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Re: 4835 kHz. "Shortwave Australia" --- Ron Howard - Jan 24 (Tue), 2023 09:55 UTC No.5314

> 4835kHz Who is faintly audible at 4835kHz ? , very weak signal at my location...

Greetings from California! Almost daily I hear a carrier on 4835 kHz., but only occasionally do I hear any audio.
Is a low powered Australian station, which last July 2022, was just running 200W. Here is my July 2022 log and the
email reply:

AUSTRALIA. 4835, "Shortwave Australia," 1317-1403 UT, July 16, 2022. Just after my sunrise (1301 UT), I was
pleasantly surprised to actually hear some faint audio; the non-stop music heard today was of a type that made for
not very distinctive reception details, as it was easy-listening music (soft, slow tempo, etc.), but noted with the
following details:

1317-1338: Non-stop easy-listening instrumental music.
1338-1351: Non-stop easy-listening songs.
1351-1403: Back to non-stop easy-listening instrumental music, with no break at the top-of-the hour.
Was too weak to make out any ID or announcements (see below); audio heard today was just bits and pieces.

Today I found the overall propagation to be fairly poor. On a good day, perhaps it will be possible to really
pull in an ID and in the future if Dave increases the power over the current 200w, then maybe some decent
reception. Today was a definite DX challenge! Ron (California log from 2022)

- - - Reply from David Stuart < vk3ase@yahoo.com > (July 16, 2022):

"Thanks for the report, when the ABC ran the station they had 50kw and I run 200w so no wonder you find it
hard to hear. It covers the south eastern part of Australia ok. Apart from any live input  I run an identification
announcement every 10 mins that should over ride the program material, At the moment the indents are
computer generated and of female voices from the windows 10 read aloud library, I have them reading in
various English accents to make it more interesting so if you record more than 10 mins you should get one.
I was in Hawaii in 2016 and heard the ABC on 4835 booming in and 2310 was ok as well. I have seen a trace
of my signals on US sdr's but to week to hear. What would be the best time for you to listen, last night I went
off about 1am our time, For the last hour or so was playing a dream time program with relaxing electronic music
and did make an announcement when I closed. The content of the automatic announcements at the  moment is.
"This is Shortwave Australia broadcasting to the inland and the islands on 4835 kilocycles day time and evening
as well as  2310 kilocycles night time" or words to that effect. Let me know of any more results."

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