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Re: HFD Radio Station JG2XA, 5006 // 8006 kHz., with new 200W transmitter! --- Ron Howard - Feb 16 (Thu), 2023 22:11 UTC No.5386
JAPAN. 5006 & 8006, HFD Radio Station JG2XA, 1135 UT, on Feb 16; station carrying out a HF-Doppler (HFD) project;
in the past, their 60W signal was never strong, but today was heard with an unusually good signal (open carrier),
so I sent off an email inquiring if there was something new happening.

Received the following reply in just eight minutes from Professor Keisuke Hosokawa at the University of Electro -
Communications ( keisuke.hosokawa@uec.ac.jp ):

"Thanks for your message. Yes, now we are replacing the Tx system here in Tokyo. It's still in a testing phase,
but the transmission power is 200 W for both the 5M and 8M bands though we are still working on adding Morse.
The new system has been tested since Jan 17 this year."

Very good news !!!


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