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Radio Dap Loi Song Nui , Vietnam Democracy Radio 9670kHz --- - Feb 16, 2019 23:22 UTC No.63
BBS main thread : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3780

Radio Dap Loi Song Nui / Vietnam Democracy Radio
Abbreviation : "Radio DLSN"
Website : http://radiodlsn.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/radiodlsn/
YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0L9kmWzFnXcmqtWMk5BXSQ

See also : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3778

SA(ID) : "Đây là đài phát thanh Đáp Lời Sông Núi"
mean : "This is the radio A Word of the Mountain River"
(** Literal translation by Google Translate)

*1230-1300* 9670kHz in Vietnamese (Re-confirmation is necessary.)

In the reception on February 14, 2019, siren type jamming imagined from Vietnam
had already been applied.


Special Thanks to Wei Wei (CHINA) !!

Re: Radio Dap Loi Song Nui , Vietnam Democracy Radio 9670kHz Feb 19, 2019 00:08 UTC No.64
Thanks to Roger @WOR Group. I appreciate meaningful information !

Roger translated and picked up important description parts.
The history that 11850kHz was used before 9670 kHz is stated. Originally when at 1503kHz,
it seems that M.FUKUNAGA, my friend and observer of this site confirmed.
(Sorry in Japanese, TNX S.HASEGAWA and H.OKAMURA) : http://radio.chobi.net/LogBBS/?res:1888

** URL from which the translation originated :

** Google translation :
"...After several months of negotiation, the broadcasting agency agreed to change the broadcast time of the DL program 1 hour earlier, from 8:30 to 9 pm (Vietnam time), instead of from 9:30 to 10:00, every night. This change is effective from the broadcast on Sunday, October 1, 2017. The frequency of broadcasting is unchanged, still 1503 AM for a cycle (kHz). Radio programs on social networks (website, youtube, facebook, etc.) will also play an hour earlier. The relay program provided by overseas Vietnamese radio stations will be decided by these stations.
This is one of the many efforts to improve the DLS that LLCQ has been working on to make Dai the only Vietnamese broadcasting agency to fight for democracy and human rights in his homeland. And also in return for trust and support for nurturing the Radio of the people everywhere for nearly 7 years.
THE NORTHERN FORCE was established in February 2010 with the participation of Vietnam Restoration Organization, Dong Tam Group, National Movement to Pay Name of Saigon and some employees. In early 2011, LLCQ launched the Truth campaign and on May 15, 2011, established Radio NUI COMMUNICATION REPUBLIC to Vietnam every night continuously. To promote the campaign, in January 2015, LLCQ promoted the documentary "Red Catastrophe - The Real Communist Party of Vietnam"...."

".....The Radio Broadcasting Station broadcast the first session on May 15, 2011, from 9th
hours 30 to 10 pm, Vietnam time, on average AM1503 kHz. This is the lane
BBC London radio waves are available for distribution of Vietnamese programs, but the broadcast has stopped
since March 2011. And this is also a wave of Free Asian (RFA) and International stations
France (RFI) hires Vietnamese programs at different times.
In addition to broadcasting on the AM1503, radio stations of the Radio Taiwan are still available
Play on social networks like Websites, Youtube, Facebook, and phones.
In the middle of last year, to respond to the request of a large number of domestic listeners who wanted to listen live
for radio broadcasts, the Radio and Television Station negotiated with the broadcasting agency to broadcast
the program is an hour earlier, from 8:30 to 9 pm. This change has been applied
from Sunday, October 1, 2017.
In early December, the broadcasting agency announced that, for budget reasons, it would stop providing
AM1503 frequency broadcasting service to Vietnam since March 1
2018. So, from this day, all radio programs broadcast on the lane
AM1503 waves, such as DLN, RFI, RFA, must be terminated.
Before this event, to meet the needs of rural, remote audiences, also
As without internet access, LLCQ found it necessary to maintain the approach
radio on radio wave. Because there are currently no agencies broadcasting the average wave
AM towards Vietnam, LLCQ decided to hire service on shortwave SW.
To make this decision, LLCQ contacted many service providers
SW short wave radio toward Vietnam. After many test sessions on many
frequency of these agencies, LLCQ chose to choose short wave SW 11850 kHz (25
meter) emitted with a capacity of 300KW of a nearby Vietnamese radio station.
With this result, from Thursday, March 1, 2018, radio broadcasts of Radio Vietnam
will play on wave SW 11850 kHz (25 meters), according to the following schedule:
- From 8:30 to 9 pm (VN) on Mondays to Saturdays - From 5:30 to 6 pm (VN) on Sundays.
Because the cost of renting a short wave is relatively lower than the average wave, LL will use the number
Financial savings to improve radio programs and maximize public service
promoting radio broadcasts on social networks.
On this occasion, LLCQ would like to give thanks to the people everywhere who actively supported all aspects
let the DLSN station operate for nearly 7 years. LL wishes to continue receiving support
The households of the compatriots in the next few days let the station to complete the mission
contributing to eliminating the dictatorship of the Communist Party of Vietnam on their homeland.
NATIONAL FORCE was established in February 2010 with the participation of
Vietnam Restoration Organization, Dong Tam Collection, National Movement for Repayment
Name of Saigon and some of the staff. In early 2011, LLCQ launched the Truth campaign
and to promote the campaign, in addition to the radio A Word of the Mountain River, January of the year
2015, LLCQ promoted the documentary film "Red Catastrophe - The Real Face of the Communist Party
For more information about LLCQ, please contact Dentist Chu Van Cuong, Owner
President of Vietnam Renaissance Organization, Vice President of Foreign Affairs cum Spokesman
LLCQ, phone (281) 650-0658, email: vpll.llcq@...; and on Radio and Television Station, please
contact Mr. Dang Giang, Manager, phone (408) 663-9860, email:

"....Ladies and gentlemen, with all the efforts, over the last 7 years since May 15, 2011, we have done all 2788 radio broadcasts. For us, every radio broadcast is a gift to be sent to the children every night, in which the heart and our love, the expatriates, are always passionate about the future. The future of the country and the happiness of the whole people, the gifts of coming to Vietnam through this wave of electricity, are thanks to the valuable contribution of fellow countrymen from all over the world, who are few. So, Radio A Word Song Nui is the voice of the community. The Vietnamese Overseas people are always attached to their homeland and motherland.
...Because of difficult technical conditions, seemingly insurmountable, so in 2018, we had to change the wave and radio time to twice, but today on the short wave 31m ie 9670 kilo cycles, played at 7:30 pm, almost every Vietnamese relative can listen to by radio. This is truly a great joy for us, as well as many of you who listen to the radio. Besides, we also broadcast on website, facebook and youtube. Particularly for the audience in the United States, can still be heard by regular phone, when dialing (1) 425-585-1550 or (1) 605-781-9802...."

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