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Re: Voice of Indonesia back again with much improved signal/audio! --- Ron Howard - Apr 22 (Fri), 2022 16:24 UTC No.5060

INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, via Palangkaraya. This frequency had been silent for rather a long time
and I had begun to wonder if they would ever return again; on Apr 22, checked at 1133 UT, only to find VOI still
clearly off the air.

1300-1311 UT, wonderful to hear VOI again and doing well with start of English segment; intro ID ("3-3-25 kHz.");
news (many items about the Bali "Conference on Impact of R & D on Business Economics, Management, Social
Sciences, Banking & Finance" [ https://bireacademy.com/conferences/besst-april-2022/ ], item about Shanghai's
lockdown, etc.) and "commentary"; followed by the national song “Bagimu Negeri,” which is normally played after
the news.

1311: Program "Today in History"; this date in 1994, former President Nixon died, this date 2015, Asian-African
Conference held in Jakarta.

1317: VOI ID and program "My Indonesia." Brief audio attached - fairly readable!

1323: COVID PSA given in a multitude of languages (Indonesian, Arabic, Japanese, English ["wear a mask,
it will protect you"] and many more)

1325: Program "Indonesian Wonder," about breakfast foods.

1335: Spot about on-line education, website designing, etc.

1345: Program "Today's Music Corner."

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey), USA
Eton E1, external antenna of 30m long wire


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