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Re: Radio Vanuatu on new 9960 kHz., etc. --- Ron Howard - Oct 10 (Tue), 2023 19:43 UTC No.5509
VANUATU. Radio Vanuatu with a new frequency of 9960; thanks to Glenn and Chris Mackerell for the timely alert
in WORiog; drove to the beach in time to catch 0656-0658* UT, on Oct 10. Fairly readable with promo for BBC on
104 FM in Port Vila, Visa debit card (both spots in English), etc.; about ten seconds to change frequency to 3945
(*0658) and into the news till 0718. My 9960 audio - https://app.box.com/s/qs3969bwxrdtio3mo222zkuoh2jpoh7x .

BTW - Oct 10, from 0735+, no signal from SIBC (5020), nor from Cuba (5025).

INDONESIA. 7289.93, RRI Nabire Pro 1, 0810-0900+ UT, Oct 10; very poor reception, unlike yesterday's fair
reception; EZL songs and announcers; Islamic Shalawat Tarhim prayer (0846-0853): Maghrib (sunset) Islamic
call-to-prayer (0853-0857).

7289.93, RRI Nabire Pro 1, tuned in at 0745 UT, Oct 9; EZL songs (many in English) and announcers;
Backstreet Boys - "As Long As You Love Me," etc.; some QRM from a New York ham "testing"; 0855-0901, Islamic
Shalawat Tarhim prayer; 0901 till suddenly off at 0902*, with Maghrib (sunset) Islamic call-to-prayer. My audio (one
minute with announcer and two of the Backstreet Boys song) - https://app.box.com/s/1hrts22xiryqjy1n8gfepfgcnla0tae7 .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1, external antenna: 30m long wire

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