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Broadcast to North Korea --- XYZ - Mar 05 (Fri), 2021 08:31 UTC No.4783
Clandestine :: Broadcasting of South Korean government :
Echo of Hope - VOH :
Voice of the People :
Voice of Freedom : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:2480


Broadcasting to North Korea [Not Government Broadcast]

[RFC] National Unification Broadcasting (National Unity Radio)
Korean : "Gugmin tong-il Bangsong"
Website : http://www.uni-media.net/
BBS : http://www.uni-media.net/bbs/board_view.php?bbs_code=bbsIdx1&num=147856
Frequency : http://www.uni-media.net/about3.php
On-demand : http://www.uni-media.net/bbs/board.php?bbs_code=bbsIdx9

[FNK] Free North Korea Radio
Korean : "Jayu Bukhan Bangsong"
WEB : http://www.fnkradio.com/
On-demand : http://www.fnkradio.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=radio&sca=%EC%98%A4%EB%8A%98%EC%9D%98%EB%B0%A9%EC%86%A1

[NKR] North Korea Reform Radio
Korean : "Joseon Gaehyeok Bangsong"
WEB : http://www.nkreform.com/

[VOM] Voica of the Martyrs (** Religious broadcast)
Korean : "Sung-yoja ui soli Bangsong"
WEB : https://vomkorea.com/

[CMI] Voice of Wilderness (** Religious broadcast)
Korean : "Gwang-ya ui soli Bangsong"
WEB : http://www.cornerstone.or.kr/

New station : CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - XYZ Mar 05 (Fri), 2021 08:37 UTC No.4784
Thanks to Ron Howard !!

- - - - Posted to WOR iog by Ivo Ivanov:

UZBEKISTAN(non) CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee is a
new clandestine broadcast to North Korea via RTTM Telekom Tashkent

1340-1400 on 7580 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs dead air - March 4
1400-1405 on 7580 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs VERY STRONG NOISE*
1405-1416 on 7580 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean Tue/Thu/Sat
1416-1418 on 7580 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs AGAIN STRONG NOISE
1418-1430 on 7580 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean Tue/Thu/Sat

Very good signal via SDR's Tambov & Novosibirsk, Russia on March 4.

- - - - Posted by me:

Hi Ivo,

Thanks very much for this info! Yes, I was fooled. Thought it was intermittent
heavy noise jamming. Appreciate the correct info.

My audio of the last six minutes of their Thursday broadcast is posted
at http://bit.ly/3c1NCKX .


- - - - - Also posted by me:

Website - http://bit.ly/38aYlle . Also noted:

"greetings - Hello, I am the North Korean Democratization Committee. The unification we must
achieve is a free reunification in which the founding ideologies of the Republic of Korea are
liberal democracy, free market economy, ROK-US companionship, and Christian entry theory.

North Korean defectors are connecting to North Korea's nine provinces, 211 cities and counties,
and 3,611 villages. Together with them, it is the time to achieve free unification right now,
and the time to achieve it. Please lead the turbulent era of unification together. Together,
you are the hope of unification."


Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - XYZ Mar 05 (Fri), 2021 14:43 UTC No.4785
News in Korean : http://www.spnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=37317

Google translated [Korean --> English] :

???? ???????? ("sadanbeob-in bughan minjuhwawiwonhoe")

**(日本語訳 : "社団法人北朝鮮民主化委員会" or "社団法人北韓民主化委員会" )

Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - Amano Mar 06 (Sat), 2021 17:16 UTC No.4788
Hello! Komatsubara and Ron-san

Thank you for the new thread and additional information on CDNK.

Thank you for your information on the new broadcast to North Korea.

I analyzed your audio.
01:24- CDNK ??? ????? ?????.
Korean reading : CDNK radio peulogeulaem-e bangsong-ibnida.
In English : Broadcast of CDNK radio program.
01:35- ??? ?? ???
02:22- ??? ?? ???
02:30- ??? ?? ???
Korean reading : Seoul-e saneun salamdeul
In English : People living in Seoul
* “Seoul-e saneun salamdeul (People living in Seoul)“ is the program name that will be broadcast on CDNK, which is scheduled to be broadcast every Thursday.
03:08- “Patti Kim-e Seoul-e Changa(Seoul Anthem by Patti Kim)」

Thank you for telling me the song title, Komatsubara

Saitama, JAPAN

Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - Amano Mar 09 (Tue), 2021 04:40 UTC No.4791
SORTH KOREA, CDNK on 7580 kHz, 1357-1431 UTC, March 6 (Saturday), 2021.
Hiroshi has uploaded the full audio on YouTube.
Hiroshi's YouTube audio at https://youtu.be/zoCIz7rYEqw .
* Thank you very much. Hiroshi

There is a parallel part with Ron’s audio on March 4th (Thursday).
Ron's audio at http://bit.ly/3c1NCKX .

* Ron’s audio 02:17-06:00 // 00:00-03:43 Hiroshi’s YouTube audio
* Ron’s audio 00:00-06:00 // 24:45-30:45 Hiroshi’s YouTube audio

CDNK broadcast the same content on March 6 as it was on March 4.

Saitama, JAPAN

Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - Amano Mar 12 (Fri), 2021 08:50 UTC No.4793
KOREA SOUTH. 7580, CDNK Radio, 1359-1431 UT, on March 11 (Thursday). 
The carrier already existed at 7580kHz after 1340 UT.
Occasionally a hum appeared.

*1359’33“- s/on!
Start with female announcement “CDNK Chil-cheon-o-baeg-pal-sib (7580) kHz.“.
After that, the broadcasting station name "Bughanminjuhwawiwonhoe CDNK bangsong (North Korean Democratization Committee CDNK radio)" was announced.
After that, "Oneul-eun Hwangjang-yeob-e majimag daehwa …“, today's program name (Hwang Jang-yeop's last conversation) was announced.

-1419’20“- “CDNK bangsong peulogeulaem annae (CDNK
Radio Program Guide)“
The program guide was as follows.

Korean reading :
“Hwa-yoil bam yeolhan (11)-si, Hwangjang-yeob-e majimag daehwa.“
“Mog-yoil bam yeolhan (11)-si, Seoul-e saneun salamdeul.“
“To-yoil bam yeolhan (11)-si, Jayulobda.“

In English :
“Tuesday night at 11 o'clock (KST), Hwang Jang-yeop's last conversation.“
“Thursday night at 11 o'clock (KST), People living in Seoul.“
“Saturday night at 11 o'clock (KST), Freedom.“

After that, "Jeoneun mog-yoil-e ’Seoul-esaneunsalamdeul’ lo jaegaehagessseubnida. (See you next Thursday at ’People living in Seoul’." announced the next program.

-1429’32“- Start with female announcement “CDNK Chil-cheon-o-baeg-pal-sib (7580) kHz.“.
The program goes around, the station name announcement, the "Hwang Jang-yeop's last conversation" program start announcement, and the end in the middle.

-1430’06“- s/off
-1430’33“* c/off

This day was Thursday, but “Hwang Jang-yeop's last conversation" scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday was broadcast.
According to the CDNK Radio Program Guide, Thursday should be "People living in Seoul" ...

My audio (Edit 05:20) at https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4690.mp3 .
* 00:00-01:10 1359’30“-1400’40“ Broadcast start part
* 01:10-03:40 1419’00“-1421’30“ CDNK Radio Program Guide
* 03:40-05:20 1429’00“-1430’40“ Broadcast end part

Saitama Toda-city, Arakawa Riverside, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR: antenna: Lod

Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - Amano Mar 15 (Mon), 2021 13:00 UTC No.4797
KOREA SOUTH. 7580, CDNK Radio, 1337-1431 UT, on March 13 (Saturday). 
There was already a strong signal at 7580 kHz at 1337.
"Seoul-e saneun salamdeul (People living in Seoul)" started immediately and ended halfway in about 4 minutes.
Then the BBC World Service came out and ended a few seconds later.
After that, "Seoul-e saneun salamdeul" started 3 times and ended immediately.
"Seoul-e saneun salamdeul" officially started at 1359’35“.
My audio (Edit 08:00) is at https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4694.mp3 .
* 00:00-03:00 1339’00“-1342’00“ From the middle of "Seoul-e saneun salamdeul" & BBC World Service
* 03:30-03:40 1351’25“-1352’05“ "Seoul-e saneun salamdeul" started twice and ended halfway
* 03:40-08:00 1358’45“-1404’05“ "People living in Seoul" started broadcasting

The program ended at 1429’37“, "Seoul-e saneun salamdeul" started again and ended halfway at 1430’05“.
The wave stopped at 1430’15“.
My audio (07:20) is at https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/4797.mp3 .
* 00:00-07:20 1423’00“-1430’20“ End part

Saitama at home, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR: antenna: AN-12

Re: CDNK North Korean Democratization Committee - Amano Mar 17 (Wed), 2021 15:50 UTC No.4804
KOREA SOUTH. 7580, CDNK Radio, 1336-1431 UT, on March 16 (Tuesday).
*1336’42“- Carrier on, after that, an open carrier continues.
-1359’51“- Broadcast begins on "Seoul-e saneun salamdeul". It was the same program as Saturday, March 13.
-1429’50“- The program ended, and "Seoul-e saneun salamdeul" started again.
-1430’04“- It signed off in the middle of the broadcast.
-1430’16“* Carrier off.

There is a broadcast guide for each day of the CDNK during the program, but it is not being broadcast as scheduled.
Is there a problem with the program material at the transmission station?
The reason is not clear.

Saitama at home, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR: antenna: AN-12

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