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Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] --- XYZ - Mar 16 (Thu), 2023 01:12 UTC No.5425
Here is a new thread for logging of broadcasts in Asia and elsewhere.
** And also information of other areas is OK.
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Please post topics of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere.
And also information of other areas is OK.

TNX to all DXers ! and FBDXing !!

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Re: Australia on 5045 kHz. - Ron Howard Mar 16 (Thu), 2023 12:07 UTC No.5426
RE: Australia on 5045 kHz.:

Received a nice reply back from Shannon, after emailing today's report and audio to the station.
He informs me that the station plays TWO DIFFERENT PLAYLISTS. His format/playlist is more of heavy
rock music - "More rockier party stuff is a rebroadcast of my 88fm we are now called 'bayislands
radio,' this has IDs and couple adds so you know it's me," which is what I reported hearing back
on Feb 27 (s, etc.).

While it is Kevin, the licensed station owner, who's format/playlist I actually heard today, with
no SAs, etc.
So Kevin and Shannon both share airtime on 5045!


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] - Ron Howard Mar 16 (Thu), 2023 12:09 UTC No.5427
Sorry - typo - corrected: "on Feb 27 (SAs, etc.). 

Re: Australia - Bay Islands Radio and Radio DX - Ron Howard Mar 17 (Fri), 2023 01:04 UTC No.5428

Shannon has kindly replied to my further inquiry about his SW operation, in addition to the information he
has already sent me in his first email that I posted yesterday (" . . . So Kevin and Shannon both share
airtime on 5045!").

First of all, I need to correct one item in my logs. "Island FM" is the wrong name and should not be used.
The station's correct name is "Bay Islands Radio," with no reference at all to "Island FM."

Per Shannon's second email:

"Antenna was made by me. It's a standard dipole with a homemade ugly balun feeding it up about 13m.
It sits just under my FM antenna... we can go to 16m, but the telescopic poles are aluminum and with
our island [Russell Island] winds here I didn't want to go higher...

Things are in the works to put up a vertical to try .. Kevin wants local coverage, but I will put it on
a switch with the dipole.

Transmitter is a brand new Australian made srk transmitter, 150-200 carrier,  500-600 watts pep
($6500 aussie).

We had another one from pll.gr which lasted 2 min and took 12 months to get our money back. We were
previously on a 'stretchy transmitter' from England which was quite a reliable little rig."

Pictures from Shannon:

5045 kHz. transmitter - https://app.box.com/s/quw05fbsqz2mp38tpm8rukdc17ouapnq .
Antenna - https://app.box.com/s/x2h2w8chhstllzmkvhmxg0wrh9hvxtyw and
https://app.box.com/s/29x2d6u2qhmt2rderxwq1qk8fbtxdblr .
88.0 MHz. FM transmitter - https://app.box.com/s/syduk17oi4664547jg2le7n1zcfuio9g .

Am very grateful to Shannon for providing this interesting information. Is extremely nice to now be able
to visualize what the SW station looks like, as I listen to Kevin and Shannon's enjoyable playlists.

Am also very appreciative to Nick, who had recently been testing his "Radio DX" transmitter on Norfolk
Island, also on 5045 kHz. He provided a picture of the Radio DX's antenna, with a base insulator and
vertical wire. Nick is on a hilltop, 140m above the ocean and the antenna is suspended from 50m tall
pine tree. Thanks, Nick!! https://app.box.com/s/a8kap4o851ej7hlja1uk8tlthjrncpez .

Australia still has some wonderful opportunities for SW DX!!  

Re: Voice of Mongolia (12014.87 kHz.) - Ron Howard Mar 19 (Sun), 2023 05:25 UTC No.5429
I have recently been enjoying some fairly decent reception of the Voice of Mongolia (12014.87). 
Heard 1040 to sign off at 1100 UT, on March 17; in Japanese, with some very nice Asian instrumental
music; not great reception, but not too bad, even with CODAR QRM. My audio of one minute of music,
followed by the sign off ID (fairly clear "Voice of Mongolia" and Website) at https://app.box.com/s/uwsb641m663rei5knddioppb7ue4xh61 .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1, external antenna: 30m long wire

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] - Ron Howard Mar 19 (Sun), 2023 20:26 UTC No.5430
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, 0812+ UT, March 18. Mostly pop songs; Tony Orlando & Dawn - "Knock Three Times,"
Rod Stewart - "Maggie May," Hall and Oates - "Rich Girl," Dionne Warwick - "That's What Friends Are For, etc.;
slightly better than normal reception; just good enough to be able to ID a few songs.

CHINA. 4990, PBS Hunan, 1325-1415 UT, March 19. Well above the norm; in Chinese with on-air phone conversations;
1335+, with EZL songs; not often heard at this fair level.

6060 // 7225, Sichuan Ethnic Radio (Sichuan PBS-2), 1300 UT, March 19. The normal multi-language SAs ("Sìchuān
mínzú guǎngbò, Sichuan Ethnic Radio"); into vernacular; unusual to find both frequencies doing well, as normally
6060 is much stronger.

6105-USB, VC01, 1240 UT, March 19. The Chinese Military numbers station is still here at 1240 UT, March 11; woman
reading numbers in Chinese; underneath very heavy QRM. Also at 1005 UT, on March 17.

KOREA SOUTH. 6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, at 1210 UT, March 17. In Korea with "KBS News at 9" (9 PM KST),
which was the audio feed from KBS1-TV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=METr_AoRMHw ; light N. Korean jamming.

9100 // 6250, Echo of Hope - VOH, 0724 UT, March 18 (Saturday). Continuing with the weekend only reading of a
portion of Chapter 12 of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (segment about the cloak of invisibility),
along with lengthy explanations in Korean; nice to catch them this early with decent reception. Still with a
four hour program loop.

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1416+ UT, March 19. Fair reception with radio drama; // 9820, very much blocked
by CNR2, which was nice at 1430 to hear the usual BoH (not given at ToH) SA in English - "This is C-N-R Business

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC - Voice of the Nation, 1213+ UT, March 17. Running well past their normal 1200*; playing
non-stop pop songs; still on at 1335.

Last year, on Sept 23, SIBC had a special 70th anniversary broadcast and indicated reception reports would be verified
with a special SIBC e-QSL card, but I never received one, nor have I seen any reports of it being issued to anyone!  

VANUATU. 7260, Radio Vanuatu. Back on March 16, I reported "0637-0639, dead air with no audio," which must have been
the start of their transmitter problems. March 18, from 0625-0640 UT, had befinite audio in Bislama, but from 0640+
there was no audio at all, just an open carrier/dead air, past 0735+.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1, external antenna: 30m long wire

Re: CORRECTION - Voice of Mongolia actually heard on 12084.87 kHz. - Ron Howard Mar 21 (Tue), 2023 00:08 UTC No.5431
Thanks very much to Glenn Hauser, for noticing my strange posting. I had the wrong frequency for the Voice of Mongolia.
I definitely heard them on 12084.87, NOT 12014.87. Very sorry for my mistake!

Corrected log:

Even over here on the California coast, I have recently been enjoying some fairly decent reception of the Voice of Mongolia
(12084.87). Heard 1040 to sign off at 1100 UT, on March 17; in Japanese, with some very nice Asian instrumental music;
not great reception, but not too bad, even with CODAR QRM. My audio of one minute of music, followed by the sign off SA
(fairly clear "Voice of Mongolia" and Website) at https://app.box.com/s/uwsb641m663rei5knddioppb7ue4xh61 .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1, external antenna: 30m long wire

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] - XYZ Mar 22 (Wed), 2023 12:05 UTC No.5432

This work will take time, so I will be away for a little while longer.

Thanks & FB DXing !!

Re: Indonesia - Balinese Hindu New Year's Day - Hari Raya Nyepi - Day of Silence - Ron Howard Mar 22 (Wed), 2023 19:54 UTC No.5433

INDONESIA[and non]. 7289.93, RRI Nabire, on March 20, with above average reception from 0810+ UT; mostly EZL songs
and some announcers; 0913-0919, the usual Shalawat Tarhim prayer followed 0919-0924 with Maghrib (sunset) Islamic
call-to-prayer; more EZL songs till it was blocked at 0931, with the start of a strong CRI.
My audio is posted at https://app.box.com/s/m5whosdgc393o77avzvdrb9zwlt8juub .

WRMI relay of the Voice of Indonesia (Channel Two), on 7780, at 0805 UT, on March 22; DJ with the "Indonesia Today"
program in English; VOI ID; announced that today is the Balinese Hindu New Year's Day and the Day of Silence holiday;
fair reception.

Indonesia is of course predominantly Muslim, except for Bali, which is about 85% Hindu.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1, external antenna: 30m long wire

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] - XYZ Mar 23 (Thu), 2023 02:26 UTC No.5434
7720kHz SK, Echo oh Hope - VOH, // 6350kHz, NEW frequency
9100kHz NO signal, Maybe 7720kHz instead.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] - XYZ Mar 24 (Fri), 2023 08:19 UTC No.5435
Voice of the People : 4450 / 6520 / 6600 kHz
Echo of Hope - VOH : 4885 / 6250 / 7720 kHz
Voice of Freedom : 5920 kHz

7290kHz (weak signal), 7289.94kHz

Re: Korea: March 23-24, 2023 - Ron Howard Mar 25 (Sat), 2023 04:37 UTC No.5436

KOREA SOUTH: Echo of Hope - VOH. Thanks to the timely alert from Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan), I was able to
hear the new VOH frequency of 7720 kHz. (ex: 9100), on both March 23 & 24.

https://app.box.com/s/fw9sl8utq1mp5w5u86zx0d37pah49pcn contains my recording made March 24, at 1150 UT; the
closing segment of the "Wang cho bo yeong-eo" (translated into English - Beginner's English) TV program; the show
started at 1124 (and closes) with their theme song - "Party Will Come Alive" by Wizardz Of Oz (with Ruben Martinez);
same program broadcast both days; also // to the usual 3985 // 4885 // 5995 // 6250 // 6350. Are they back to six
frequencies now or is there a seventh frequency someplace? Also heard this same program on March 23, at 1524 till
1553 UT; confirming their four hour program loop.

Voice of the People, 3910 kHz., start of a program at 1417 UT, March 23; heard after the news ("bodo"); also // 3480
// 3930 // 4450 // 4560 // 6520 // 6600 kHz. My audio - https://app.box.com/s/vbaumduw3ao17hui610ah5tkqov64089 .

Voice of Freedom, 5920 kHz. March 23 recordings:

1430 UT -  "Aneun geos-i him-ida" (Knowing is power) - https://app.box.com/s/yyawsqf6j59yz30b5w3zgp9w31py976e .

1500 - SA & "Bodo gwangjang" (News plaza) - https://app.box.com/s/bip7vdymnjp3pxtzv7rxge3czr96eiex .
VOF March 24 recording:

1115 UT - "Ingwon baloalgi" (Getting to know human rights) - https://app.box.com/s/cxa2dn7mu94nuuv6dqlistwg8yq78xer .

BTW -  North Korea: KCBS Pyongyang on 3220 kHz. has been absent for a while now!

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1, external antenna: 30m long wire

Re: Korea: March 23-24, 2023 - Amano Mar 25 (Sat), 2023 11:55 UTC No.5437
Greeting from Japan! Thank you so much, Ron-san, for the great audio about Korea South station! Amano

>VOF March 24 recording:
>1115 UT - https://app.box.com/s/cxa2dn7mu94nuuv6dqlistwg8yq78xer .

This program is
"Dodbogilo boneun sesang" (The world through a magnifying glasses).

Saitama, Japan

Re: Malaysia - Wai FM (11665 kHz.) - Amano Mar 25 (Sat), 2023 12:25 UTC No.5438
MALAYSIA. 11665, Wai FM:

March 19 - 2150-2330+ UT.
Early morning in Japan, it is possible to hear well without interference from start to 2330 UT.
The transmitter has been fixed and is very comfortable.
My audio is at https://radio.chobi.net/bbs/img/9402.mp3 .
00:00-02:00, 2200’00“-2202’00“ UT, Pengerak Pagi opening.
02:00-06:00, 2212’00“-2216’00“ UT, Pengerak Pagi on Wai FM SJ and spot.

* 9835 kHz, Sarawak-FM, No signal.

Arakawa Riverside, Akabane Tokyo, JAPAN
SONY ICF-SW7600GR, antenna: Built-in whip

Re: Correction - Korea: March 23-24, 2023 - Ron Howard Mar 25 (Sat), 2023 17:03 UTC No.5439
Thank you very much, Amano (Japan) for the correction for my March 24 recording at 1115 UT.
I always greatly appreciate your feedback and guidance! Thanks again!!


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(30) :: [B22] ~ [A23] - Ron Howard Mar 27 (Mon), 2023 12:11 UTC No.5440
Observations for March 27 (Monday):

AUSTRALIA[non-log]. 5045, Bay Islands Radio, has not been heard for a while now!

INDONESIA. 7289.93, RRI Nabire, 0817-0848* UT; not the normal format, but instead must be different due to Ramadan;
usually it is 95% non-stop EZL songs, but today non-stop announcers (no music) till cut off in mid-sentence; signal
slowly improving.

KOREA SOUTH. 7720, Echo of Hope - VOH, 0945+ UT. Start of the audio feed of the English language lesson with news
headlines (sudden collapse of SVB Financial Group, etc.); Sue Choi's EBS "Morning Special" program, which was
originally broadcast back on March 13 and as seen on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDqQWM4zEd0
(interesting to actually see the announcers!).

UNID. 7325-USB, 0956-0957 UT. I often check this frequency in the hope that Wantok Radio Light (PNG) will reactivate,
but I never heard anything before 0957, so I was very surprised to hear a station only in USB, playing a pop song till
totally blocked by the start of CRI at *0957. Is this a pirate or what?
My audio - https://app.box.com/s/c3dfnb34kth6si5nllsmjwjp71m99je8 .


Re: UNID on 7325-USB. - Amano Mar 27 (Mon), 2023 16:35 UTC No.5441
Hi Ron-san
Thank you for your always interesting information!

> My audio - https://app.box.com/s/c3dfnb34kth6si5nllsmjwjp71m99je8 .

00:00-01:25, this song is Russian popular music.
«Магнитная Aномалия» Алло Стелла.
“Magnetic Anomaly“ by Allo Stella.
YouTube - https://youtu.be/6eK2C_Hvd2Q .

Is this Russian pirate or what?

01:25-01:35, 「♪雪花盛開在風中 是你緊緊抱著我 淚光・」
♪不想睡 - 梁靜茹
“Can't Fall Asleep“ by Fish Leong.
YouTube - https://youtu.be/0s25dR6LlT4 .
Ron-san’s audio, 01:25-01:35 // YouTube, 04:10-04:20.

This is CRI.

The original song is Japanese Okinawan music.
♪島唄 - The Boom
“Island Song“ by The Boom.
YouTube - https://youtu.be/-Dkxq9uSNQ4 .

Saitama, Japan

Re: UNID on 7325-USB - Ron Howard Mar 27 (Mon), 2023 22:59 UTC No.5442
Greetings, Amano, from California. Thanks for your input! Much appreciated!!

The UNID I heard on 7325-USB has been confirmed as the pirate Vostochnaya Zvezda (Eastern Star);
ex 4015-USB; located in the southwest of the USA.


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