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JAPAN : JG2XA (UEC HF Doppler), 5006kHz/8006kHz --- XYZ - Mar 10 (Sun), 2019 10:12 UTC No.3861
Since September 2017 operation was stopped due to equipment malfunction, etc., but restarted in March 2019.

Frequency : 5006kHz, 8006kHz
Website : http://www.ssre.uec.ac.jp/english/
Responsible person : K. HOSOKAWA
E-Mail : hfd-all-ml(at)uec.ac.jp


Old data ; https://web.archive.org/web/20151201000042/http://ssro.ee.uec.ac.jp:80/lab_tomi/HFD/index.html

Special thanks to Ron Howard(USA) !
See also : https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:4121
JAPAN[non-log]. 5006, HFD Radio Station JG2XA.
For a long time now (since early last year?) this frequency has been silent of their CWbroadcasting.
Recently noted 8006 is also silent now of CW. Must not be on SW any longer? Seems their former website
is also no longer active. In the past these low powered stations (200 watts) carried out the HF-Doppler
(HFD) Project and were heard almost daily by me here on the west coast. So the project has been completed
or they ran out of funds? (Feb 5)

March 10, 2019,
I got a reply by e-mail. It resumed operation according to it :
Mr. Komatsubara

My name is Hosokawa of the University of Electro - Communications. I was in charge of sending shortwave
till last year After Mr. Tomizawa retired from retirement age, I am taking over the transmission /
reception system.

Thank you for informing us that we could receive two transmitted waves. Current We started trial operation
with the aim of resuming stationary observation at both frequencies. Currently continuous carrier
transmission is carried out only for carrier waves. Stations soon I am planning to add a sign, so I think
that it will be easy to distinguish. Still, Because it is under pilot operation, there is a possibility
of intermittence irregularly, consent Please check back.

Since we plan to continue ionosphere research using radio waves in the future, We would be pleased if you
could attract interest. Also, if you have any questions or concerns
(E-Mail add.)
I hope we can contact you.

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Re: JAPAN : JG2XA (UEC HF Doppler), 5006kHz/8006kHz - XYZ Mar 10 (Sun), 2019 10:53 UTC No.3862
"Scheduled to add station call sign in a few days" : maybe Morse signal...

J : . - - -
G : - - .
2 : . . - - -
X : - . . -
A : . -

This station has been heard sending "JG2XA JG2XA JG2XA UEC HFD STATION" in CW on 8006.45 kHz.
( TNX Ron Howard ! : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:2073 )

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