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CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz --- XYZ - Sep 19, 2015 14:49 UTC No.160
Website : http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml
Schedule: http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/2011-12/23/cms20134article.shtml


*1000-1100 Vietnamese
1100-1200 Chinese
1200-1300 Vietnamese (Rebroadcast of 1000-11000)
1300-1400 Chinese (Rebroadcast of 1100-12000)
1400-1500* Vietnamese (Rebroadcast of 1000-11000)

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - Ron Howard Sep 19, 2015 17:14 UTC No.164
Have you heard their ID in English at top-of-the-hour?  (1300, etc.)

"Yunnan Radio and Television International, The Voice of Shangri-la"

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - XYZ Sep 14, 2016 11:16 UTC No.1625

-1100- 6035kHz Vietnamese
SA : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/1624.mp3

WEBSITE: http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml
Yunnan International Radio and Television Broadcasting (SW6035kHz)
Callsign: Voice of Shangri-La,

--- Sep 14, 2016 --------------------------------
-1100 ???
1100-1130 Vietnamese
1130-1200 Chinese
1200 s/off
** In Live stream, 1200 later it was broadcast classical music.

1200- Bhutan BS co-frequency
Live stream : http://www.bbs.bt/news/radio-wan.html
see also Bhutan thread : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:50

6035kHz CHINA Yunnan, Monitoring new schedule - XYZ Sep 16, 2016 09:48 UTC No.1652
--- Sep 16, 2016 --------------------------------
0900-1000 ** Not broadcast yet Short wave
0945-1000 s/on, classical music same as their stream
1000-1030 Vietnamese
1030-1100 Chinese
1100-1130 Vietnamese
1130-1200 Chinese
1200 s/off
WEBSITE: http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml

I do not know what has been changed from time, but seems to have
become the new schedule. It might be re-broadcast is no longer.

SA at -1030- recorded their live broadcast;
I sounded like;
Chinese : "Yunnan guangbo dianshitai, xianggelila zhi sheng, SW6035"
English : "Yunnan Radio and Television International, the Voice Shangri-La"

SA at -1100- recorded their live broadcast;
Vietnamese and English;
Vietnamese sounded like as:
"Day la tieng noi Shangri-La, dai phat thanh chuong trinh Van Nam"

SA is like a language to be used in the next broadcast and English.
Full SA at -1200-

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - XYZ Nov 29, 2017 11:46 UTC No.2767

Night time : Chinese language only ?

Nov 29, 2017
0945-1000 - unchecked -
1000-1030 - unchecked -
1030-1100 Chinese
1100-1130 Chinese
1130-1200 Chinese

See also : http://www.qingting.fm/radios/20139

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - XYZ Nov 30, 2017 10:49 UTC No.2770
Recently, the station seems to have changed the schedule..

Nov 29-30, 2017
*0945-1000 (Light music - same as their Live Stream)
1000-1030 Vietnamese
1030-1100 Chinese
1100-1130 Chinese
1130-1200* Chinese
Website : http://www.ynradio.com/pinlv/node_121.shtml

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz, relay of FM99 - XYZ Apr 20, 2018 23:29 UTC No.3198
Recently, ther are broadcasting FM relay ??
It is very interesting information ..

Thanks to Ron Howard and Mauno !!

Ron Howard : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3140
Ron Howard : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3177

...also see:

6035kHz (via kiwiSDR in CHINA, TNX!!) // Live stream of FM99

FM99 Live stream : http://www.wodt.net/play/2568-1-1.html

FM99 Shangri-La Tour Frequency : "F-M-99(jiu jiu) xianggelila luyou pinlu"

Yunnan Shangri-La Tour Frequency

Program (Sample) **Times UTC
2300-2400 Flying House Map "Fei wu ditu"
0000-0100 Flying House Map "Fei wu ditu"
0100-0200 Journey CD "Lutu CD"
0200-0300 Ping An 99 "Ping'an 99(jiu-jiu)"
0300-0400 The movie tour "Dianyang zhi lu"
0400-0500 Travel Supermarket "Luxing chaoshi"
0500-0600 Fun by car "Wan zhuan zijia"
0600-0700 Trip CD "Lutu CD"
0700-0800 Universal Traveler "Huanqiu lu hang jia"
0800-0900 Play to Happy Purchase "Wan qu huanle gou"
0900-1000 Auto Market Intelligence Bureau "Cheshi qingbao ju"
1000-1100 Play Tour "Hai wan zhi lu"
1100-1200 World Cuisine "Shijie meishi"
1200-1300 Adventure King "Maoxian wang"
1300-1400 Journey CD "Lutu CD"
1400-1500 The poem and the distant "Shi he yuanfang"
1500-1559 Midnight Flight "Wuye feixing"

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - XYZ Jun 17, 2018 08:31 UTC No.3310

-0829- 6035kHz Thanks kiwiSDR in CHINA !
FM99 relay // with http://www.wodt.net/play/2568-1-1.html

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - XYZ Feb 10, 2019 23:05 UTC No.3753
Recently... relaying FM 99
Yunnan Radio National Tourism Frequency FM99 Shangri-La Voice

The frequency of tourism of Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station (call sign: Voice of Shangri-La) is a new set of frequency-type reforms of Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station in the Dongfeng of the province of national cultural tourism under the care and support of the provincial party committee and the provincial government. The new frequency was officially launched on January 1st, 2005. The frequency of use was FM99, which was broadcasted for 17 hours a day, mainly in the form of a cordial and natural live broadcast. The frequency is positioned to show Yunnan's rich tourism resources and national culture. It will provide tourism tourism culture, provide tourism information services, guide the purpose of tourism consumption, serve tourists, promote tourism, and provide a sound professional for the construction of national cultural tourism province. Promotional platform. The voice of Shangri-La is broadcast at FM 99 MHz and currently covers some cities in Kunming and Yunnan. Within three years, it will cover the coverage of 15 cities, densely populated economically developed areas and important border crossings.
In April 2005, the voice of Shangri-La, as the only broadcast media, represented Yunnan People’s Broadcasting Station with the Yunnan Provincial Radio and Television Week delegation of the Yunnan Provincial Government, and signed with the world’s top 10 broadcast and television network platform WCETV. The cooperation agreement will deliver the voice of Shangri-La to the United States and Canada through Internet broadband. In the same period, the voice of Shangri-La also established regular program exchanges with Radio jojo Radio Station in Berlin, Germany, and will exchange visits and exchanges with mainstream radio stations in the United States and other countries to seek closer cooperation and open up overseas publicity channels. At the same time, the voice of Shangri-La and the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Bureau joined the national broadcasting network, realizing the resource sharing and program linkage with more than 20 radio stations across the country, and realized the remote synchronization of more than 20 cities through the local production of the program. Out, not only opened up the channels of remote communication, but also provided a new model for Yunnan tourism promotion.
"Shangri-La" is not only a name for a ethnic area in our province, but also a paradise-like place that people yearn for. She is native and global, and extends to the world because of localization. Therefore, the "Singapore Voice" program is based on the mainland, facing the country, radiating ASEAN and Europe and the United States. In the creation of frequency brands, localization, personalization, and strong national culture, national tourism appeal and scarcity make it irreplaceable and become the most distinctive broadcast media in Yunnan.
"The Voice of Shangri-La" is broadcast continuously for 17 hours throughout the day, starting at 7 am and ending at 0 pm. The broadcast mode is mainly live broadcast. The live broadcast program can communicate with the audience in an intimate and natural way, and can provide people with food, accommodation, travel, travel, purchase and entertainment services in a timely and efficient manner. The key columns are: "Traveling for everyone", "Wang Hui tells the story", "Tourist Hotline", "Walking the Street", "Golden Travel Line", "Good Tonight", "Fashion Global Village" and so on.
"Sound of Shangri-La" has a young, energetic team of high-quality, high-level moderators. The strength of mining, editing and broadcasting is strong, and the ability to plan and organize activities is strong. “Sound of Shangri-La” will attract those who love travel, chasing trends, energetic and economically capable listening groups, and open up a sky of tourism and entertainment for those who are good at finding life and knowing how to enjoy life and pursue quality of life.

** When they had Vietnamese languages at many times.
Yunnan Radio Shangri-La Voice SW6035 International Frequency Profile

The Voice of Shangri-La (SW6035) of Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station is one of the three external radio stations covered by China's existing independent launch. It is the only external broadcast media in our province and the "mouthpiece" of the party and the government. The program adheres to the sense of the times and the characteristics of the frontier and Yunnan. It is aimed at the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, the people of the language target countries, and the audience of the 25-year-old audience on the border of China.

The voice of Shangri-La of Yunnan People’s Broadcasting Station was established by the Central Liaison Department, the Central Propaganda Department and the General Political Department of the People’s Liberation Army [(Zheng Lianfa 1981) No. 13], and the existing three independent launches covered by China’s external radio stations. One. It is the only non-profit mainstream media in Yunnan Province that undertakes the task of broadcasting publicity. It is an important window for the world to understand Yunnan and Yunnan to the world.

The voice of Shangri-La, the Yunnan People’s Broadcasting Station, was broadcast on October 1, 1986, when the call sign was “Yunnan Radio Station”. In October 2007, the call sign was changed to "The Voice of Shangri-La, Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station". For decades, the voice of Shangri-La, the People’s Broadcasting Station of Yunnan, has strengthened its external propaganda, adhered to publicity and public opinion, controlled the frontline voice of the border, realized the regional development strategy for Southeast Asia and South Asia, and “differentiated” in reverse osmosis and anti-Westernization. And anti-cults have played an irreplaceable role and made positive contributions to safeguarding the motherland's reunification, border peace, and social stability.

There are two broadcast languages, Vietnamese and Chinese. The internal organization is a director-level association and two department-level editing and broadcasting departments. The frequency of use is short-wave 6035 kHz and the transmission power is 50 kW. The two antennas can effectively cover China, Vietnam, China and Myanmar, China and Myanmar border counties (cities) and seven Southeast Asian and South Asian countries and regions centered in Hanoi, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand. The audience of the Vietnamese-speaking target audience is about 80 million, and the target audience of Chinese-speaking Chinese (Overseas Chinese) is about 17 million. Signals can also affect countries in West Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. Broadcast for 5 hours throughout the day, including 3 hours for Vietnamese and 2 hours for Chinese.

** Translated by Google.

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz :FM99 program - XYZ Feb 14, 2019 11:42 UTC No.3770

Weekday program: https://www.qingting.fm/radios/20139/
1100-1200 世界美食 Shìjiè měishí World Cuisine
1200-1300 冒险王 màoxiǎn wáng Adventure King
1300-1400 旅途CD lǚtú CD Travel CD
1400-1500 诗和远方 shī hé yuǎnfāng poetry and distant
1500-1600/1630 午夜飞行 wǔyè fēixíng midnight flight
(around)*1100(1130) - 1600*/1630* All in Chinese.

The end time seems to be different depending on the day of the week.
For example : on Wednesday -1630* UTC.
I will add the result of the examination.

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz 2100- Vietnamese - XYZ Feb 14, 2019 21:49 UTC No.3772
云南人民广播电台香格里拉之声(6035kHz)      Yunnan PBS - Voice of Shangri-la
云南人民广播电台FM99香格里拉之声(FM99MHz) Yunnan PBS - FM99 Voice of Shangri-la

See also to :
Live stream (6035kHz) : http://m.qzsh.net/fm/?25yn-id-45.html
+ program : http://www.qingting.fm/radios/20137
Live stream (FM99) : http://m.qzsh.net/fm/?25yn-id-7.html
+ program : https://www.qingting.fm/radios/20139/

Cahch's blog : https://cahcn.github.io/posts/2017-06-07-shortwave-list.html

0600-0630 6035 越南语
0630-0030 6035 汉语(重播对内版FM99云南香格里拉之声节目,该时段发射情况待核实)
0030-0100 6035 越南语

0645-0700 7210 测试音乐
0700-0745 7210 拉祜语
0745-0830 7210 傈僳语
0830-0915 7210 西双版纳傣语
0915-1000 7210 德宏傣语
1000-1045 7210 景颇语
1045-1100 7210 汉语
1400-1445 7210 德宏傣语
1445-1530 7210 景颇语
1530-1615 7210 傈僳语
1615-1700 7210 西双版纳傣语
1700-1745 7210 拉祜语
1745-1800 7210 汉语
1835-1900 7210 测试音乐
1900-1945 7210 德宏傣语
1945-2030 7210 景颇语
2030-2115 7210 傈僳语
2115-2200 7210 西双版纳傣语
2200-2245 7210 拉祜语
2245-2300 7210 汉语
Special thanks to Cahch. I am always giving him advice. (H.K.)

*2140-2200 Non-stop musuc (Instrumental)
2200-2230 in Vietnamese, Yunnan PBS - Voice of Shangri-la (Not FM99 relay ?)
2230-2300 Music(pop songs) program in Chinese
** Sorry, since the reception status was bad, we will re-monitor.
2300- in Chinese ***
*** Thanks kiwiSDR on CHINA.

6035kHz No signal
Live stream Non-stop music, Instrumental

6035kHz s/on same as live stream, non-stop music (Instrumental), "Let it be" etc..

6035kHz in Vietnamese, 2200- , Pop songs program

maybe https://www.qingting.fm/radios/20137/
(1600-1700) 越语星空+音乐 Vietnamese Star + Music
2200-2300 越语星空+音乐 Vietnamese Star + Music
This is NOT FM99 program ?

2300- same program both live stream..

A survey again is necessary... sorry.

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - Cahcn Feb 15, 2019 16:46 UTC No.3775
I reconfirmed the program schedule of the Voice of Shangri-la....

Feb 15, 2019

Time Program Program
(UTC+8) (Chinese) (English, Google Translate)
Only 6035kHz
0030-0100 越语星空 Vietnamese starry sky
0540-0600 测试音乐 Test music
0600-0630 越语星空 Vietnamese starry sky
0630-0700 音乐 Music

Relaying FM99
0700-0900 出行大家帮早间版 Travel everyone help morning edition
0900-1000 汽车能量音乐 Car energy music
1000-1100 飞屋地图 Flying House Map
1100-1200 Radio旅游家 Radio Tourist https://www.ximalaya.com/lvyou/13386895/
1200-1300 旅途CD Travel CD
1300-1400 玩转自驾 Fun driving
1400-1500 支教地理·有声杂志 Education Geography·Audio Magazine
1500-1600 旅行超市 Travel supermarket
1600-1700 世界美食 World cuisine
1700-1735 车市情报局 Car market intelligence bureau
1735-1900 出行大家帮下午版 Travel everyone help afternoon edition
1900-2000 电影之旅 Movie tour
2000-2100 嗨玩之旅 Play Tour
2100-2200 乐来疯Party Mix Party Mix
2200-0000 音乐 Music
0000-0030 背包心情 Backpack mood

Re: CHINA : Yunnan PBS on 6035kHz - XYZ Feb 15, 2019 20:39 UTC No.3776
GREAT ! Thanks Cahcn !!

I did not understand because I did not hear the program name at all.
I appreciate it !!

See also : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/DXNEWS/?res:1#62

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