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Re: Malaysia - Wai FM on 11665 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Jun 04 (Sat), 2022 17:47 UTC No.5069

Hi Amano - Greetings from California!

Wai FM (11665), on June 2, heard at 1348 UT with their unique chanting (prayer?);?
at 1400* went?off the air. I have NOT heard Sarawak FM (9835) for a long time now.

YES, something is certainly?different now! In the past, for a long time Wai FM was
heard with?poor?to very poor reception, along with poor audio (over-modulated),
while Sarawak FM (9835) was?well heard with good?audio. Then on March 12, I first
noted both frequencies were off the air for?a while; later Wai FM returned to the
air, while?Sarawak FM remained off (still unheard through?June 2).?

Wai FM has recently been heard very well?and with good?audio!!?

So?I conclude that Wai FM is now?via the former Sarawak FM transmitter, which would
explain?the improved reception and absence of?any Sarawak FM reception.

Anyway, that is what I believe has happened.


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