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Re: National Unity Radio on 9475 kHz. --- Amano - Apr 16 (Fri), 2021 15:00 UTC No.4834
KOREA SOUTH. National Unity Radio, 9475, 1245-1246 UT, on April 16 (Friday).
Brief Chinese language lesson; started and ended with Joyce Chu singing "Hao xiang ni - I Miss You“; mostly in Korean;
gave a few words in Chinese and a sentence using the words; today's words is "我好感動 W? h?o g?ndong (I am very touched)".
N. Korean jamming is strong and hard to hear. My audio attached.

I am very touched to hear
Joyce Chu "Hao xiang ni" song for the first time without going online.
I am always grateful for your information.

Arakawa Riverside, Saitama Toda-city, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR, antenna: Built-in whip


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