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9670kHz Radio Dap Loi Song Nui (ex 1503kHz), Thanks Wei Wei !! --- XYZ - Feb 16, 2019 16:26 UTC No.3779

?ay la ?ai phat thanh ?ap L?i Song Nui, ti?ng noi c?a nh?ng ng??i Vi?t tha thi?t v?i ti?n ?? t? qu?c va h?nh phuc c?a toan dan, do L?c L??ng C?u Qu?c th?c hi?n. Phat thanh m?i ngay t? 7 gi? 30 ??n 8 gi? t?i, gi? Vi?t Nam, tren lan song ng?n 31 met, t?c la chin ngan sau tr?m b?y m??i (9670 Kilo Hertz) ky lo chu k?.

H?i S?n xin kinh chao quy thinh gi?, trong bu?i phat thanh hom nay th? N?m ngay 14 thang 02 n?m 2019, Valentines ? L? Tinh Yeu th?a quy v?, va ?ay la bu?i phat thanh l?n th? 2833 c?a ?ai ?LSN. Trong ph?n Tin T?c, chung toi co nh?ng tin chinh sau ?ay:

Audio Tin T?c …
Chi ti?t cac b?n tin neu tren s? ???c Van Khanh&??ng g?i ??n quy thinh gi? ?? m? ??u ch??ng trinh.

Sau ?o, qua chuyen m?c Chuy?n N??c Non Minh, Hoang An s? g?i ??n quy thinh gi? bai vi?t c?a tac gi? Hoang H?i Van l?m ban v? vi?c xay chua ?? r?a ti?n tham nh?ng. Gi?a ch??ng trinh la chuyen m?c Thi Ca Yeu N??c, do Gs. Ngo Qu?c S? bien so?n, tu?n nay v?i tieu ??: “Anh L?i Tr? V? ?o Sao?”. Va sau cung th?a quy v?, ch??ng trinh s? ???c k?t thuc v?i ph?n Binh Lu?n c?a Canh Co.
??c bi?t bu?i phat thanh hom nay ?? vinh danh ong Hu?nh H?u ??t m?t ng??i Vi?t yeu n??c ?ang b? giam c?m trong ng?c tu c?ng s?n.

M? ??u ch??ng trinh, m?i quy thinh gi? theo doi ph?n Tin T?c s? ???c Van Khanh&??ng Tam trinh bay sau ?ay.

mean (Google translated):

This is the Radio A Song Song radio, the voices of earnest Vietnamese people with the national ancestor and the well-being of the people, made by the Salvation Army. Broadcasting every day from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm, Vietnam time, on a 31-meter short wave, ie nine thousand six hundred and seventy (9670 Kilo Hertz) signed a cycle.

Welcome to Hai Son, listeners, in the broadcast today, Thursday, February 14, 2019, Valentines - Love Festival, and this is the 2833th radio broadcast of DLSN. In the News section, we have the following main news:

Audio News ...
Details of the above newsletters will be sent to the listeners by Van Khanh & Dong to open the program.

After that, through the story of Young Water Story, Hoang An will send to the audience the article of author Hoang Hai Van abuse discussing the construction of a temple to wash money for corruption. In the middle of the show is the section of Patriotic Poetry, by Gs. Edited by Ngo Quoc Si, this week with the title: "Are You Back That?". And finally, ladies and gentlemen, the program will end with the Comment of the Stork Wing.
Especially the broadcast today in honor of Mr. Huynh Huu Dat, a patriotic Vietnamese who is imprisoned in a communist prison.

At the beginning of the program, invite listeners to follow the section of News which will be presented by Van Khanh & Dong Tam.

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