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Re: Voice of Freedom with NK jamming --- Amano - Feb 18 (Thu), 2021 14:15 UTC No.4774
KOREA SOUTH. 6045, Voice of Freedom, 0006-, Feb 18.
NK super jamming stopped at 0006'14".
After that, I heard Korean, but NK jamming also existed.
Confirmed the ending of "Ma-eum-e swimpyo" (Resting heart) at 0014.
Confirmed the opening of "Dodbogilo boneun sesang" (The world through a magnifying glasses) at 0015.
In the morning, it is difficult to enjoy VOF because NK jamming is strong against VOF.
My audio (Edit 02:10) at https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/4774.mp3
*NK super jamming stops after 00:14.

Saitama at home, JAPAN
ICF-SW7600GR (sync on LSB): antenna: AN-12


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