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Re: Weather FAX --- sat_dxer - Feb 05 (Wed), 2020 04:23 UTC No.71
Closer look at the schedule reads Mar 04, 2015 where as the current schedule for KVM70 is dated Oct 20, 2016:

The 13th edition of "Ferrell痴 Confidential Frequency List" (2003) on page 155 has an 砥nknown・Fax station 120/576 listed on 8296kHz.

Farther back in time the Communications Confidential column of the September 1994 issue of "Popular Communications" magazine on page 52 is some follow up information about "a submarine base calling TWR771 on 8296 kHz・
TWR771 is or was a 100 ft. (30.5m) Torpedo Weapons Retriever; US Navy Auxiliary vessel called the Phoenix, home port Pearl Harbor?

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