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Re: KTWR Agana, Guam in Ukrainian. --- Amano - Sep 08 (Thu), 2022 22:55 UTC No.5095
Hi Ron-san
Thank you for the information on Radio Vanuatu.

I checked TWR's Ukrainian broadcast.
Reference : https://twr.org/story/sharing-hope-near-ukraines-front-lines

15200, KTWR Agana, Guam in Ukrainian, -1700*, Sept 7.
Very strong signal and good reception.

13660, KTWR Agana, Guam in Russian, *1701-, Sept 7.
Good reception here too.
There was an announcement in english.

My audio is at https://radio.chobi.net/bbsmw/img/3657.mp3 .
*00:00-01:00, 1659’40“-1700’40“ UT, 15200 kHz KTWR in Ukrainian, ending.
*01:00-03:00, 1701’20“-1703’20“ UT, 13660 kHz KTWR in Russian, opening.

Saitama, JAPAN
ANDO S11-783DPU, antenna: Built-in whip

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