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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(15) --- Ron Howard - Apr 17, 2018 18:06 UTC No.3177
ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS. 4760, AIR Port Blair (presumed 
not to be AIR Leh [Kashmir]). On April 17, with better than normal
reception 1343-1353; my local sunrise was at 1330 UT; good signal
strength cutting through the QRN (static) and CODAR QRM.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1041-1132, April 17. In
Pidgin; pop and religious music; no news at ToH; seems to not be on
the air every day; some RRI QRM.

CHINA. 6035, PBS Yunnan, 1210-1240 & 1329, April 17. Clearly a
permanent change in format and schedule since March 21; daily noted
many hours past former 1200*; still in the relay mode of a FM station;
in Chinese; many commercial announcements; seems no longer the
"Voice of Shangri-la" format; at 1329, with considerable N. Korean
jamming QRM from 6040 (Shiokaze) and that also causes QRM for
Voice of Freedom on 6045.

Suggest that if folks are hearing just a solo station here after 1200, that
it's Yunnan and not Bhutan, which when BBS is on the air, normally
would go off about 1200 and when they do run past 1200, their format
is very different than PBS and would in fact be mixing with Yunnan.

INDIA. 4970, AIR Shillong, 1316, April 17. A day with much stronger than
usual audio; in Hindi and subcontinent music; almost fair.

KOREA SOUTH. 6045.0, Voice of Freedom, April 15 (Sunday), at 0945,
with the start of the program in Korean called "Ingwon balo algi" ("Know
human rights correctly"); portion with radio drama; reception fair-good with
no jamming, which was still down on 5920. My audio of SA at http://goo.gl/VArjR5 .
The SAs I'm making here are only possible with the kind guidance of Amano-san
(Saitama, Japan). Not off frequency here and no drifting, so definitely a different
transmitter than was heard on 5917.4v.

MONGOLIA. 7260, Mongolian Radio 3 (presumed), on April 16, at 1032. Phone in
program; same program heard again on April 17; not bad reception, as China had
not propagated yet; both days not on 4830 nor 4895.

RUSSIA. 7295 // 7345, Radio Sakha, via Yakutsk, 0950, April 15. Commercial
announcements ("on-line" service, etc.) and music; ToH time pips (still with no IS);
fair, with both frequencies doing well. My audio clip at http://goo.gl/CB3wXe .

UNIDENTIFIED. 7155.0, thanks to Jim Young, Mauno Ritola and Thorsten Hallmann
for their assistance with this one. April 17, both Mauno and I noted 1328*; very weak
reception; at times able to tell whether announcers or music, but reception otherwise
unusable. Mauno speculates that this is a VOV spur, which I certainly agree with, as
does Thorsten. Seems the most logical conclusion!

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