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Re: Korea - Voice of Freedom back on 5920 kHz. --- Amano - May 04 (Tue), 2021 08:05 UTC No.4854
Hello Ron-san - Thank you for listening to my audio.

Below is breaking news.

KOREA SOUTH. back on alternate frequency 5920 (ex: 6045), *0753-, May 4 (Tuesday).
The existence of the unmodulated signal on 5920 kHz was already confirmed at 0700 UT.
*0752-, confirmed the start of VOF on 5920 kHz.
-0800-, I confirmed the start of "Hamkke tteonaneun eum-ag-yeohaeng (Let's go music together)" at this frequency with the start of "There's A Kind Of Hush" sung by the Carpenters.
NK Super Jamming on 6045 kHz still hears powerful.
5925 kHz is still no jamming.

Saitama at home, Japan
ICF-SW7600GR, antenna: AN-12

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