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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(26) --- Ron Howard - May 08 (Sat), 2021 23:46 UTC No.4860
CHINA. 6200, Voice of Jinling, *1228-1229* and *1230+, May 7. Started with their well known 
double sign on; on for about 25 seconds, then off for about 43 seconds, then finally on to stay;
in Chinese and EZL song. Currently with nice clear reception, due to Xizang PBS (Tibet - Lhasa)
now being off the air here for temporary maintenance, which normally causes some QRM for VOJL.
Thanks to Wolfie for this item:

"RTC Kashgar-Kashi broadcast center of CRI, on refurbishing repair action on April 15 til 29, 2021;
acc mail from CRI Beijing German sce.

Maybe the RTC transmitter engineers solved the Kashgar work and now moved to Tibetan CTB
Lhasa-Baiding site for annual maintenance refurbishing work ? (wb ?df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews
April 24)"

My unedited audio of VOJL starting up today, posted at http://bit.ly/3evdlh8 .

INDIA. 5040, AIR Jeypore, 1230, May 8. A change in format? Seems different now. My local sunrise today
was at 1306 UT. 1230-1235: Subcontinent music (clearly no news!); 1235-1240: News; too weak to make
out the language?; 1240: More subcontinent music (indigenous singing/chanting) (clearly no news!); Is this
really a new format with only 5 minutes of news?

KOREA NORTH[non-log]. 6160, Pyongyang BS, both May 7 & 8 noted off the air, after only recently moving
here; today not on ex: 6400 either; 3320 was heard normally.

KOREA SOUTH. 5857.48 AM, HLL2 Seoul, 1005-1012, on May 7. With English weather info from various
observatories in Asia (Shanghai, etc.) providing wind direction, wind speed in meters per second, air pressure
in hectopascals, temperature in Celsius; mostly fair; heard daily.

LAOS[non-log]. 6130, LNR. Recently emailed the Director General of Lao National Radio (Phosy Keomanivong),
saying in part: "For a long time now I have noted the absence of LNR on SW. I hope that you will again be able to
transmit on 6130 kHz. in the near future. Your presence on SW is greatly missed!" No reply yet. Thanks to Mauno
Ritola, for his encouragement to contact LNR. Now with the temporary absence of Xizang PBS (Tibet - Lhasa), it is
especially clear that LNR is not broadcasting on 6130. (May 8)

MALAYSIA. 9835, Sarawak FM, via Kajang (on the west coast of the Malaysia peninsular - not from Sarawak), 1044,
May 7. The distinctive Islamic Maghrib (sunset prayer) call-to-prayer. My audio is posted at http://bit.ly/3xUBc1z . Much
better audio here than now being heard via Wai FM, on 11665.

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio, *1154, May 7. Seems that one of the Myanmar transmitters is not working.
Normally in the past, both 5985 and 9730 each had separate transmitters, evidenced by both frequencies often
heard on the air at the same time, but recently as soon as 9730 closes down, 5985 starts operating; today 9730,
went off at 1154*, continuing on with their new schedule (ex: 1130*). May 8, heard 9730, with 1156* and 5985,
with *1156.

Later on May 7 - Checking for the Friday edition of "Say It In English"; heard at 1243-1256; "What is the best
way to London? (way to the airport?) . . What do you think I should do? . . Can you recommend a good hotel?
(a good restaurant?) (a good book?) . . ," "Tom" has to travel to Guildford on business and "Kate" wants to come
along, but they get caught in a traffic jam; semi-readable.

SINGAPORE. 6676-USB, Singapore Radio, on May 8, *1250-1254*. VOLMET weather for Hong Kong, Bali, etc.;
"Broadcast ends. Singapore Radio out"; fairly readable.

TAIWAN. 9774, Fu Hsing BS, 0833-1000*, May 7 (Friday). Sign off time here varies a great deal; seems to be
either about 0900 or 1000; tuned into a very weak signal, but slowly improved; Chinese announcers and some
EZL Chinese songs; am still not hearing any carrier on clear 9410, which had been a second frequency for them.
Are they repairing or doing maintenance on the 9410 transmitter?

Asilomar State Beach, Calif., USA
CR-1, antenna: 30m long wire

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