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Re:Voice of Freedom (6045) and R. Vanuatu (7260) --- Ron Howard - Dec 07 (Wed), 2022 12:13 UTC No.5211
Very pleased to find that we were listening to the same stations today!!

Voice of Freedom - Dec 7, back on the alternate frequency of 6045 kHz. (ex: 5920); for the first time ever, heard
with good reception due to the long-standing super jamming from N. Korea being recently off the air, as it was
today; ex 5920 still jammed.

0900 UT (6:00 PM JST) - the usual single tone; then  "Jayu-e solibangsong-eseo ohu 6 (yeoseos) sileul
allyeodeulibnida" (In English - Voice of Freedom has announced 6pm); nice singing station jingle -
"jinsil-e soli, huimang-e soli, jayu-e soli bangsong!" (Voice of Truth, Voice of Hope, Voice of Freedom
broadcast); then the "Bodo gwangjang" (News Plaza) segment. My five minute audio at bit.ly/3F3EgNg .

Radio Vanuatu, on new 7260 kHz. (ex: 5040), 0632+ UT (3:32+ PM JST), on Dec 7. From 0632 to 0637,
the usual segment with announcements and messages, today partially in English and ending with the
normally heard indigenous drums; 0637, usual station jingle mentioning "Kingdom of Tonga, Solomon
Islands, Voice of Papua New Guinea and Radio Vanuatu"; at 0659 they did NOT change frequencies,
but was still on 7260 when last checked at 1035; at 0755, "The Little Drummer Boy" Xmas song. Het and
QRM seemed to be from a Chinese station slightly off frequency?


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