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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(29) :: [2023] --- Ron Howard - Feb 16 (Thu), 2023 03:44 UTC No.5380
Greetings, Komatsubara, from California.

So far, Nick's transmissions on 5045 kHz., from Norfolk Island, have just been tests. He has not
started regular transmissions yet. Believe he wants to get a better, more powerful transmitter.
I think that what we heard during the recent tests, with the frequent on and off and on again,
was due to overheating of the transmitter, so he is only doing a few random tests.

Bay Islands Radio, had been heard in the past, but seemed to have be off the air for quite some
time, so it was great to see your reports of hearing a station on 5045, other than Nick's. When I
DX at the beach, while in my car, I have no Internet connection, so unfortunately am unable to
check for // programming. Am fairly certain that the format of non-stop pop songs is consistent
with the Bay Islands Radio format. I have sent Shannon Shuttleworth an email inquiring about
what his station's power is and hope he will reply.

Here are a few recent observations:

On 7260 kHz., seemed to have Mongolia and Vanuatu mixing together, at 1010 UT, on Feb 14, as
you also noted. RV had National Anthem 1100-1101* UT and later, about 1145, seemed to be China
and Mongolia mixing together.

Taiwan on 9410 (QRM) // 9774, noted 1159* UT (8:59* PM JST), on Feb 14. No 15375 heard.

Voice of the People with good signal on 4560 kHz., 1255 UT, on Feb 14, pop song; at 1300, with
news (Bodo). My audio of one minute of music, then bodo, is at http://bit.ly/3S4co1t .

KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on 6015, from 1200+ UT, with the News at Nine (9:00 PM in Seoul), on
Feb 14; the audio feed from the TV show (YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOTQYFjGSws );
frequent "K-B-S News" SAs; moderate jamming.

Heard Beibu Bay Radio (5050) this morning (1516-1518 UT - Feb 15), with brief, daily spot in English;
"Today's keyword is trademark," statistics from the Trademark Office of the China National Intellectual
Property Administration (audio attached). http://wcjs.sbj.cnipa.gov.cn/home?locale=en_US&locale=en_US
Please note WRMI is now on 5050 kHz., believe from 2300 to 0500 UT.

Yunnan Radio International (6035) running late Feb 15; after 1500 UT (the end of their programming) they
start their EZL instrumental music IS loop; today noted cut off at 1549* UT.

The following might be of interest. Very little about SW. There is a section titled "External broadcast,"
without even mentioning SW at all, but still an interesting reference piece.

"History of Bangladesh Betar" (pdf file) by Nazrul Islam - https://app.box.com/s/sdbga992tk5bsgjzhk70azv8kvwqho94 .



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