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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(27) --- Ron Howard - Sep 13 (Tue), 2022 01:09 UTC No.5097
BANGLADESH. 4750, Bangladesh Betar (External Service), was unusually poor today; *1224 UT with test
tone; 1227, start of their IS, but otherwise unusable; mixing with CNR1.

INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, broadcasting from Palangkaraya, still silent (1207+ UT).

KOREA SOUTH. Echo of Hope -VOH, after two consecutive weeks on the same frequencies, VOH has finally
again made a Monday change:

3985 // 4890 // 5995 // 6255 // 6350.0 // 9105, at 1147 UT; the EBS TV audio feed for "Wang cho bo yeong-eo,"
which is always aired only on weekdays; intro and exit theme song is with the very distinctive "Party Will
Come Alive," by the Wizardz Of Oz/Ruben Martinez - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOnHJJUOuDI ; the
usual intro has announcer saying "English trainer" and giving his name ("Mayu"), then the woman announcer
says her name ("Mini"); 9105, as usual, with excellent reception (brief audio attached).

Voice of Freedom, 6045, at 1158 UT; closing SA for the "Aneun geos-i him-ida" (Knowledge is power) program;
1200, the usual single tone; then "Jayu-e solibangsong-eseo bam 9 (ahob) sileul allyeodeulibnida." (In English -
Voice of Freedom has announced 9pm); nice singing station jingle - "jinsil-e soli, huimang-e soli, jayu-e soli
bangsong!" (Voice of Truth, Voice of Hope, Voice of Freedom broadcast); then the "Bodo gwangjang" (News
Plaza) segment; today the N. Korean jamming here was lighter than normal, so better VOF reception.

SOLOMON ISLANDS, 5020, SIBC, still on 1250+ UT; non-stop pop music.



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