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Re: Voice of Freedom --- Ron Howard - Jul 31 (Fri), 2020 19:56 UTC No.4650
KOREA SOUTH. Moved back to alternate 5920, Voice of Freedom; checking on VOF programs from 
0948 to 1101, on July 31 (Friday). Super jamming fortunately still up on ex: 6045 today.

Programs heard today (weekday) conform to Amano's excellent program schedule at - ?
https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:4586 . ?

0948: Program SA given at the end of "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo" (Korean people, to unity,
to the future)
? ?
0950: "Ulideul-e Cheongchun-ilgi"? (Our youth diary) - radio drama - My audio is at
http://bit.ly/39HevCo .

1000: "Aneun geos-i him-ida"? (Knowing is power) - theme song “See Ya“ sung by Atomic Kitten -?
My audio is at http://bit.ly/2Pa3kbS .

1030: "Hanla-eseo Baegdukkaji" (From Halla to Baekdu) - ?My audio is at http://bit.ly/30lyWlr .

1100: "Haengboghan Daehanmingug" (Happy Republic of Korea) - ?My audio is at http://bit.ly/2Pec016 .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif., USA
Eton E1, antenna: 30m long wire ?

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