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Re: Radio Vanuatu now on 7932 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Sep 06 (Tue), 2022 17:30 UTC No.5093
VANUATU. 7932, Radio Vanuatu, 0535-0659* UT Sept 6. Again being heard, but on this new frequency; seems this must
be the fundamental/primary frequency (not a harmonic), as no carrier heard on 3966 nor 11898; CODAR QRM, as also
reported by others. After 0659, I couldn't find them anywhere (2485, 3945, 5040, 7260, etc.). Here are a few
highlights (in general they played a lot of nice island music!):

0535-0544 UT: Phone interview.

0555-0600: Usual series of PSAs, commercial announcements, etc.

0600-0603: News in Bislama; unreadable.

0630-0640: Weather update for the many provinces.

0656: Advertisement for sugarcane products produced by "83 Islands Distillery" [ https://83islands.com/ ]
(audio attached); PSA for vaccinations against measles.



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