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Re: Voice of Indonesia (3325 kHz.) --- Ron Howard - Feb 29 (Thu), 2024 23:57 UTC No.5582
INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia (Channel One) from Palangkaraya, on Feb 29, with the English segment.
Is wonderful to often now be able to hear VOI with semi-readable reception or even better at times, after
having suffered in the past with month-after-month-after-month of just a carrier being heard with no audio

10:11 PM JST
1311-1313 UT: The usual post-news patriotic song “Bagimu Negeri.”

10:13 PM JST
1313: Announcement of a special festival ("The 54th Annual Yap Day celebrations, one of the premier and largest
cultural events in all of Micronesia, will be held on February 29 and March 1, 2024. Hosted this year in the
village of Makiy in Gagil municipality, this two-day event will showcase and celebrate everything Yapese –
traditions, culture, heritage, food, family, and community. . ."
https://www.divenewswire.com/2024-yap-day-celebrations-slated-for-the-village-of-makiy-in-gagil/ ).


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