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Re: Voice of Freedom back on 5920 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Dec 02 (Thu), 2021 10:49 UTC No.5003
Hi Amano - Thank you so very much for your assistance with 4940 kHz. SA! Greatly appreciated!!

KOREA SOUTH. first day back to alternate frequency of 5920, Voice of Freedom (ex: 6045). *0753+ UT, Dec 2.

*0753 - Sign on; gong rung three times; Voice of Freedom SA; Republic of Korea choral National Anthem;
VOF FM frequency announcement; VOF singing station jingle; 0500 PM KST announcement; 0800, program
"Hamkke tteonaneun eum-ag-yeohaeng" (Let's go music together).

Later - 0915, program "Ma-eum-e swimpyo" (Resting heart); 0920, program “Kkumkkuneun cheongchungeug“
(Dreaming youth drama); fair with no jamming of any kind.


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