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Re: Japan - HFD Radio Station JG2XA --- Ron Howard - Sep 06 (Mon), 2021 14:50 UTC No.4942

Sent off an email to Professor Keisuke Hosokawa (University of Electro - Communications) reporting the
absence of both 5006 and 8006 kHz. Received the following informative email. They are now broadcasting
with about 60W, so much lower than their former 200W.

Email received from <keisuke.hosokawa@uec.ac.jp> and <hfd-all-ml@uec.ac.jp>:

"Dear Ron,

Thank you very much for your message!

During the last weekend, our institute had a planned power outage. We have restarted the transmission
since ~15:30 JST on Monday [Sept 6]; thus, I guess you are able to listen now. If you do not hear our morse,
please let me know.

You may know very well, but JG2XA had been operative since 2001 by Prof. Tomizawa at my institute, who
retired a few years ago. After his retirement, I took over his project and have continued operating the Tx station.
For the power being, the power of the transmission is ~60W for both the frequencies.

You may get some information about the project at the following web site:


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Keep in touch!


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