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Re: Japan - low powered JG2XA HF-Doppler (HFD) Project --- Ron Howard - Jan 25, 2017 16:13 UTC No.2073
Have not checked on JG2XA for a long time, but Jan 25 could
not help but notice that one of their frequencies was clearly off
the air, that was 5006. At 1412 was in fact hearing CW on 8006,
but 5006 had no signal at all.

Last year I consistently heard a format of CW during a portion of
every minute, but not so today. Now there are many minutes (5?)
between their CW transmissions, with just an open carrier (dead
air) between the CW. A major change.


- - - - - - Ron wrote on May 29, 2016:

** JAPAN. RE: DXLD 16-20: "QSL card from JG2XA --- HF-Doppler
(HFD) Project

This station has been heard sending "JG2XA JG2XA JG2XA UEC HFD
STATION" in CW on 8006.45 kHz, using 200 watts....

JG2XA transmits continuously with 200 W on 5006 kHz and 8006 kHz. The
station ID is normally transmitted every 5 minutes by amplitude
modulation of the carrier in morse code with the callsign JG2XA and
its objective "UEC HFD STATION". The type of radio signal is H2A
(amplitude modulation with coded tones by single sideband)....
(Source? Via Rob Ross, Ont., ODXA yg via DXLD)."

Actually for several months have regularly heard 5006 // 8006, with CW
during a portion of every minute, not every 5 minutes (Ron Howard,
Pacific Grove, CA, Et E1, antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via

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