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3325kHz Indonesia, 6030kHz CNR-2 Bisiness Radio, tc.. --- XYZ - Nov 10 (Thu), 2022 11:27 UTC No.5149
3325kHz INDONESIA ?, weak modulation
* Chinese px, (thanks kiwiSDR in PH), Voice of Indonesia

6030kHz CHINA, CNR-1 DRM, they continue to off the air..

6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan PBS, in chinese
11665kHz MALAYSIA, WAI FM, 9835kHz SARAWAK FM still off air

7250kHz [RFC] National Unification Broadcasting (National Unity Radio), in Korean, *1100-

11510kHz [FNK] Free North Korea Radio, in Korean, *1300-1400*
11430kHz TAIWAN, Numbers station V13, in Chinese

9864kHz NORWAY, Voice of Tibet, in Tibetan, -1306*
9887kHz NORWAY, Voice of Tibet, in Tibetan, *1306-

** 6030kHz
DRM broadcasting on this frequency has stopped since yesterday, but CNR-2 is being broadcast instead.
// 6065kHz, 6155kHz etc..

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