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Re: Myanmar Radio --- Ron Howard - Nov 23 (Tue), 2021 23:31 UTC No.4994
> MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1244-1257 UT, Nov 19 (Friday). I heard "Say It In English", an English lesson 
> program on Myanmar Radio, referring to Ron's information. My audio attached, 3 minutes after the start and
> 3 minutes at the end.

Also > At 1328 UT, music like SJ for less than a minute. It sounds like singing "~ kHz" in Burmese lyrics.

Hi Amano,

Was very interested to read your logs and to hear your audio clip. In the past I have also heard the same identical
"Say It In English" program.

"5985, Myanmar Radio, 1253-1305, Sept 10, 2021. Friday edition of "Say It In English"; first heard this identical
show back on Feb 19, 2018; dialogue at a "sales conference," "May I introduce myself?", "Let me introduce myself,"
"How do you do?", "Nice to meet you," "May I introduce Tom Carter?", "Pleased to meet you," "Please call me Tom,"
"All right Tom, we will," etc.; a different show than last Wednesday (Sept 8); these are the only two days I know
they are on the air. (Ron - Calif.)"

Regarding the singing station jingle - Yes, it is very distinctive and is often played. They give three "kilohertz"
frequencies. Also the jingle has an English ID ("..?.. town Radio"). Dave Valko thought it sounded like "Mothtown
Radio," while I tend to think it perhaps is "Small town Radio," but am not positive! On your audio recording, "..?..
town Radio," is at 0:48.
On my audio, "..?.. town Radio" is at 0:42 - https://app.box.com/s/1h4ts48rthxqqzrvbiliwxgphlm1gc6s .


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