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Re: Australia - Bay Islands Radio/Island FM (5045 kHz.) --- Ron Howard - Feb 15 (Wed), 2023 19:30 UTC No.5376
> Feb 13 - AUSTRALIA. 5045, Bay Islands Radio/Island FM (presumed to be them!) . . . Needs more
> monitoring to determine if they are back to daily broadcasting?

Yes, it seems he is indeed back with daily transmissions. Heard for three consecutive days!

Feb 15 - From 1415 to 1510 UT; much better reception today from Shannon Shuttleworth's station on
Russell Island (not too far from Brisbane, Queensland); non-stop pop songs (Cilla Black - "Alfie,"
The Police - "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," etc.); never any announcers; my local sunrise
was at 1455 UT, which helps account for the descent reception.


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