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Re: UNID 9670kHz Vietnamese --- XYZ - Feb 16, 2019 16:16 UTC No.3778
Thanks to Wei Wei @Twitter !

> UNID 9670kHz
> -1230-
> 9670kHz UNID, in Vietnamese
> -1234- TNX! remote PERSEUS server on Sri Lank(TNX! VG),
> Siren type jamming can be heard in the background.
> -1302-(noticed) No signal maybe -1300*

yesterday and today i am listen 9670khz in Sri lanka 's KiwiSDR and Manila Receiver
on Globaltuners ,Sri lanka KiwiSDR received very clear,Manila Receiver is Very noise
and jamming in the background.9670khz maybe Radio Dap Loi Song Nuiļ¼Œbut to be confirmed.

Thanks WeiWei ! I did not know the existence of this broadcast..

Website : http://radiodlsn.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/radiodlsn/
YouTube : https://youtu.be/5l3EbdDXNQ8

I will monitor further.

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