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Re: Korea: Echo of Hope - VOH: new format with foghorn! --- Ron Howard - Aug 30 (Tue), 2022 01:26 UTC No.5091
> (Posted to WOR iog) Recorded 9100 kHz overnight today (21 August) for Echo of Hope (VoH). Station signed on at
> about 09:00 UTC with "foghorn" hour marker. Richard Langley [Hawaii]

Monday - Aug 29 observations:

KOREA SOUTH. Was unfamiliar with the VOH sign on format, so was very intrigued by Richard's report about hearing a
"foghorn" (Thanks Richard!), which I had never heard at any time in the past. Today when I checked for the weekly VOH
frequency changes, indeed heard the new format of foghorn at the ToH; noted foghorn at 1300 UT (10:00 PM JST) and?into
the news in?Korean (item about "Australia, Queensland," etc.); also again at 1401 UT (11:01 PM JST) and again at?1500
UT (12:00 midnight JST) (brief audio attached), followed?by the "Oneul-ui sosig" (Today's News) program.

VOH today on 3980 // 4885 // 5990 // 6250 // 6348 (VOH's only off frequency!) // 9100 kHz.; good from Aug 29 to Sept 4.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Eton E1, external antenna: 30m long wire


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