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Re: A few SW language lessons --- Ron Howard - Aug 13 (Fri), 2021 17:13 UTC No.4926
KOREA SOUTH. 9475, National Unity Radio, from 1244 to 1245 UT, on Aug 12. Good reception of a brief
Chinese language lesson; started and ended as usual with Joyce Chu singing "Hao xiang ni - I Miss You“;
mostly in Korean, with a few Chinese words and a sentence. This program will be repeated again about
two hours later today.

Today's lesson: J?nhou w? y?ding t?ng n? de - 今后我一定听?的 (I will listen to you from now on). My audio
is posted at http://bit.ly/3jSEbBg .

Echo of Hope - VOH (??????): On 9105, from 1050 to 1100 UT, on August 12, with the weekday EBS
(Educational Broadcasting System) produced English news, which is also a language lesson; today's news
was originally broadcast via EBS FM on July 26; transcript at http://bit.ly/3jNCGVg . My eleven minute audio
at http://bit.ly/3lW36qv . At 1100 UT, news in Korean. VOH continues with a repeating four hour program loop.

Later at 1123 UT, VOH had an English, on weekdays only, language lesson. My audio at http://bit.ly/3jNdu13 .

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, 1248-1302, Aug 11. The Wednesday edition of language lesson "Say It In
English"; today "Tom's Aunt Jennifer" had a water leak in her flat, she called "George," the plumber, but he was
too busy to fix it, so "Tom" tried and as usual made a mess of it; semi-readable; a different show will be aired this
Friday. I first heard today's show back on Dec 13, 2017 (Wednesday).

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Eton E1; external antenna of 30m long wire

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