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Re: CHINA : CNR-7 --- Amano - Mar 17 (Wed), 2021 15:55 UTC No.4805
CHINA. 13810, CNR-7, 0959-1001 UT, on March 16 (Tuesday).
The signal was strong and very clear.
After the time signal, Beijing time 1800 was announced in Cantonese.
After that, there was a station name announcement, and there was also an FM frequency announcement for each district.
There were no medium and shortwave frequency announcements.
My audio (02:00) is at https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4698.mp3 .

* 01:01-01:04 Time signal announcement in Cantonese.
「北京時間十八点整 Bak-ging si-gaan sap-baat dim jing」

* 01:13-01:25 Station name, and FM frequency announcement for each district.
「大湾区之声 “Daai waan keui ji seng“」
「广州(Gwong-jau) FM98.0 (Gau-sap-baat dim ling),
深?(Sam-jan) FM101.2 (Yat-ling-yat dim yi),
珠海(Jyu-hoi) FM105.4 (Yat-ling-ng dim sei),
佛山(Fat-saan) FM93.2 (Gau-sap-saam dim yi)」

Komatsubara's YouTube audio on 9570 kHz has the same broadcast station name and frequency announcement from 00:20-00:33.
Komatsubara's YouTube audio is at https://youtu.be/GPjbxUeyF3c .

Saitama at home, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR: antenna: AN-12

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