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Re: CHINA : CNR-5 --- Amano - Mar 20 (Sat), 2021 20:30 UTC No.4810
Hello! KBYS
Thank you for the information.

CHINA. 9410, CNR-5, 1700-1705 UT, on March 20 (Saturday).
Received at the end of the broadcast.
The CRI starting at 1700 was interfering.
The current CNR-5 is still "中?之声".
My audio (05:20) attached.

00:25-00:35 Male : Station name and AM frequencies announcement.
00:40-00:50 Female : Station name and AM frequencies announcement.
・「中央人民广播?台 中?之声 新??合?率,AM 549, 765, 837, 1116。」
* “Zhongyang renmin guangbo diantai zhonghua zhi sheng xinwen zonghe pinlu, AM 549 (wu-si-jiu), 765 (qi-liu-wu), 837 (ba-san-qi), 1116 (yi-yi-yi-liu).“

04:09-04:37 Female : 中?之声 MW, SW, FM frequencies announcement.
・「中央人民广播?台 中?之声 収听?率,中波 549, 765, 837, 1116千赫。」
 「短波 5925, 7385, 9665, 9685, 11620, 11735千赫。」
 「福州、?祖地区 ??102.3兆赫。」
 「厦?、金?地区 ??94.9兆赫。」
* “Zhongyang renmin guangbo diantai zhonghua zhi sheng shou ting pinlu, zhong bo 549 (wu-si-jiu), 765 (qi-liu-wu), 837 (ba-san-qi), 1116 (yi-yi-yi-liu) qian he.“
“Duanbo, 5925 (wu-jiu-er-wu), 7385 (qi-san-ba-wu), 9665 (jiu-liu-liu-wu), 9685 (jiu-liu-ba-wu), 11620 (yi-yi-liu-er-ling), 11935 (yi-yi-jiu-san-wu) qian he.“
“Fuzhou, Mazu diqu tiaopin
102.3 (yi-ling-er dian san) zhaohe.“
“Xiamen, Jinmen diqu tiaopin 94.9 (jiu-shi-si dian jiu) zhaohe.“

When did CNR-5 become 台海之声?

Saitama at home, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR: antenna: AN-12


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