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Re: MALAYSIA : Shortwave station in Malaysia [XYZ]

*2200- 11665kHz Wai FM

-2200 9835kHz relay of Red FM (MP3 file via Live stream -2200-)
2200- 9835kHz Sorry, I could not confirm their SA. Not relay of Red FM..

-2300- 9835kHz, news ? : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/2650.mp3

6045kHz etc.. [XYZ]

3260kHz PNG NBC-Madang, good signal
3325kHz PNG NBC-Bougainville

6045kHz UNID Korean station, Voice of Freedom ??(5920, 5940kHz no signal)
TNX! Ron-san !! http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:2477
-1001- "Bughan Dongpo ..." (mean: "North Korean compatriots") (Attachment MP3)
-1140- SA by female "Jayu ui soli" **sound like as "Chayu-e-Soli"

Voice of Freedom
0300-0800 5920, 5940, 6020, 6045, 6135 kHz ** any one frequency
0900-1500 5920, 5940, 6020, 6045, 6135 kHz ** any one frequency
1600-2000 5920, 5940, 6020, 6045, 6135 kHz ** any one frequency
2100-0200 5920, 5940, 6020, 6045, 6135 kHz ** any one frequency

Part of their program name ...
"Bughan Dongpo" ("North Korean compatriots")
"minji-wa hamkke" ("With Mingji")
"Haengboghan Daehanmingug" ("Happy Republic of Korea")
"Igeos-i Jinsil-ida" ("This is the truth" **Program for loudspeaker)
"Saeloun Salm-eul Chaj-eun Salamdeul" ("People looking for new life")

....... Unfortunately I can not hear everything.
Special thanks to AMANO !
sorry, all in japanese..

15680kHz UNID Chinese PBS station [XXX]

15515kHz UNID Chinese music
17780kHz CHINA CNR-16, Chinese
17875kHz CHINA CNR-10, Chinese

In my location, it seems that it is still in the winter condition,
and the signal reception is weak in reception in a high band of 25mb or more.

15190kHz ??? sorry unknown...
15200kHz UNID Chinese music, QSY from 15515kHz ??
15515kHz (nothing)

15180kHz no modulation carrier
15200kHz UNID Chinese music, test ?
15680kHz UNID Chinese, SA att. MP

12055kHz CNR-17, QRM of FEBC
15190kHz no signal in this time

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (9) [XYZ]

3260kHz NBC-Madang, still on air
4830kHz No signal

3260kHz No signal

-1550- TNX! remote radio in Qatar(TNX! MFJ-1778)
7175kHz No signal
7237kHz ETHIOPIA(tent.), HOA song
7360kHz UNID, Hindi or Urdu ??

-1600- TNX! remote radio in Qatar, India
7360kHz UNID, 1601- English program
SA(?) at 1600 in Hindi(?) "yah ??????? hai."

4055kHz [Pacificocean]
I hear it goes to the neighborhood hill.
It is the same as Radio Nikkei. Spurious? Or small transmitter?

Re: Puntland Radio 13800kHz [SRI]
Puntland Radio did not relay the audio of PLTV on Aug 9 until 1351 for 3 hours.
English ID could be heard at 1225, 1236 and 1346.

The following clip was recorded from 1343 for 5 minutes.

Re: Puntland Radio 13800kHz [SRI]
Puntland Radio did not relay the audio of PLTV from *0555 to 0602, and from around 1128 to 1236 on August 13.
Fixed ID in Italian, English and Somali was given at 1157 and 1123.
After the following announcement, it returned to the relay of PLTV at 1236.
It ended at 1731 and c/off at 1736.

Re: Puntland Radio 13800kHz Back ?? [XYZ]
TNX NONO !!! (Our japanese BBS)

-1253- 13800kHz (H3E) Puntland come back ??, Koran by male.
** H3E = AM + USB

S/off around -1300- (past 1300), -1308* ?

UNID 4900kHz Chinese [XYZ]
UNID 4900kHz since Feb. 3, 2017

YouTube -1500- : https://youtu.be/p-z6semwCJ8

TAIWAN ??, 9660kHz no-signal in this time...

-1600 s/off ?? open carrier
MP3 File 1559-1600*:

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (8) [XYZ]

** VC01 daytime frequency both not found
5465.5kHz(USB) Chinese robot voice but not VC01, MP3 FILE:
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing
9540kHz TAIWAN Sound of Hope (SOH), //13820kHz etc..

5020kHz Solomon
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing, weak signal

Today is the day for the first time of the broadcast is on air
this month on 5130kHz.

5130kHz No signal ??,

5465.5kHz(USB) Chinese robot voice but not VC01, MP3 FILE:

TODAY 1230-1300 4870kHz : "KGI-Kang Guru Indonesia" [XYZ]

3260kHz NBC-Madang, fair signal
3275kHz NBC-Southern Highlands, no signal
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville, fair signal
4870kHz RRI-Wamena, weak signal
5020kHz Solomon
6772kHz USB, LSB (each) VC01
9410kHz TAIWAN no signal

3275kHz NBC-Southern Highlands(tent.), weak modulation or non-modulated?

TODAY 1230-1300, 4870kHz "KGI - Kang Guru Indonesia" (English lesson program)
Radio Republic of Indonesia (Radio Republik Indonesia) - Wamena
RRI Website : http://www.rri.co.id/
KGI Homepage : http://www.kangguru.org/
or : http://www.ialf.edu/kgi/KGI.html
KGI Radio Program: http://www.ialf.edu/kgi/Radioonline.html
Indonesia Australia Language Foundation : http://www.ialf.edu/
Facebook : https://goo.gl/9LTI7K
See also (TNX!! Ron-san) : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:1523
and TNX!! ISHIDA (Japanese) : http://radio.chobi.net/bbs/?res:7630#7679

-1230 ~ 1255- 4870kHz RRI-Wamena, another program ??, talk and songs..

3345kHz RRI-Ternate, no signal

9650kHz UNID station, s/off at -1400*,
** Sorry, I don't know this language ... "... La Voz de .." ??
** TNX! remote radio(PERSEUS Server) in Italy.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (8) [XYZ]

7510kHz UNID Mix talk and classic music, strong signal
YouTube (-1240-): https://youtu.be/Ozem0CZDFXg
9774kHz Fu Hsing ?, very weak signal,

See also: http://hiroshi.mediacat-blog.jp/e119765.html
Fu Hsing, Nov 28
1100-1300 all on 9410, 9774

7510kHz Voice of Tibet, theme music(IS ? or bridge Music)
Maybe test TX, Classical music is mixed into the broadcast.

mp3 file Theme music of VO Tibet:

5979kHz UNID China [XYZ]

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz No signal, (maybe RRI-Palangkaraya s/on at 1000)
3345kHz RRI-Ternate, weak signal
4870kHz RRI-Wamena, weak signal
5020kHz Solomon
7260kHz Mongolian National Radio, Golden Radio (Radio 2), China QRM

5979kHz UNID Chinese station, 5978.98kHz, SA at -1025- but not clear...
(5980kHz Radio Marti) (5970kHz Gannan no signal ??)

MP3 file; 5979kHz Chinese station SA:

RRI-Wamena, Radio Vanuatu ...etc [XYZ]

4870kHz RRI-Wamena, (4869.92kHz), Special ??
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, 7259.96kHz, fair signal
0359 SA: "Radio Vanuatu"
Not a broadcast has been dropped output ???
3945kHz No signal in my location
7325kHz PNG Wantok Radio Light

MP3 Audio: -1859- 7260kHz Radio Vanuatu

Re: SOLOMON ISLANDS : Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) [XYZ]
Also I have heard today.

-1339- 5020kHz SA
This is the extended broadcast of SIBC not a relay of "Wantok FM".

This is a recording from the live stream broadcast:

5020kHz Wantok FM via SIBC test TX [XYZ]
Feb 26, 2016

*1413- 5020kHz Wantok FM via SIBC, may be test TX,
//- http://mixlr.com/sibconline/

-1449* s/off

-1535- 5020kHz no-modulation strong carrier.

7475kHz Babcock Music etc... [XYZ]

3260khz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
3345kHz no signal (RRI-Ternate)
5020kHz Solomon, fair signal
7295kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, fair signal today, //7345kHz(strong signal)
9410kHz TAIWAN Fu Hsing BS
9895kHz Radio Rossii Primor'e - Vladivostok, News relay of central

5900kHz Radio Rossii, nothing (noticed)
7175kHz Eritrea, HOA song, no jamming

4750kHz Bangladesh Betar, strong signal,QRM:CNR-1
Live stream: https://goo.gl/CLQIJZ
7175kHz Eritrea, + Noise Jamming

7475kHz Babcock music,QRM:RFE, 1600- RFE-Tajik only ??

MP3 file : 7475kHz -1559- Babcock music and RFE mixed

6185kHz UNID / 7245kHz test tone / etc... [XYZ]

6185kHz UNID Asian station, Song: "Daxia" (by Shazam App.) etc
China Station ? see also: http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:1705
Non-stop Chinese songs. test TX ??

6856kHz(LSB) VC01
7245kHz Test tone signal (1kHz), fair signal, maybe not Tajik
7260kHz Radio Vanuatu, fair signal

-0753* 6185kHz and 7245kHz both s/off at the same time
6185kHz s/on again at 0754, Chinese song again
China Huayi BC ??, their are testing because the condition
(modulation) was bad recently ?
It is to their web site had no longer lead.

-0811- 6185kHz Chinese station, SA ?, QRM of NK Jamming
SA at -0814- sounded like : "... Zhongguo Hua Yi guangbo gongsi ..."
** Attachment mp3 file. mean: "China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation"
Maybe this is test TX of China Huayi BC.

UNID Vietnamese 9690kHz [XYZ]

9690kHz UNID Vietnamese...

*1330- All India Radio English program started ...

This is not CRI-Vietnamese 9550/9585kHz.
"E Bible Fellowship" ???????
(Thông công Kinh Thánh điện tử)
(Thong cong Kinh Thanh dien tu)

MP3: -1359*

Re: Asia - Pacific : DX log (6) [XYZ]

3260kHz NBC-Madang
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
4835kHz AUS ABC
5020kHz Solomon
9895kHz Radio Rossii

3260kHz No signal
3325kHz NBC-Bougainville
3345kHz RRI-Ternate(ten.), weak
4870kHz RRI-Wamena
5900kHz Radio Rossii

6035kHz Yunnan PBS, SA in Vietnamese, PX in VT --> MP3File
-1200* s/off

6035kHz Bhutan BS, // http://www.bbs.bt/news/radio-wan.html

6050kHz CHINA Xizang PBS, Chinese, RTM Asyik FM no signal ??
11500kHz UNID English, spur ??
sorry maybe spur, CRI //11650kHz, 11660kHz

2325kHz/2485kHz/4835kHz AUSTRALIA ABC-NT, good signal
4862kHz USB ??? UNID

Re: UNID 9690kHz Vietnamese *1300-1400* Sunday only [XYZ]
UNID 9690kHz Vietnamese *1300-1400*

c/on at -1248-
*1300- Broadcasting, such as began to suddenly
relay from the middle of the program ???

Still I do not know where of whether broadcasting is...sorry

UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? [XYZ]
Mar 15, 2016

This is received via remote radio in Australia. (TNX!!)
What test broadcast of low power new community radio of Australia ?

-1000- 3210kHz, weak signal maybe small transmission output...
1005 SA in English (by male). ** MP3 audio

(Memo : No signal on 5045kHz...)

-1150- (noticed) No signal

UNID Korean Numbers Station [XYZ]

*1030-1040* 3277 kHz Korean
*1100-1102*(?) 3277 kHz Korean (*Appended audio file: 394.mp3)
*1330-1340* 3277 kHz Korean

TNX! Ron-san.


Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (2) [Amano]
Hello! Ron-san, XYZ-san.

Thank you so much for your reception report of 4885 kHz from California, USA.

I'm listening to "Echo of Hope(VOH)" on 4885 kHz.
There is no jamming from North Korea right now.

-1759* c/off!
The following is a audio that was recorded the 4885 kHz a while ago.
/// Description of the audio ///
After VOH's SA is "Talk Of Unity" that is the name of the program.
This program is called "Tong-il Iyagi" in Korean.
(1637'34"-1640'04", Jan 4. ICF-SW7600GR & AN-12. Saitama, Japan.)

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (2) [Amano]
Hello! Ron-san, Hiroyuki-san.

Nice reception from California! Ron-san.

VOH's program name in the Ron's audio is the "Kim Sat-gat Bang-rang-gi" in Korean.
"Kim Sat-gat Bang-rang-gi" is "Kim Sat-gat Wanderer's Notebook" in English, I guess.
Incidentally, "Kim Sat-gat Bang-rang-gi" is "Kim Sat-gat Hou-rou-ki" in Japanese.

"Kim Sat-gat" is the person's name.

The following is a audio that was recorded the 4885 kHz a while ago.
/// Description of the audio ///
Noise on this audio is the local noise. Sorry...
Program name called "Kim Sat-gat Bang-rang-gi" in Korean on this audio,
you can hear to between 57 seconds and 59 seconds.
(1346'56"-1348'16"(UTC), Jan 6. ICF-SW7600GR & AN-12. Saitama, Japan.)

Re: UNID 5040kHz [XYZ]
Audio at 1459-
language unknown.
Sorry poor recording...

Re: UNID 5040kHz [XYZ]
-1435- SA "All India Radio" in English. (TNX! remote radio in Sri Lanka)
2 signal on co-frequency. 5039.7vkHz and 5040.0kHz It is a different program.
(AIR-Jeypore and AIR-???)

** I did not monitor continuously.
-1435- English
-1520- Hindi
Strong signal.

"Trial" ??? by femal, Unknown word of meaning has been mixed. <-- Sorry my mistake


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