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Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee --- Amano - Mar 06 (Sat), 2021 17:16 UTC No.4788
Hello! Komatsubara and Ron-san

Thank you for the new thread and additional information on CDNK.

Thank you for your information on the new broadcast to North Korea.

I analyzed your audio.
01:24- CDNK ??? ????? ?????.
Korean reading : CDNK radio peulogeulaem-e bangsong-ibnida.
In English : Broadcast of CDNK radio program.
01:35- ??? ?? ???
02:22- ??? ?? ???
02:30- ??? ?? ???
Korean reading : Seoul-e saneun salamdeul
In English : People living in Seoul
* “Seoul-e saneun salamdeul (People living in Seoul)“ is the program name that will be broadcast on CDNK, which is scheduled to be broadcast every Thursday.
03:08- “Patti Kim-e Seoul-e Changa(Seoul Anthem by Patti Kim)」

Thank you for telling me the song title, Komatsubara

Saitama, JAPAN

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