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Re: Myanmar Radio --- Amano - Nov 25 (Thu), 2021 13:21 UTC No.4995
Hi Ron-san,
Thank you for following me.

The really short music was a Myanmar radio station single, wasn't it?
Certainly it announces three frequencies on the song.
I checked how to read Burmese numbers and listen again.
I heard the following frequencies.

Ron's audio - https://app.box.com/s/1h4ts48rthxqqzrvbiliwxgphlm1gc6s .
My audio - https://radio.chobi.net/bbs/img/9123.mp3 .

1: 5985 kHz.
?????????????? kHz.
Ngarr koe shit ngarr kilohertz.
Ron's audio, 00:08-0012.
My audio, 00:14-00:18.

2: 576 kHz.
???????????????????? kHz.
Ngarrrar hkunait s y hkyawwat kilohertz.
Ron's audio, 00:16-00:20.
My audio, 00:22-00:26.

3: 594 kHz.
???????????????? kHz.
Ngarrrar koe s y layy kilohertz.
Ron's audio, 00:24-00:28.
My audio, 00:30-00:34.

There are language lesson programs and music programs, so listening to Myanmar radio on 5985 kHz around 1300 UT is a lot of fun.
Recently, part of the 49mb North Korean super jamming has disappeared and it is very easy to hear.

My audio below is the ending of a Myanmar music program program by two male and female DJs and the beginning of a Myanmar ethnic music program by a male DJ.

Arakawa Riverside, Tokyo Akabane, JAPAN
S11-783DPU, antenna: Built-in whip

↓My audio↓ 5985 kHz, Nov 23 (Tuesday).
* 00:00-03:00, 1259’45“-1302’45“ UT.


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