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Re: CHINA : 4990kHz Hunan PBS (Hunan News Radio) --- XYZ - Jan 29 (Sun), 2023 20:21 UTC No.5326
HUnan News Radio

1600-2030 音乐   Music
2030-2100 转央广《新闻和报纸摘要》 Transfer to CNR's "News and Newspaper Summary"
2100-2130 重播《全省新闻联播》 Rebroadcast of "Provincial News Network"
2130-2230 健康 湖南 Health Hunan
2230-2300 一支难忘的歌 故事版 An Unforgettable Song Story Edition
2300-2330 精彩老朋友 Wonderful old friends
2330-2400 芒果健康馆 上午版 Mango Health Pavilion Morning Edition
0000-0100 音乐 Music
0100-0200 轻松活过100岁 Easily Live Over
0200-0230 新闻30分 News 30 minutes
0230-0330 音乐 Music
0330-0500 天天有戏 There is drama every day
0500-0600 音乐 Music
0600-0700 音乐 Music
0700-0730 芒果健康馆 下午版 Mango Health Pavilion Afternoon Edition
0730-0830 养生朋友圈 Circle of Healthy Friends
0830-0900 转播湖南卫视《湖南新闻联播》Rebroadcast Hunan Satellite TV "Hunan News Network"
0900-0930 转播央视《新闻联播》 Rebroadcast CCTV "News Network"
0930-1230 音乐 Music
1230-1300 音乐 Music
1300-1359 音乐 Music

** some may have changed.

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