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CLANDESTINE : Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz --- XYZ - Feb 16, 2019 16:55 UTC No.3780
"?ay la ?ai phat thanh ?ap L?i Song Nui"

Radio Dap Loi Song Nui / Vietnam Democracy Radio
Website : http://radiodlsn.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/radiodlsn/
YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0L9kmWzFnXcmqtWMk5BXSQ

See also : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3778

*1230-1300* 9670kHz in Vietnamese

Opening song "Dap Loi Song Nui"(Truc Ho - Hop Ca Asia)
** A song with the same name as the name of the broadcasting station.

Special Thanks to WeiWei(CHINA) !!

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - XYZ Feb 16, 2019 17:13 UTC No.3781
According to the explanation of YouTube, it is written as broadcast from 
0030 (UTC) to 1300 (UTC), but is a missed notation ?

Sorry, It seems to be my mistranslation.
UTC *1230-1300* 9670kHz

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - Ron Howard Feb 16, 2019 18:52 UTC No.3782
Indeed, thanks to WeiWei, for his assistance regarding this station! Also 
thanks to Hiroyuki, for his original UNID on 9670 kHz.!!

Have been to San Jose's "Little Saigon" a good number of times. Certainly
has a very large Vietnamese population and some wonderful Vietnamese
restaurants. In fact there are more Vietnamese residents there than in any
other city in the world outside of Vietnam.


Contact info: (http://radiodlsn.com/)

Radio Dap Loi Song Nui (Radio DLSN)
Vietnam Democracy Radio (VDR)
PO Box 612882
San Jose, CA 95161
Email: lienlac.dlsn@gmail.com

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - XYZ Feb 16, 2019 23:08 UTC No.3783
Thanks Ron Howard ! It is precious information.


There is short wave frequency notation from the delivery videos of their day.
Was short wave broadcasting started from this day (Feb/12/2019) ?

(Sorry in Japanese) http://radio.chobi.net/LogBBS/?res:1888
Previous schedule (- around the year 2012 -):
1430-1500 UTC 1503kHz 600kW

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - XYZ Feb 17, 2019 12:22 UTC No.3785

-1220- 9670kHz c/on at 12:20

It is sandwiched between Taiwan and a powerful Chinese jamming broadcast


Sorry, bad condition..

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - Ron Howard Feb 17, 2019 13:58 UTC No.3786
Feb 17, on 9670, noted start of strong jamming at *1229; 1230+ mostly
just announcers and able to catch a few snippets of Vietnamese; at 1256
some music. Went off the air close to 1300, but unable to hear just when.
Mostly unusable here in California.

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - XYZ Feb 17, 2019 15:01 UTC No.3787
According to Mauno @ WRTH, in July 2018, 1330- 11850 kHz.
Thanks MAUNO !

BTW, next his comment : "Sad though, that WRTH isn't used much these days ..."
As I said earlier, I am Visually impaired(I supplement it by putting an artificial lens)
and I can not read small print. I have not bought WRTH for years, sorry..
Currently, I have many obstacles and diseases :D :D

Thanks Roger @WOR.io

** history of 1503kHz, 11850kHz and 9670kHz..
Thanks Roger for picking up a very useful article !

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui : 9670kHz (ex: 1503kHz) - Ron Howard Feb 18, 2019 14:09 UTC No.3790
Feb 18, on 9670, noted 1221 with open carrier (station's or jamming carrier?); at 
1227 start of siren jamming, which today was very weak compared to yesterday;
*1230 with brief music and into announcers in Vietnamese; today was much
easier to tell the language, as yesterday it was a definite challenge to confirm
in Vietnamese.

BTW - In WOR iog, in reference to my log of "new station" - " 'New'? See WRTH
2019 page 518. Mauno" - Must be a helpful reference, but I don't have a copy of
WRTH 2019 :)


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