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Re: Radio Vanuatu on new frequencies --- Ron Howard - Sep 07 (Wed), 2022 09:38 UTC No.5094
Sept 7 - After 0659* UT (3:59* PM JST) on 7932 kHz., I went looking for Vanuatu. Not on the usual frequencies.

Found Radio Vanuatu on new 8620.22 kHz., as measured on my old Eton E1 (am sure someone can
get a more accurate measurement!); mostly fair; // 4310.11 (poor) // 12930.33 (very poor).

0705-0716 UT (4:05-4:16 PM JST): News/sports in Bislama.

0731-0801: Interview in English about investments (talking about gov't bonds, National Bank, low interest
rate loans, interest rates, "Investments not all in one basket," etc.).

0802+: Speech in Bislama about domestic violence in Vanuatu, violence against women, Vanuatu's Women
Center, etc.

Wonder how they are coming up with these strange frequencies?


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