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Re: New religious station in Chinese on 11925 kHz. --- Ron Howard - May 29 (Sun), 2022 16:44 UTC No.5065
> RE: SWLDXBulgaria News, May 20-21 (Ivo Ivanov)
> "Frequency and tx changes of Lifestyle Discourse via ENC-DMS, May 21
> U.K.(non) ? Frequency and transmitter changes of Chinese "Lifestyle Discourse" via ENC-DMS from May 21
> 1130-1200 NF 11925 TSH 300 kW / 285 deg to EaAs Chinese Wed/Sat Evangelical broadcast, ex 21500,15vDHA"

Saturday (May 28), on 11925, from *1130 to 1158* UT; new religious station in Chinese; intro information;
station's name is 生活的?? (Life Talk, or All about Life); invites people to listen to station 11925; it
broadcasts at 7:30 pm (1130 UT) on Wednesdays and Saturdays; it will talk about health information and
life reflections, which can change your life; then it gives out the email address and asks listeners to share
where they have heard the station; if listeners have missed any broadcast, they can go to the audio streaming
at their website. Email: info@rongyaoshenghuo.com and website: https://www.rongyaoshenghuo.com . The
website shows a phone number (0060 10 3700 170) which I believe would be in Malaysia?

Goes on to say: Brothers and sisters, do you feel stressed and worried in your life? Do you feel desperate when
you meet problems? Do you want to change all this? Now you are in the right place. Are you trying to deal with
your problems but haven't found the solution? I believe no matter what you meet with in life, everything will be fine.
The sun will come out after the rain. Everything can be changed. Do you believe in magic? You know, your life and
future should not rely on fengshui, horoscopes, tarot cards, fortune telling, your life depends on God's words.

At 1141 & 1155 repeat of the contact info and website; 1153, closing prayer ended with "Amen"; 1156, "Bye-bye";
fairly good reception. My twelve minute audio is posted at https://bit.ly/38P1URH .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Eton E1, external antenna of 30m long wire

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