not // 4900; SA as "Fresh, dynamic, professional, profound, explore Chinese
culture . . . You are now listening to Focus on China."


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Aug 27 (Tue), 2019 00:46 UTC No.4070
CHINA. 6035, FM99 (Voice of Shangri-la) relay via PBS Yunnan. On Aug 23, first noted BBS
(Bhutan) cutting off in mid-sentence (English) at 1135*; then *1139, suddenly on, in progress
with FM99 programs; at *1144 the start of the N. Korea jamming spur from 6045.

7210, PBS Yunnan, 1046, Aug 23. The usual IS (long playing loop of EZL music); unusual good
with no QRM; 1100, into programming. My clear audio at http://bit.ly/2HqOgTS . Aug 26, at 1058,
heard PBS IS, but today with heavy Sound of Hope QRM on frequency.

INDIA. 5040, AIR Jeypore, 1330-1345, Aug 25. Another day of special live coverage in English
(accented) and Hindi, of the India vs West Indies cricket match being held in Antigua; semi-readable;
into the news in Hindi.

KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, "Easy English," "podcast" on Aug 25, at 1347; the usual
strong signal, resulting in good reception. My audio at http://bit.ly/2zpF2Tf .

5857.5 AM, HLL2 Seoul. On Aug 26, pleasantly surprised to hear the clearest audio I have ever heard
here; normally is rather muffled; 1212-1218, in English; then into Japanese. My audio at
http://bit.ly/2zplkXW .

MONGOLIA. 7260, Mongolian Radio P3 (presume FM100.9 relay). On Aug 25, with decent signal, but
over-modulated; 1125, in vernacular and pop songs in English; recently doing much better over the QRM
on frequency. My audio (minute of talk, one of music) at http://bit.ly/2MLNXaD . The daily schedule is listed
at their Mongolian site http://bit.ly/2VjlexD (Google translation to English).

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1250-1300, Aug 23 (Friday). Two programs of "Learning English with
BBC, Burmese" (1st about discrimination in the workplace and 2nd about landlords changing too much rent
in London).


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Mauno Aug 28 (Wed), 2019 09:27 UTC No.4071
Craig Tyson noticed, that 15745 kHz is back on the air, but not carrying Tibet Chinese this time. I think the ID is Voice of the Old Age, so is 1053 kHz in maintenance?

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Aug 28 (Wed), 2019 23:03 UTC No.4072

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville. Aug 25 & 26, not heard from 1100+; back on
the air Aug 27 & 28; at 1106, with local news in Pidgin; pop songs (Belinda Carlisle -
"Heaven Is A Place On Earth," etc.); on 28th, cut off at 1201*.

CHINA. 6035, FM99 (Voice of Shangri-la) relay via PBS Yunnan. On Aug 27, with anomaly;
noted they had a problem with the usual FM99 audio feed, but instead was running non-stop
western classical music for quite awhile; noted several times before and shortly after 1200;
very enjoyable; by 1213, back to normal FM99 audio feed; no QRM of any kind (no BBS and
no N. Korea jamming spur). My audio at http://bit.ly/2ZrX9qx .

KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH. Seems to be changing their schedule a lot these
days. Not long ago the 1240-1300 time slot was for the language lesson "Easy English," but that
was re-scheduled to different times. Checking Aug 27 & 28, heard a rather different program 1240+;
programming was unique in that it consisted of an audio of non-stop English, but was rather weak,
underneath a much stronger audio in Korean, with a running translation of the underlying English.
Perhaps a lecture? First time I have heard this, after almost daily monitoring. At 1300, the usual
"Onule Soshi" (Today's News). My audio at http://bit.ly/2MHgOg4 , with two minutes of the double
audio and one of "Onule Soshi."

VIETNAM [non]. 9670, Radio Dap Loi Song Nui (Vietnam Democracy Radio) (presumed), Aug 28,
at *1229, heard the start of the jamming from assume Vietnam, but surprised was not the usual
siren jamming as always heard in the past, but instead was a pulsating noise; *1230, start of Radio
Dap Loi Song Nui; poor and mostly unusable.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Aug 29 (Thu), 2019 15:08 UTC No.4073
BANGLADESH. 4750, Bangladesh Betar (External Service), 1235-1300*, Aug 29. Finally
fixed the hum/buzzing noise here, but now over-modulated; in English and with subcontinent
chanting/singing; English unreadable due to poor audio quality and signal very fluttery; 1300*,
off for a few seconds and then back on with test tone. My audio of some of the music/chanting
at http://bit.ly/30I7Pyl .

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville. Aug 29, with an unusual day, as they ran somewhat
late (1213*) and unique to find NBC Madang (3260) closed down long before that; playing pop
Pacific Islands songs; surprised they had no 1200 news today; no VOI QRM.

KOREA NORTH[non]. new 5980 // 6070, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, ex: 5920 & 6040, Aug 29.
Changed back to their alternate frequencies today; 1311, with "Newsflash" items in English.

KOREA SOUTH. 6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, August 29, a special treat 1216+, as
there was no N. Korea jamming today (very rare); jamming still off at last 1316 check; SAs
"K B S News," with several clips in English during the news; also very unique to have a chance
to hear the presumed PBS Xinjiang QRM underneath KBS. My audio at http://bit.ly/2PnK3ql .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Amano Aug 30 (Fri), 2019 02:16 UTC No.4074
Hello! Ron-san.

KOREA SOUTH. 6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, August 29,
your audio at http://bit.ly/2PnK3ql .

This program is “KBS News 9“.
KBS Hanminjok Bangsong will broadcast KBS1-TV audio from 1200 UTC.
Your audio is parallel to the following YouTube 24:07-26:07 audio.
Please confirm it is.


Nice catch! Ron-san.

Saitama, Japan

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Aug 30 (Fri), 2019 03:04 UTC No.4075
Hi Amano,

Thank you so very much for this additional information.

Yes, definitely the Youtube audio does match my reception today. On my audio recording
at 0:05, the English corresponds to the audio on Youtube at 24:12.

Greatly appreciate all of the help you have provided to me over the years!


Re: 4KZ & NBC Madang - Ron Howard Sep 01 (Sun), 2019 16:59 UTC No.4076
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, 1215-1248:30*, on Sept 1. Played all C&W songs; some
commercial announcements, but not strong enough to make out; cut off mid-song. My poor
quality audio at http://bit.ly/2MOs0aI . Still a challenge hear!

BTW - Nothing heard on the future additional frequency of 2484/2485.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang, 1121-1142, on Sept 1. Well above the norm;
a pleasure to hear the full SA for "NBC Madang, Maus Blong Garamut," along with a child
who seemed to say "90.7"; as it was Sunday, their usual religious programs (religious songs
and EZL music). My audio, starting with clear ID, at http://bit.ly/2Ujd6tS .


Re: 4885 kHz. with new SA - Ron Howard Sep 03 (Tue), 2019 20:59 UTC No.4077
Hi Amano,

Have you heard what is happening on 4885 kHz.? Seems to be some major changes.
Sept 3, from 1113 to 1335; no longer with the former distinctive "V O H" SAs; no
longer hearing the "Easy English" language lesson. 9100 noted off the air today,
otherwise // 3985 // 5995 // 6250 (much of the time also hearing Echo of Unification)
and // 6350; poor overall conditions today; most days I have much better reception.

Some highlights of today's reception:

1130-1200: Now with a unique language lesson that seems like more than 95% in
Korean and maybe less than 5% in English (nothing like "Easy English" format);
occasional brief spots in English during the half hour program, with all the English
put together again towards the end of the show. Have heard this for several days now.

1200-1210: Drama

1219: song - ABBA - "The Winner Takes It All"; all the other songs were in Korean.

1241-1250: Unique program with audio in English (weak), with stronger audio on top of
that in Korean, with running translation of the English underneath. Ends with audience
clapping, so perhaps a lecture or same type of presentation? Have heard this now for
several days.

1300-1313: Usual news program in Korean.

Amano - Can you hear what the new SA is? Thank you so very much!
My audio of several of the new SAs at http://bit.ly/2lCc9Q0

My audio of the ending of the language lesson at http://bit.ly/2lwJgVw


Re: 4885 kHz. with new SA - Amano Sep 05 (Thu), 2019 03:44 UTC No.4079
Hello! Ron-san,

I always appreciate your information.

Your audio of several of the new SAs at http://bit.ly/2lCc9Q0

This audio is not SA, but the opening and ending of a radio drama.
The program name is “Radio History Theater”.
The Korean program name is “라디오 역사 극장(Radio Yeogsa Geugjang)“.

This program is produced by EBS, Korea.
Check the audio on the EBS website below.
You can see that your audio is parallel in opening and ending.

Saitama, Japan

Re: 4885 kHz. with new SA - Ron Howard Sep 05 (Thu), 2019 23:03 UTC No.4080
Hi Amano,

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. During my monitoring, I have not
recently heard the "V O H" SA. Normally at 15 minutes after the hour, at the end
of the news, I would hear the SA, but have not heard any VOH SA. Are they just
not giving the VOH SA as often as before?

As always, appreciate your comments and observations.


Re: Thazin Radio (Myanmar) on 7110 kHz.? - Ron Howard Sep 07 (Sat), 2019 16:27 UTC No.4081

MYANMAR. 7110, Thazin Radio (presumed), 1354-1425, Sept 7. It was back in 2012-2013 that
"Thazin Radio, Pyin Oo Lwin" was regularly heard on this frequency; fairly confident the language
heard today was Burmese; played easy-listening pop songs. So is this ex: 6165 kHz.? Today I
didn't start listening till fairly late, so this needs some earlier monitoring to find out just what is
happening here. Of course Myanmar should not be here at all, as it is in the ham band. My audio
(with announcer, followed by music), at http://bit.ly/2lJvOO0 . My local sunrise was at 1343 UTC.


Re: 5006, HFD Radio Station JG2XA - Ron Howard Sep 07 (Sat), 2019 20:24 UTC No.4082
JAPAN[non-log]. 5006, HFD Radio Station JG2XA, on Sept 6 & 7, did not hear the usual
signal? Is this frequency active? Thanks for any comments or observations!


Re: Mongolia on 4895 kHz. - Ron Howard Sep 08 (Sun), 2019 12:57 UTC No.4083
MONGOLIA. 4895, Mongolian Radio 3 (presumed), on Sept 8, noted 1110, with decent level 
carrier, but no audio detected. The only good thing about AIR Kurseong no longer being here,
is that Mongolia is now in the clear. Signal is much stronger than the AIR signal ever was; still
on at last check at 1210.


Re: 5006, HFD Radio Station JG2XA - Ron Howard Sep 08 (Sun), 2019 12:59 UTC No.4084
Sept 8, heard 5006 kHz. back on the air as usual !!

Re: Voice of Indonesia (3325 kHz.), with "Garuda  Pancasila" - Ron Howard Sep 09 (Mon), 2019 18:26 UTC No.4085
INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, via RRI Palangkaraya, on Sept 9, was a very
special day here. Not only was there audio, which is rather rare, but heard a song I had
not heard on SW for several years. I last reported hearing it back on Sept 6, 2017.

Today, 1400-1409 UT, with news and commentary in Bahasa Indonesia; followed by the
distinctive patriotic song "Garuda Pancasila" (aka: "Mars Pancasila"), which was
composed by Sudharnoto, with lyrics about the loyalty of all Indonesian people to
Pancasila as the only ideology or philosophy of the Indonesian nation. Am very
pleased with today's reception!

My recording of "Garuda Pancasila" today at http://bit.ly/2kqHi9c .

Clear version at Youtube of the same song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBNIsIo8OLQ

Re: NBC Bougainville (3325 kHz.) anomaly - Ron Howard Sep 10 (Tue), 2019 16:12 UTC No.4086
BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, on Sept 10, with major anomaly. During a time
when they should have been broadcasting (around 1130), they were clearly off the air for
quite awhile, but did hear them later, running several hours past their normal cut off
time (1200). Today heard 1158-1430+; "NBC News," 1203-1209 and "NBC News Roundup,"
1301-1307, both in English; no news at 1400; played mostly variety of pop songs (Diana
Ross & Lionel Richie - "Endless Love," etc.); after 1209, relay of programs in English
from Port Moresby, with numerous SAs for "This is NBC"; no Voice of Indonesia QRM.
Has been about three years since I last heard a "NBC News Roundup" segment!


Re: NBC Bougainville (3325 kHz.) anomaly - Ron Howard Sep 11 (Wed), 2019 14:06 UTC No.4087
Sept 11 - A second day with a greatly extended NBC Bougainville broadcast on 3325 kHz., so perhaps
a new schedule? Unlike yesterday's reception free from Voice of Indonesia QRM, today with significant
VOI audio, making a mess of this frequency; both stations mostly unusable; checking 1217-1302 UTC;
again with "NBC News Roundup" at 1302.

This change is not totally unexpected. It will be recalled that this November will see the important
referendum vote to be taken to determine the possible independence of Bougainville. We can expect
this station to be a key means of disseminating information about the election. SW is especially alive
at election time!


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Mauno Sep 12 (Thu), 2019 18:38 UTC No.4089
Does anyone recognise the language/country or even the station in this recording?

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Sep 15 (Sun), 2019 09:24 UTC No.4091

3260kHz PNG,Madang
3325kHz PNG, Bougainville
4243kHz CHINA, V26, USB
4900kHz CHINA, Strait, new SKD ?, (4940kHz No signal)
7289.3kHz UNID weak signal
9410kHz TAIWAN ??, in chinese

sorry, My PC is still unstable...

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Sep 15 (Sun), 2019 10:17 UTC No.4092
>>No.4089 Mauno's report

see also : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wrthgroup/permalink/10157553020968698/
Thanks Mauno !

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Sep 23 (Mon), 2019 02:40 UTC No.4097
BOUGAINVILLE[non-log]. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1037+, Sept 22. Off the air; not
heard recently; by 1044, VOI was on the air.  

INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, via RRI Palangkaraya, 1314-1318, Sept 22.
English segment (1300-1400); program "Today In History" (this date 1980, Iraq invaded
Iran [start of Iran–Iraq War], etc.); a rare day with audio level semi-readable, instead of
the usual carrier (no audio).    

KOREA NORTH[non]. 5980 // 6070, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, 1328, Sept 22. N. Korea with
heavy jamming of 5980, whereas 6070 had good reception, with no jamming at all; in
KOREA SOUTH. 9100, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1200-1210, Sept 22. Just after their English
language lesson ended at 1200, there is a ten minute program called "Radio Yeogsa Geugjang"
(Radio History Theater), produced by "EBS" (Korea); it's a historical drama presentation, going
back to the time of the Goryeo/Koryo Dynasty (918-1392). When I first heard this program ID
for the first time, thought that it was a new station ID, but not so. Thanks to the ongoing support
from Amano-san (Japan), who provided me with the correct info. // 3985 // 4885 // 5995 // 6250
// 6350. Web site http://bit.ly/2kX0Ge5 (google translation) - click on "Listen again" to see list of
their programs. My audio of good reception at http://bit.ly/2kWzQTl .

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1126+, Sept 22. Another day with live sports coverage (TV
audio feed) of the football/soccer match between Myanmar (under 16) and Chinese Taipei (U16);
started with choral anthem and brief intro before the start of the game; constant sound of the crowd
in the background; again held at Thuwanna Stadium (Yangon); preempted regular programs.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang (Maus Blong Garamut), 1224*, Sept 22. Running a little
late today. This was the only PNG station on the air (no NBC Bougainville).

THAILAND. 5875, Radio Thailand, 1144, Sept 22. Interesting to hear the significant drop in signal
with change made to the antenna beam direction. My unedited audio of strong to not so strong
reception at http://bit.ly/2mrQwCx .


Re: Radio 4KZ & AIR Gangtok - Ron Howard Sep 24 (Tue), 2019 20:43 UTC No.4098
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, 1215-1246*, Sept 24. Above average reception; ID'able pop
songs (Jackie Wilson - "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher And Higher," Stevie Wonder - "For
Once In My Life," The Beatles - "Paperback Writer," etc.); some commercial announcements
(not quite readable); some of the usual USB Spanish chatter QRM; cut off close to 1246*. A
good Aussie day!  

SIKKIM. 4835, AIR Gangtok (presumed), 1342-1417, Sept 24. A day with good audio (above
threshold level); not the often heard transmitter hum; QRN (static); announcers and subcontinent
music/singing. Best reception today, as is always the case, was around my local sunrise (1356 UT).
My audio of music at http://bit.ly/2kWsWgY .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Sep 26 (Thu), 2019 09:52 UTC No.4099

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3265kHz Spur, South Korea - Voice of the People, //3480kHz etc..
3325kHz (weak signal, maybe Bougainville)
4283kHz CHINA, V26, female reading in Chinese, USB, // 7553kHz-USB, // 9153kHz-LSB

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22), 4895kHz Mongolian Radio, 7325kHz WRL, 9774kHz Taiwan ?, etc... - XYZ Sep 27 (Fri), 2019 08:42 UTC No.4100

3215kHz USA ?, weak signal
3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville, //3260kHz same px. TNX kiwiSDR in AUS !!

4895kHz weak signal who ?
5055kHz (tent.) Radio 4KZ
5945kHz NZ, good signal !
6030kHz CHINA, CNR-1 DRM, 9kHz width
6400kHz No signal (Pyongyang)
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM relay, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio3
7325kHz in English, who ?
This is Wantok Radio Light, // http://ca7.rcast.net/radio/61643/

9774kHz UNID, in Chinese, Fu Hsing BS ??, -0900*, (9775kHz CHINA CNR s/on at *0900-)9410

4895kHz MONGOLIA, MNB Mongolian Radio, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1

9590kHz MYANMAR ??, -0930*, 7345kHz No signal at -0930-(past)
12120kHz CHINA CNR-1, jammer ??

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Sep 28 (Sat), 2019 03:19 UTC No.4104
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, randomly from 1052 to 1246:25*, Sept 25. Respectable
reception for such a low powered station; variety of pop songs (a Burt Bacharach song,
"This Guy's in Love with You," The Temptations - "My Girl," Irene Cara - "Flashdance
What A Feeling," Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Down On The Corner," etc.); 1100,
news, weather and sea conditions (bits and pieces readable); commercial announcements;
heavy QRN (static). My audio of Bacharach song, weather and faint SA, at http://bit.ly/2lu5RCB  
BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville (Maus Blong Sankamap - Voice of the Sunrise),
1015-1050, Sept 25. Almost all the programs dealing with the upcoming referendum; back
on the air after being briefly silent for a few days.

MYANMAR. RE: WOR 2001 - Myanmar Radio - Glenn wondered if 5985 & 9730, where via
the same transmitter? Once I had assumed they were, as their sign off and sign on times
seemed to indicate that, but not so. A good number of times now I have noted them BOTH
on the air at the same time (overlapping), so definitely two separate transmitters.    

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang (Maus Blong Garamut), 1211*, Sept 25; usual

7325, Wantok Radio Light (presumed), 1257-1258, Sept 27. Thanks to Hiroyuki Komatsubara
(Japan) for his alert; during CRI's brief break, heard a definite weak carrier here, but unable to
make out any audio. Assume low power?

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 9545, SIBC, 0449 till cut off at 0459*, Sept 26. Finally strong enough to
be able to ID one of their songs, with distinctive "Shallow," by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper; cut
off time is via timer (always the same time) (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA)

U S A. 7570, WRMI, 1258, Sept 25. Good signal; Supreme Master TV audio; about the relief
efforts for the Bangladesh fire ("may Allah bless you"); reception killed by *1300, of very strong
VOA (Thailand). 

VIETNAM. 7155.0, VOV, on Sept 27, heard an interesting situation here at 1304. Clearly TWO
stations mixing together; one stronger signal in Chinese (// 7220) and a much weaker underneath
(// 7285); first time I have heard them both together. Thanks very much to Glenn, who last year
pointed out: "7285 at 1300-1330 in French, 7220 at same time in Chinese: 7285 leapfrog over
7220 another 65 kHz below lands on 7155."

UNIDENTIFIED. 4990-USB, 0410, Sept 26. American fishermen chatting; sounded like conversation
between fishing boats; first time I have ever heard anything like this here. Probably just off the coast
of Calif., as Monterey Bay and other coastal areas have fishing fleets.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22), 9410kHz//9774kHz, 4405kHz North Korea, etc..3320 - XYZ Sep 28 (Sat), 2019 06:45 UTC No.4105

9774kHz TAIWAN ?, in Chinese, //9410kHz(QRM:BBC-EG), maybe both Fu Hsing BS.


** Thanks !! remote PERSEUS server via JA4ICR/JAPAN

6408kHz CHINA, VC01, USB, Daytime frequency
7260kHz MONGILIA, MNB P3 FM100.9, maybe *0700-

6025kHz DRM maybe Russia, music
6030kHz CHINA, DRM maybe CNR-1

4895kHz No signal
6025kHz (DRM off air)

5241kHz USB, CHINA, VC01

9410/9774kHz No signal

6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan FM99, // http://www.zuiaishiting.com/radio/yn/19.html (**IE only ?)

7325kHz No signal ?

5920kHz SHIOKAZE, Japanese, +Noise jammer, // 5980kHz + Pips jammer

4405kHz NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang BS, // 3320kHz // 6400kHz

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22), 7590kHz North Korea Reform Radio, - XYZ Sep 28 (Sat), 2019 14:55 UTC No.4107
3560kHz NORTH KOREA, in Korean
7590kHz [NKR] North Korea Reform Radio, QSY from 11565kHz, http://www.nkreform.com/

3560kHz NORTH KOREA, Voice of Korea, SA in English, English px.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22),7325kHz WRL, 9410/9774kHz TAIWAN, etc... - XYZ Sep 29 (Sun), 2019 05:30 UTC No.4108

9774kHz (tent.)TAIWAN, //9410kHz

3560kHz, 4405kHz No signal
4895kHz (MONGOLIA No signal)
7260kHz MONBOLIA,MNB P3 FM100.9, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio3
7325kHz PNG, Wantok Radio Light, // http://ca7.rcast.net/radio/61643/
9410kHz//9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS

3260kHz PNG,NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville, //3260kHz News
7325kHz (very weak signal)
9410kHz//9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS, (9774kHz QRM from 9775kHz CHINA CNR-2 *0900-)

Re: Voice of Strait - weekend "Focus on China," with show "Selfie," produced by China Plus (CRI) - Ron Howard Sep 29 (Sun), 2019 17:54 UTC No.4109
CHINA. 4940, Voice of Strait, 1430-1455, Sept 29 (Sunday). The weekend only edition of
"Focus on China" program in English; today with show "Selfie," produced by China Plus (CRI):

"Hello and welcome to Selfie, the show that gets to the heart of Chinese society, life and the
economy. I'm Tony Reid. In this edition of Selfie, China Plus's Wang Lei takes us to the Tibet
autonomous region. We'll hear stories about people's struggle for a better life through sand
control and central heating and oxygen supply projects."

Also SAs for "Focus on China, in Voice of Strait Broadcasting Station,"  "Fresh, dynamic, professional,
profound, explore Chinese culture . . . You are now listening to Focus on China"; mostly readable. My
audio at http://bit.ly/2m27lUK .

China Plus website with audio streaming and full transcript of today's program at http://bit.ly/2nFCopV .    

Asilomar State Beach, California

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Sep 30 (Mon), 2019 08:14 UTC No.4110

7260kHz MONGOLIA, MNB P3 FM100.9
7325kHz weak signal
9410//9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS

6350kHz S KOREA, Echo of Hope, //5995kHz, 4885/9100kHz No signal(off air)

Re: China - October 1, 2019, marks 70th anniversary - Ron Howard Sep 30 (Mon), 2019 21:24 UTC No.4111
Oct 1 ("National Day"), will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Expect there will be major SW coverage of the special events planned throughout the day.  Website - http://www.70prc.cn/english/index.htm . 

There will be a 90-minute grand evening gala and fireworks show, held at Tiananmen Square. Scheduled to start at 1200 UTC and certainly expect some SW coverage. Hard to say just which Chinese SW stations will be involved with this special event, but probably worthwhile to check all the regional stations, as well as CNR1, CNR2, etc.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22), VOH New Frq 3980kHz, etc.. - XYZ Oct 01 (Tue), 2019 08:34 UTC No.4112

7260kHz MONGOLIA, MMNB P3 FM100.9, (4895kHz No signal)
7325kHz (waek signal)
9410/9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS

4885kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope, New SKD ??, // 9100kHz/6350kHz/6250kHz and New 3980kHz
** (3980kHz maybe moved from 3985kHz)
** (5995kHz is unknown due to intense jamming)

** See also (Thanks HIROSHI !!) : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:4113

3260kHz/ 3325kHz (weak signal, bad condition ?)
5020kHz SOLOMON, good signal today

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22), 4895kHzMNB, etc.. - XYZ Oct 01 (Tue), 2019 09:52 UTC No.4116
4895kHz MONGOLIA, MNB MongolianRadio, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1
very weak modulation...

3260kHz PNG,NBC-Madang, weak signal..
3325kHz PNG,NBC-Bougainville

Re: China - October 1, 2019, marks 70th anniversary - Ron Howard Oct 01 (Tue), 2019 15:28 UTC No.4117
Oct 1, "National Day" in China, from 1203+, heard the following stations in // carrying the gala being held in Tiananmen Square:

CNR1 frequencies (6125, etc.)

CNR2 frequencies (6155, etc.)

PBS Xizang (Tibet) (4820, etc.)    

PBS Xizang (Tibet) (4920, 6200, etc)

CNR 6 (6165)

China Huayi B.C. (6185)

PBS Nei Menggu (7420)

Stations not carrying the gala:

Voice of Strait (4900 & 4940)

Beibu Bay Radio (5050)

PBS Yunnan (6035 & 7210)

PBS Sichuan 2 (6060 // 7225)

Voice of Jinling (6200) - noted *1231, blocking coverage by PBS Xizang (Tibet), but later VOJ was off the air for 10-15 minutes.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22), 15565kHz UNID, etc.. - XYZ Oct 02 (Wed), 2019 00:47 UTC No.4120
Nice monitor !  Ron-san, ARIGATOUGOZAIMASU !!

4885kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope VOH, // 5990kHz/ 6250kHz/ 6348kHz/
5920kHz SOUTHKOREA, Voice of Freedom, (+ noise jammer)
6520kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of the People, // 3475kHz 3905kHz 3930kHz 4450kHz 6520kHz 6595kHz

9410/9774kHz No signal(TAIWAN Fu Hsing)

9910kHz INDIA ??, -0046*

5006kHz JAPAN, HFD JG2XA, no CW ID ?
5990kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope, 4885kHz 6250kHz 9100kHz No signal, //3980kHz 6348kHz
3475kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of the People, //3905kHz 3930kHz 6520kHz 6595kHz
9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS, (9410kHz BBC-English strong signal...)

7260kHz MONGOLIA, MNB P3 FM100.9
7325kHz (weak signal...)
15565kHz Music, who ??, (-0758- No signal off air ??)

4885kHz/(6250kHz)/9100kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope, s/on *0800-

9410kHz/9774kHz, TAIWAN, -0900*

Re: N. Korea jamming of Shiokaze - Ron Howard Oct 02 (Wed), 2019 14:50 UTC No.4123
KOREA NORTH. Oct 2, with the jamming of Shiokaze:

5980, fast, pulsating noise jamming long before Shiokaze started at *1300.

6070, jamming anomaly; from *1300 to 1306*, with the programming of KCBS Pyongyang
(// 3320 // 6400); then leaving Shiokaze in the clear for about a minute; *1307, start of a slower,
pulsating noise jamming (seemed slower rate than 5980).

My audio, with one minute of faster jamming (5980) and one of the slower jamming (6070),
at http://bit.ly/2pi1hZv .

BTW - Myanmar Radio (5985), on Oct 2 (Wednesday), had mostly unusable reception (1246-1256)
of the usually well heard "Learning English with BBC, Burmese." This due to strong jamming of pre-
Shiokaze on 5980 and also the fairly strong adjacent QRM from the new frequency for Echo of Hope -
VOH on 5990.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Oct 03 (Thu), 2019 08:17 UTC No.4124

3260kHz PNG, NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG, NBC-Bougainville, //3260kHz
3920kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
7325kHz No signal ?
9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing, (9410kHz weak signal)

9410/9774kHz No signal (Fu Hsing) maybe s/off around 09000* ...

4895kHz (tent.)MONGOLIA, MNB Mongolian Radio, No modulation or very weak modulation ... ??
6408kHz CHINA, VC01, USB

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) :: 9410kHz//15375kHz TAIWAN, etc.. - XYZ Oct 04 (Fri), 2019 08:10 UTC No.4130

9410kHz weak signal
9774kHz No signal
15375kHz // 9410kHz, TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS

7590kHz SOUTH KOREA, [NKR] North Korea Reform Radio, http://www.nkreform.com/
** New FREQ since Sept 23 .

Re: Korea - Ron Howard Oct 05 (Sat), 2019 00:26 UTC No.4131
KOREA SOUTH. 3905, Voice of the People, 1211, October 4. Now that this new frequency 
(ex 3910) is not jammed, reception is fairly good. How good, is reflected in my audio at
http://bit.ly/2oRKf4t .

5990, Echo of Hope - VOH, checking 1125, 1154, 1204 and 1332, Oct 4. This new frequency
(ex 5995) is already having problems; mixing badly with CUBA also on frequency; mostly
producing a mess; at times VOH stronger. My audio at 1154, with VOH with their English
language lesson, at http://bit.ly/2LMgdb9 .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Oct 05 (Sat), 2019 01:36 UTC No.4132

12025kHz RUSSIA, DRM test, Non-stop music, good signal,
17.46kbps/ Mono/ No station name display/ "Other language"

6030kHz, 11695kHz, 13825kHz, 13850kHz, 15180kHz, 17770kHz CHINA, DRM CNR-1
7260kHz MONGOLIA, MNB P3 FM100.9
7275kHz CHINA, Xinjiang PBS, in Uygur, ** In this time, it is usually weak and I can not hear..

-0130- SK stations monitor..
3480kHz No signal (Voice of the People)
3905kHz No signal (Voice of the People)
3930kHz No signal (Voice of the People)
3980kHz Echo of Hope VOH
4450kHz No signal (Voice of the People)
4885kHz Echo of Hope VOH
5990kHz Echo of Hope VOH
6250kHz Echo of Hope VOH
6348kHz Echo of Hope VOH
6520kHz No signal (Voice of the People)
6595kHz No signal (Voice of the People)
9100kHz Echo of Hope VOH, No jammer

... sorry, "VOP" all freqs off air ...

7275kHz Mix 2 stations, maybe Xinjiang and Guizhou (both Chinese stn.)

Re: Papua New Guinea/Bougainville power outages - Ron Howard Oct 05 (Sat), 2019 02:09 UTC No.4133
BOUGAINVILLE/PNG [both non-logs]. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1039+, Oct 4. Clearly off the air today. A very unusual day, as NBC Madang (3260) was also silent, so no NBC stations at all.

Due to this rather rare double silence, went online to find out what was happening. Found the following probable explanation for their absence:

"PNG Power will be conducting major load shedding and disconnection exercises throughout the country this week."

The Oct 2 info is at http://bit.ly/2InAl16  and specifically mentions "Buka" (Bougainville), as being affected, plus "conducting major disconnection exercise in our cities and towns throughout the country as of this week."


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) :: Fu Hsing 3 frequencies, PNG off air, etc.. - XYZ Oct 05 (Sat), 2019 05:10 UTC No.4134

(9410kHz)//9774kHz//15375kHz TAIWAN,Fu Hsing BS, s/on at 0500, maybe s/off at -0900-
** 9410kHz very weak signal and QRM from BBC on co-channel (Fu Hsing:9409.996kHz , BBC: 9410.01kHz)

9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu HsingBS;
9410kHz ??, BBC strong...
15375kHz ??, vwry weak signal...

Thanks JA4ICR(PERSEUS Server) !! 9410//9774//15375kHz !

7290kHz weak signal (7289.93kHz)
7325kHz weak signal

-0958- PNG ??
3260kHz SPUR, SK Voice of the People
3325kHz No signal

4895kHz No signal

Re: PNG off air - Ron Howard Oct 05 (Sat), 2019 14:50 UTC No.4135
Oct 5, checking from 1035+, again found no signals from either NBC Madang (3260) 
nor NBC Bougainville (3325). So another day with no electricity? Only hearing VOI
carrier (no audio) on 3325.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Oct 06 (Sun), 2019 01:26 UTC No.4136

12025kHz RUSSIA, DRM test, god signal, Non-stop music, (6025kHz no signal)
13740kHz CUBA, Radio Habana Cuba, Spanish, QSY from 25mb ??

Re: Korea - Changes in frequency - VOP & VOH - Ron Howard Oct 07 (Mon), 2019 12:13 UTC No.4137
KOREA SOUTH. On Oct 7, with some changes in the clandestine frequencies.

Voice of the People, at 1044+:

3910 (ex 3905).

3480 (ex 3475).

New 3935 (ex 3930).

4450, no change.

New 6525 (ex 6520).

6600 (ex 6595).

Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1050+:

3985 (ex 3980).

New 4890 (ex 4885).

5995 (ex 5990).

New 6255 (ex 6250). My audio of the news, at http://bit.ly/30PvImZ .

6350 (ex 6348)

New 9105 (ex 9100).


Re: Korea - Changes in frequency - VOP & VOH - Ron Howard Oct 08 (Tue), 2019 13:02 UTC No.4138
Oct 8: 

Voice of the People, at 1046+: 3910 // 3480 // 3935 // 4450 // 6525 // 6600.

Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1042+: 3985 // 4890 // 5995 // 6255 // 6350 // 9105.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - Ron Howard Oct 10 (Thu), 2019 05:34 UTC No.4139
BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, 1030*, Oct 9. Another disappointing day with their hour earlier than normal cut off time.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1027+, Oct 9. Nice to find that they had power today; usual pop songs and some impassioned speeches; 1100, no news today; no VOI carrier QRM. BTW - Oct 9, NBC Madang (3260) off the air from 1027+.

CHINA. 7270, PBS Nei Menggu, as well as very noticeable spurs on 7266 // 7262 // 7258, at 1212, on Oct 9. Indigenous chanting/singing.  

KOREAN NORTH[non], 6045, National Unity Radio, via Dushanbe (Tajikistan), on Oct 9. At 1150, start of the N. Korea jamming; 1158, NUR carrier on; 1200, start of their programming, which was much stronger than the jamming. My 1200 audio at http://bit.ly/2ohNpi1 also my audio at http://bit.ly/2VthfMx , for reception about the time Glenn was listening the other day, just for way of comparing the two reception.

KOREA SOUTH. On Oct 9, same frequencies as yesterday:

Voice of the People, at 1036+: 3910 // 3480 // 3935 // 4450 // 6525 // 6600.

Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1040+: 3985 // 4890 // 5995 // 6255 // 6350 // 9105.

TAIWAN. 6230, Sound of Hope, 1300, Oct 9. Usual SA by OM & YL with "Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai" (Sound of Hope international broadcast station). My audio at http://bit.ly/2pTaVlE .


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Oct 11 (Fri), 2019 06:13 UTC No.4141

7260kHz No signal(MONGOLIA)
7570kHz WRMI ?, // 5850kHz, https://bit.ly/2D7SAUB
9410kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing, QRM BBC, // 9774kHz 15375kHz, (Thanks JA4ICR !)

4890kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope VOH, // 6255kHz 9105kHz

Re: Korea - VOP and VOH - Ron Howard Oct 14 (Mon), 2019 14:12 UTC No.4142
KOREA SOUTH. Oct 14, at 1042+, with more changes and some new frequencies:

Voice of the People, on 3485 // 3915 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6605.

Echo of Hope - VOH, on 3990 // 4885 // 6000 (moved into heavy QRM) // 6250 // 6355 // 9100.  

On Oct 12:

Voice of the People, at 1248, on 3910 // 3935 // 4450 // 6525 // 6600, with anomaly of 3480 being
off the air.

Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1243, on 3985 // 4890 // 5995 // 6255 // 6350 // 9105 (which was the best
VOH reception).
On Oct 13, with VOP 3480 back on the air, but weaker than usual.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) - XYZ Oct 15 (Tue), 2019 07:46 UTC No.4143

3985vkHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang, //3220kHz, very bad modulation
7260kHz MONGOLIA, P3 FM100.9
7325kHz weaksignal(maybe AM not DRM)
9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS, //15375kHz (9410kHz BBC strong signal)

6355kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope VOH, //3990kHz 6000kHz, (no signal 4885/9100kHz)

4885kHz SOUTH KOREA, Echo of Hope VOH, also 6250kHz 9100kHz *0800-

3485kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of the People, // 3915kHz 3930kHz 4450kHz 6520kHz 6605kHz

4895kHz MONGOLIA, MNB Mongolian Radio, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1 , very weakmodulation..
7260kHz MONGOLIA, MNB P3 FM100.9, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio3

9774kHz TAIWAN, Fu Hsing BS, -0900*

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