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Re: Voice of Freedom moved to 6045 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Jan 29 (Fri), 2021 20:14 UTC No.4768
Hi Amano,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful VOF program information you provide. Most helpful.

Yes, on Jan 29, I also noted VOF up on 6045 kHz. Perhaps a move to avoid Vatican Radio, via the PHILIPPINES, on 5920 kHz?
I heard 5920 today with a super strong signal at 1437 UT, in Hindi; totally blocking 5920.

 - - - per Aoki

5920          1430-1450       PHL VATICAN RADIO            Hin Tinang      1-7  
5920          1450-1510       PHL VATICAN RADIO            Tam Tinang      1-7  
5920          1510-1530       PHL VATICAN RADIO            Mal Tinang      1-7

Here are my earlier observations from 5920, on Jan 20 (weekday - Wednesday) reception of Voice of Freedom:

1050-1100 UT: "Ulisoli hanmadang" (Our sound festival) - indigenous music - my audio is at https://bit.ly/2M80JAW .

?? 1100: My audio is at https://bit.ly/39LhqKI .

?? 1130: My audio is at https://bit.ly/3nZ7sup .

1200: "Bodo gwangjang" (News plaza) - My audio is at https://bit.ly/2MiO4f1 .

?? 1210: My audio is at https://bit.ly/3pvIgxb .

?? 1215: My audio is at https://bit.ly/3t78lor .
Asilomar State Beach, Calif., USA
CR-1, antenna: 30m long wire  

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