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[FHBS] 2022 FHBS Shortwave Radio Broadcasts Quiz Contest --- XYZ - Nov 19 (Sat), 2022 01:36 UTC No.5186
2022 復興電台國際短波聽友有獎徵文活動公告

2022 FHBS Shortwave Radio Broadcasts Quiz Contest.

Here comes the good news to both our old and new acquaintances worldwide. Thank you for all your
support to FHBS shortwave radio broadcasts. Here we are going to have “2022 FHBS Shortwave Radio
Broadcasts Quiz Contest’ for the audiences. From now on by Nov. 30th, please write down the name
of your favorite host or program along with your valuable suggestions (total of 100-300 words)
for contribution through emails, postcards or letters. In addition, please fill the reception
report and leave your contact information (name, age, gender, address and phone number) as well.
Thus you can get a QSL card (international shortwave broadcasts certification)

specially issued by FHBS and go into the lucky draw for plentiful prizes. Don’t lose such a golden

◎Period: October 27th, 2022 – November 30th, 2022 (By postmark)

◎Contacts: (Emails are suggested to prevent mail lost.)

NAME ***Also OK your nickname
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