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Re: Radio Ethiopia - Home Service on SW again! --- Ron Howard - Oct 12 (Tue), 2021 04:14 UTC No.4960
Hi Amano,

How very nice! We were listening at the same time. The signal on 7110 kHz. (Radio Ethiopia - Home Service) is
being well heard every day now at their closing down. Here is my log:

ETHIOPIA. 7110, Radio Ethiopia (Home Service), 1430-1500* UT, Oct 10. Very respectable reception via long path;
my local sunrise was?at 1410 UT and Addis Ababa sunset was at 1510 UT; usual program during this time period with?
chatting on the phone; also some HOA?music; 1455, non-stop music till SAs, nice Interval Signal and audio cut off
after?gong rung only two times (not the usual three times). My audio, ending?with SAs, IS and gongs, at
http://bit.ly/3iMyCES .


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